Blue Jays announce 2024 Minor League appointments

January 29th, 2024

The Toronto Blue Jays today announce the following appointments to the High Performance and Player Development departments for the 2024 campaign.

Field Managers for the upcoming Minor League season are Casey Candaele (Triple-A Buffalo); Cesar Martin (Double-A New Hampshire); Brent Lavallee (High-A Vancouver); Jose Mayorga (Single-A Dunedin); Andy Fermin (Florida Complex League); and Danny Canellas (Dominican Summer League).

Below is a complete list of the Blue Jays 2024 Player Development and High Performance staffs.


Casey Candaele, Manager

Donnie Murphy, Bench Coach

Drew Hayes, Pitching Coach

Ryan Long, Hitting Coach

Justin Echevarria, Position Coach

Anthony Gomez, Bullpen Coach

Caleb Daniel, Head Athletic Trainer

Joe Hallock, Physical Therapist

Tommy LaBriola, Head S&C Coach

Taylor Whitley, Assistant S&C Coach

Yuka Sanui, Nutrition

Trevor Reformat, Technology Assistant

New Hampshire

Cesar Martin, Manager

Jake McGuiggan, Bench Coach

Joel Bonnett, Pitching Coach

Mitch Huckabay, Hitting Coach

George Carroll, Position Coach

Delta Cleary Jr., Position Coach 

Eric Yardley, Bullpen Coach

Roelvis Vargas, Head Athletic Trainer

Dalton Holemo, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Casey Callison, Head S&C Coach

Zach Kollar, Assistant S&C Coach

Stephanie Xavier, Nutrition

Raul Pimentel, Mental Performance Coach

Branden Gonzalez, Technology & Coaching Assistant


Brent Lavallee, Manager

Deiferson Barreto, Bench Coach

Austin Bibens-Dirkx, Pitching Coach

Ryan Wright, Hitting Coach

Ashley Stephenson, Position Coach

Carson Phillips, Bullpen Coach

Rob Shifrin, Head Athletic Trainer

Katie Reyes, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Bailey Forst, Head S&C Coach

Zane Hunt, Assistant S&C Coach

Alexis Maier, Nutrition

Raul Pimentel, Mental Performance Coach

Cristian Cordova, Technology Assistant


Jose Mayorga, Manager

Matt von Roemer, Bench Coach

Cory Riordan, Pitching Coach

Nash Knight, Hitting Coach

Petr Stříbrcký, Position Coach

Yoel Hernandez, Bullpen Coach

Luke Greene, Head Athletic Trainer

Kristen Brooks, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Joseph Cardona, Head S&C Coach

Stephanie Tavel, Nutrition

Samuel Schneider, Technology Assistant

Florida Complex League

Andy Fermin, Manager

Chris Schaeffer, Bench Coach

Antonio Caceres, Pitching Coach

Brendan Kelly, Pitching Coach

Paul Elliott, Hitting Coach

Fred Landers, Hitting Coach 

Alex Kachler, Development Coach

Alain Pacheco, Head Athletic Trainer

Brandon Hammerstrom, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Edwin Ortiz, Head S&C Coach

Katherine Kali, Assistant S&C Coach

Erika Monsalve, Mental Performance Coach

Hugo Belisario, Technology Assistant

Dominican Summer League

Danny Canellas, Manager

Ashley Ponce, Bench Coach

Robelin Bautista, Pitching Coach

Ricardo Nanita, Hitting Coach

Jose Mateo, Position Coach

Luis Silva, Position Coach

Pepo Fortunado, Position Coach

Rafael Monsion, Bullpen Coach

Ramon Marte, Assistant Pitching Coach

Frank Esposito, Head Athletic Trainer

Ysidro Reyes, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Imbewer Alvarez, Head S&C Coach

Abimael Lebron, Assistant S&C Coach

Jaditchinie Ritza Francois, Nutrition Assistant

Erika Monsalve, Mental Performance Coach

Carlos Carvajal, Technology Assistant

Player Development & High Performance

Joe Sclafani, Director, Player Development

Dehra Harris, Director, Performance Research and Education

Steve Rassel, Director, Mental and Physical Development

Charlie Wilson, Director, Minor League Operations

Andrew Pipkin, Major League Director of Health and Performance

Omar Aguilar, Latin America S&C Coordinator

Justin Batcher, Minor League Assistant S&C Coordinator

Christian Beal, Player Development Intern

Jason Bere, Special Assistant to Player Development

Alex Chambers, Coordinator, Player Development Operations

Pablo Cruz, DR Field Coordinator

Sonia De La Cruz, Education Coordinator

Rob DiBernardo, Mental Performance Coordinator

Katarina Dimino, Nutrition Coordinator

Philip Dimino, Rehab Coordinator

Tyler Dobos, Pitching Resource Analyst

Eric Duncan, Field Coordinator 

Jordan Eaddy, Coordinator, Player Development Operations

Angel Guzman, Rehab Catcher

Taylor Haslinger, Rehab S&C Coordinator

Pat Hentgen, Special Assistant to Player Development 

Frank Herrmann, Pitching Initiatives & Scouting Integration Coordinator

Dave Hudgens, Minor League Offensive Game Planning

Adam Ingle, Assistant Medical Director

Reed Kienle, Assistant Director, Player Development

Ceara Larson, Analyst, Performance Science Operations

Cassandra Lee, Player Development Intern

Jamie Lever, Hitting Lab Coach

Sam Lima, EAP Director

Adrian Martin, Rehab Assistant Pitching Coach

Ricky Meinhold, Pitching Development Coordinator

Craig Parry, Hitting Coordinator 

Josh Paul, Catching Coordinator

Scott Peters, Medical Research Coordinator

Cory Popham, Pitching Coordinator

Paul Quantrill, Special Assistant to Player Development

Tim Raines, Special Assistant to Player Development

Harrison Ray, Player Development & Scouting Fellow

Michael Rendon, Athletic Training Coordinator

Michael Rivera, Coordinator, Latin America Operations

Edgardo Rivera Lopez, Minor League Physical Therapist Fellow

Michelle Rodgers, Business Manager, Minor League Operations

Danny Solano, Infield Coordinator

Aaron Spano, Minor League S&C Coordinator

Luke Statler, Player Development Tech Assistant & Analyst

Paul Steinhauser, Certified Mental Health Clinician 

Alex Suerte, Minor League Physical Therapist

John Tamargo Jr., Short-Season Field Coordinator

Kara Terry, Nutrition Consultant

Phil Tomassi, Rehab Assistant S&C Coach

Rodrigo Vigil, Rehab Position Coach

Greg Vogt, Rehab Pitching Coach

Billy Wardlow, Minor League Equipment Coordinator

Devon White, Special Assistant to Player Development

Jon Woodworth, Senior Athletic Trainer

Matt Young, Rehab Hitting Coach