Minor League staff assignments

February 5th, 2020

Listed below are the staff assignments for the nine minor league affiliates in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization for the 2020 season, along with the Player Development Staff.

Manager: Brian Esposito
Hitting Coach: Jon Nunnally
Pitching Coach: Joel Hanrahan
Coach: Argenis Diaz
Athletic Trainer: Justin Ahrens
Strength & Conditioning: Alan Burr

Manager: Dave Turgeon
Hitting Coach: David Newhan
Pitching Coach: Tom Filer
Coaches: Gera Alvarez/Blake Butler
Athletic Trainer: Jorge Islas
Strength & Conditioning: Joe Schlesinger

Manager: Miguel Perez
Hitting Coach: Chris Petersen
Pitching Coach: Drew Benes
Coach: Kory DeHaan
Athletic Trainer: Tyler Brooks
Strength & Conditioning: Logan Byman

Manager: Kieran Mattison
Hitting Coach: Jonny Tucker
Pitching Coach: Stan Kyles
Coach: Salvador Paniagua
Athletic Trainer: Matt McNamee
Strength & Conditioning: Adam Marso

Manager: Jonathan Johnston
Hitting Coach: Jim Horner
Pitching Coach: Bryan Hickerson
Coach: Sean West Coach: Dee Brown
Athletic Trainer: Victor Silva
Strength & Conditioning: Mark Dixon

BRISTOL (Advanced Rookie)
Manager: Stephen Morales
Hitting Coach: Ty Wright
Pitching Coach: Fernando Nieve
Athletic Trainer: Casey Lee
Strength & Conditioning: Brendan Fitzgerald

GCL Pirates (Rookie)
Manager: Mendy Lopez
Hitting Coach: Ruben Gotay
Pitching Coach: Yorman Bazardo
Coaches: Victor Black/Gustavo Omana
Athletic Trainer: Lee Slagle
Strength & Conditioning: Nick Pressley

DSL Pirates 1 (Rookie)
Manager: Jose Mendez
Hitting Coach: Luis Borges
Pitching Coach: Renny Duarte
Coaches: Gavi Nivar/Jose Duran
Athletic Trainer: Alex Mena
Strength & Conditioning: Luis Perera

DSL Pirates 2 (Rookie)
Manager: Jose Mosquera
Hitting Coach: Julio Bruno
Pitching Coach: David Perez
Coach: Sammy Gonzalez
Strength & Conditioning: Glenn Nutting