Tigers Announce 2022 Schedule

Season opener March 31 at Seattle; Home opener set for April 8 vs. White Sox; Tigers to host National League West teams in interleague play

August 4th, 2021

DETROIT - In conjunction with Major League Baseball, the Detroit Tigers today released their 2022 schedule, featuring 81 games at Comerica Park. The Tigers will face American League Central Division rivals, as well as interleague home contests against the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates. A charter member of the American League, 2022 will mark the 122nd season of Tigers baseball and their 23rd season at Comerica Park.

The Tigers will open the 2022 season on March 31 at Seattle, marking the first time Detroit has opened the season against an American League West team since 2000. Following the four games against the Mariners, the season-opening road trip continues with three games at Oakland from April 4-6. The home opener is slated for Friday, April 8 against the White Sox. Detroit will also face the Boston Red Sox from April 11-13 in the first homestand of the season.

For the first time since 2017, the Tigers will face the National League West in interleague play next season. Along with its annual home-and-home season series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit will also welcome the Padres, Giants and Rockies to Comerica Park. Road interleague series in 2022 include games at Los Angeles (NL), San Francisco and Arizona.

The Tigers will be home for three summer holidays in 2022. Detroit begins a four-game series against the Minnesota Twins on Memorial Day May 30, while the team will celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, June 19 against the White Sox. The Tigers will also be home on Independence Day, opening a series against the Cincinnati Reds on Monday, July 4.

Detroit will also host Minnesota in a scheduled split doubleheader at Comerica Park on Saturday, July 23 to begin the second half of the season.

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*All game dates are subject to change and game times will be announced at a later date*

March/April 2022

March 31 at SEA
April 1 at SEA
April 2 at SEA
April 3 at SEA
April 4 at OAK
April 5 at OAK
April 6 at OAK
April 8 vs. CWS
April 9 vs. CWS
April 10 vs. CWS
April 11 vs. BOS
April 12 vs. BOS
April 13 vs. BOS
April 14 at KC
April 15 at KC
April 16 at KC
April 17 at KC
April 19 vs. NYY
April 20 vs. NYY
April 21 vs. NYY
April 22 vs. COL
April 23 vs. COL
April 24 vs. COL
April 26 at MIN
April 27 at MIN
April 28 at MIN
April 29 at LAD
April 30 at LAD

May 2022

May 1 at LAD
May 3 vs. PIT
May 4 vs. PIT
May 5 at HOU
May 6 at HOU
May 7 at HOU
May 8 at HOU
May 9 vs. OAK
May 10 vs. OAK
May 11 vs. OAK
May 12 vs. OAK
May 13 vs. BAL
May 14 vs. BAL
May 15 vs. BAL
May 16 at TB
May 17 at TB
May 18 at TB
May 20 at CLE
May 21 at CLE
May 22 at CLE
May 23 at MIN
May 24 at MIN
May 25 at MIN
May 26 vs. CLE
May 27 vs. CLE
May 28 vs. CLE
May 29 vs. CLE
May 30 vs. MIN
May 31 vs. MIN

June 2022

June 1 vs. MIN
June 2 vs. MIN
June 3 at NYY
June 4 at NYY
June 5 at NYY
June 7 at PIT
June 8 at PIT
June 10 vs. TOR
June 11 vs. TOR
June 12 vs. TOR
June 13 vs. CWS
June 14 vs. CWS
June 15 vs. CWS
June 16 vs. TEX
June 17 vs. TEX
June 18 vs. TEX
June 19 vs. TEX
June 20 at BOS
June 21 at BOS
June 22 at BOS
June 24 at ARI
June 25 at ARI
June 26 at ARI
June 28 at SF
June 29 at SF

July 2022

July 1 vs. KC
July 2 vs. KC
July 3 vs. KC
July 4 vs. CLE
July 5 vs. CLE
July 6 vs. CLE
July 7 at CWS
July 8 at CWS
July 9 at CWS
July 10 at CWS
July 11 at KC
July 12 at KC
July 13 at KC
July 15 at CLE
July 16 at CLE
July 17 at CLE
July 23 vs. MIN (DH)
July 24 vs. MIN
July 25 vs. SD
July 26 vs. SD
July 27 vs. SD
July 28 at TOR
July 29 at TOR
July 30 at TOR
July 31 at TOR

August 2022

August 1 at MIN
August 2 at MIN
August 3 at MIN
August 4 vs. TB
August 5 vs. TB
August 6 vs. TB
August 7 vs. TB
August 9 vs. CLE
August 10 vs. CLE
August 11 vs. CLE
August 12 at CWS
August 13 at CWS
August 14 at CWS
August 15 at CLE
August 16 at CLE
August 17 at CLE
August 19 vs. LAA
August 20 vs. LAA
August 21 vs. LAA
August 23 vs. SF
August 24 vs. SF
August 26 at TEX
August 27 at TEX
August 28 at TEX
August 30 vs. SEA
August 31 vs. SEA

September/October 2022

September 1 vs. SEA
September 2 vs. KC
September 3 vs. KC
September 4 vs. KC
September 5 at LAA
September 6 at LAA
September 7 at LAA
September 9 at KC
September 10 at KC
September 11 at KC
September 12 vs. HOU
September 13 vs. HOU
September 14 vs. HOU
September 16 vs. CWS
September 17 vs. CWS
September 18 vs. CWS
September 19 at BAL
September 20 at BAL
September 21 at BAL
September 23 at CWS
September 24 at CWS
September 25 at CWS
September 27 vs. KC
September 28 vs. KC
September 29 vs. KC
September 30 vs. MIN
October 1 vs. MIN
October 2 vs. MIN