What’s the best fictional baseball team ever?

You taking the 'Major League' Indians or the 'Rookie of the Year' Cubs?

April 2nd, 2020

"What's your favorite baseball movie?" is a question as old as time, and if you ask 10 people you're likely to get 10 different answers. There's something for everyone -- the clubhouse banter of "Bull Durham," the nostalgic heart-tugging of "Field of Dreams," the zaniness of "Rookie of the Year" -- and at the end of the day there's no right answer.

Which is why, on the morning of the 92nd Academy Awards, we're here to ask a different question: Of all the fictional teams that have been dreamed up over the years, which one would you pick to win an actual baseball game? Sure, you may appreciate the antics of Gary Busey and the rest of the Cubs, but can you really trust Henry Rowengartner's notoriously fickle right arm? You may still tear up each time "Wonderboy" shatters, but are you truly willing to ride with a team that was languishing in last place before Roy Hobbs showed up?

Below are 10 of the most famous fake squads ever -- you tell us who you've got by using the up arrow to create your ranking (note: you can up-vote more than one team).

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