Inbox: Will Angels look to add to rotation?

Beat reporter Maria Guardado answers questions from fans

May 1st, 2018

Do you see Billy Eppler looking for pitching given how our April has been?
-- @MaddSwen via Twitter

The Angels might very well add some pitching later this summer, but I wouldn't expect any major moves to happen now. It's too early in the season for a trade market to properly develop. I think, for now, the Angels will ride it out with the arms they have and hope that their rotation will be more effective after a disappointing first month.
Was Zack Cozart's OBP better as the leadoff guy than where he is now? Any idea if anyone has said tweaking the batting order might help at all? Maybe some of these hitters need better protection to produce and aren't getting it.
-- Scott M., Tustin, Calif.

Over 13 games in the leadoff spot, Cozart had a .313 on-base percentage, which is better than when he's batted fifth (.091 OBP over three games), sixth (.290 OBP over eight games) or seventh (.250 OBP over two games). remains the Angels' preferred leadoff option, though I think the issue right now is less the batting order and more the fact that their entire lineup has significantly cooled. Over their last 12 games, the Angels have hit .169 and averaged 2.2 games per game. Not surprisingly, they've gone 3-9 over that span.
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If their struggle to score runs continues, then perhaps the Angels will look to tweak their lineup, but I think they're confident that they'll emerge from their offensive rut soon.
What's in those bottles? After a home run or a big hit the players in the dugout bang drink bottles together like a "cheers" and it looks like they have something written on them as well.
-- Dan B., Springfield, Mo.

The Angels have made hydration a point of emphasis this year, so most of the position players carry around jugs from which they regularly drink water. Each player can tailor his concoction with various supplements, assorted flavors and colors. They've even come up with individual brands for their drinks. 's jug is labeled "Louie Juice," while 's is "Michael's Secret Stuff," which is a reference to "Space Jam."

Has become part of the reliever rotation now that he is in Triple-A? Eppler has stated that any of the guys in Triple-A have to be ready to play in the bigs.
-- @A_Rhodes77 via Twitter

Jewell's move to the bullpen will likely help expedite his path to the Majors (just look at Justin Anderson), so I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Anaheim at some point this season, especially since he was added to the 40-man roster during the offseason. The 24-year-old right-hander logged a 2.08 ERA over 13 innings in seven relief appearances with Double-A Mobile before being promoted to Triple-A Salt Lake this past weekend. He gave up two runs over 1 2/3 innings in his Triple-A debut on Saturday.
What is the status of ? I see he must have cleared waivers and is on the Triple-A roster. Is he expected to pitch this year?
-- Frank F., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Smith, who was once considered one of the Angels' top pitching prospects, underwent left shoulder surgery last September and is expected to miss the entire 2018 season.
Please help solve a mystery for me. It's said Halos have 5 "sellouts" so far this season, but I don't see any attendance numbers that go above 99% of listed capacity for Angel Stadium (45,477). What constitutes a "sellout"?
-- @OHLChampion2014 via Twitter

The threshold for a sellout at Angel Stadium is 43,500, per the Angels.