Díaz a big fan of young trumpeter's live rendition of 'Narco'

March 19th, 2024

Sometimes it's not such a bad thing to toot your own horn, and a young Mets fan will now forever have something to brag about.

While closer Edwin Díaz was warming up with some teammates in the outfield at Mets camp, a kid carrying a trumpet called for his attention.

"I practiced 'Narco,'" he said when Díaz came over to sign some autographs. "Narco," of course, is the two-time All-Star's signature entrance song, which heavily features a trumpet during the chorus.

"You practiced? Let me see," Díaz said.

With little sign of any stage fright, the young fan -- the brim of his Mets cap pulled low over his eyes -- launched right into his rendition. Díaz came away impressed, nodding along and then high-fiving the budding trumpeter when he'd finished.

It's not the first time Díaz has heard the song played live for him. Timmy Trumpet, the musician behind the song's brass parts, played on the sidelines while Díaz warmed up during a game in August of 2022. Perhaps, on the backfields of Spring Training, we've found Tiny Timmy Trumpet?