New York Mets launch official new team podcast: Meet at the Apple

February 23rd, 2024

FLUSHING, N.Y., Feb. 23, 2024 – The New York Mets announced the launch of a new official team podcast, Meet at the Apple. The podcast drops on February 24, opening with hosts/Mets employees, Jonathan Baron and Vito Calise introducing an interview between Mets broadcaster Howie Rose and Mets owner Steve Cohen.

“Meet at the Apple is not your average baseball podcast and is very different than anything we’ve ever done at the Mets before,” shared Mets Chief Marketing Officer Andy Goldberg. “This is a twice-weekly, behind-the-scenes look for our fans, providing them unrivaled access to our players, coaches and front office staff. This podcast is meant to stretch far beyond the stats and scores and take a deeper cultural look at what the Mets mean to our fans, the community of Queens and more.”

Some consistent content fans can look forward to on the two-times-a-week Meet at the Apple podcast include:

  • Exclusive regular appearances and interviews with Mets manager Carlos Mendoza.
  • Regular appearances by Mets players.
  • Fan insights on what our players do with their spare time.
  • Discussions on what’s new each homestand at Citi Field – from new food vendors to promotions and specials – this is an inside look at the excitement of what’s coming to the ballpark.
  • Recurring segments with Mets players, including Francisco Lindor and Edwin Díaz.

“It’s all about the experience of being a Mets fan,” said podcast host Vito Calise. “Podcast listeners will not only learn about baseball updates, but it goes deeper, exploring the players’ and coaches’ opinions on just about everything – from fashion to food and music – it’s understanding the Mets on a whole new level.” Hosts Jonathan Baron and Vito Calise are not only Mets employees but grew up as lifelong Mets fans as well.

Fans can listen to the inaugural episode of Meet at the Apple on February 24, which will feature an exclusive interview between Howie Rose and Mets owner Steve Cohen. During the interview, Steve talks to Howie about the offseason, Pete Alonso, his deep connection to the Mets fanbase and what he’s most looking forward to this coming season – including new features being added to Citi Field. Follow “Meet at the Apple” NOW and get notified the second the full episode and premiere is released! Fans can listen to the podcast here or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever they get their podcasts.