Yost scoffs at notion Morales should only hit righty

May 16th, 2016

KANSAS CITY -- Royals manager Ned Yost laughs at the notion by some fans that switch-hitter Kendrys Morales should abandon hitting left-handed.

Morales this season is off to a slow start hitting from the left side -- batting .201 through 139 at-bats -- while his right-handed numbers in just 33 at-bats are solid -- a .364 average with a .545 slugging percentage.

Yost said anyone who suggests that Morales abandon left-handed hitting should "do a little homework."

"We're 30-something games into the season," Yost said. "Because the numbers are a little lopsided 30-some games into the season, you want him to give up left-handed hitting? He's not going to do that."

Morales' career splits show he's actually better from the left side, posting a .807 OPS compared to a .742 OPS hitting right-handed.

"Years before [he came to the Royals], we always tried to turn him around right-handed," Yost said. "Besides, he just won a game for us left-handed."

Hitting from the left side, Morales had the walk-off two-run homer Sunday to beat the Braves in 13 innings.

"Maybe if you get to total desperation on something you've done your whole life and you just want to hit right-handed, yeah, maybe," Yost said. "But he's not there. He's struggling, yes, but he knows why he's struggling. He's working through it."

The other deterrent to Morales hitting just right-handed would be that he'd be seeing breaking balls going away from him from right-handed pitchers. The point of switch-hitting is to see curves and sliders coming toward the hitter.

Morales' impressive right-handed numbers this year almost certainly would decline facing numerous right-handers.

"Of course they would," Yost said.