Inbox: Who is 3rd starter for potential NLDS?

Beat reporter Steve Gilbert fields D-backs fans' questions

September 4th, 2017

Who do you see as the D-backs' No. 3 starter for a potential series vs. the Dodgers: , or ?
-- P.J., Phoenix

The recent 10-game winning streak seems to have D-backs fans contemplating the playoffs. Assuming they do make the playoffs, the first thing they would have to do is get through the National League Wild Card Game. I imagine Zack Greinke would start that game, especially if it's at home, given his record at Chase Field this year (13-1). Facing the Dodgers in the next round, the D-backs might want to go with a left-hander like Robbie Ray in the first game, given some of the lefties in Los Angeles' order. As for all the rest, let's see how the next four weeks play out. Corbin has been lights-out, and Walker has been very good of late. Both have thrown a little better than Godley.
Based on the current roster, who will not be allowed on the postseason roster (season-ending injuries excluded)?
-- Brent V., Nazareth, Pa.

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The rules have changed in recent years. Any player who was on the team's 40-man roster, the 60-day disabled list or the bereavement/family medical emergency list as of midnight on Aug. 31 is eligible for the postseason roster. Only players acquired after that time are ineligible. There are exceptions for players not on the 40-man roster with regard to injuries, but that shouldn't be a factor in the D-backs' potential postseason roster.

Is there really not a chance the D-backs bring back J.D. Martinez? He's been a huge clutch player for us. Bring him back!
-- Simon L., Phoenix

I handled a question about Martinez in my last Inbox, and I'll stick to a similar answer: It's unlikely that he would be back, given what kind of other offers he might have and what the D-backs have available to spend. That being said, I would not completely rule out the possibility. I think for it to happen, the D-backs would have to figure out a way to move some money to be able to afford it.
How do you see the bullpen playing out for the postseason? looks extremely impressive. 
-- Jared, Sioux City, Iowa

Again, there's a lot of ground to cover before those types of decisions will be made (or even seriously contemplated), so it's too early to make those predictions. There are a lot of factors in determining the bullpen makeup. First, do the D-backs carry 12 pitchers, or are they better off carrying an extra bat off the bench? Would they use four starters or three? Generally in the playoffs, length out of the bullpen is less important, so you might see a guy like Sherfy make it ahead of a long man.