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Red Sox Foundation and MGH Home Base Program

The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital have created a new philanthropic partnership called the Home Base Program, a new outreach designed to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their families. The Red Sox Foundation and MGH Home Base Program will support and serve veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in New England who suffer from what have become the two signature wounds of this war, affecting tens of thousands of service men and women returning from combat. Ongoing research and educational programs in PTSD and TBI at Massachusetts General Hospital are already part of the new Home Base Program. Other components include a new clinic for veterans seeking diagnosis and treatments for PTSD and TBI, as well as outreach and support programs for families of veterans affected by these two conditions. The Red Sox Foundation has pledged $3 million to the program and fundraising is ongoing. We are deeply honored to have the support of BAE SYSTEMS, ELECTRONICS DIVISIONas a major funder of the Red Sox Foundation's Home Base Program. We are also grateful to the MCCORMICK FOUNDATION and MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL for their joint grant to the Home Base Program through the Welcome Back Veterans initiative. To learn more about this new charitable program and how you can help, please visit

If you are a veteran with questions about combat stress, PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury -- or a New England based family member of veteran concerned about these injuries -- and wish to have a confidential consultation with the Red Sox Foundation and MGH Home Base Program, please call 617-724-5202 or e-mail usFor general information about the RED SOX FOUNDATION and MGH HOME BASE PROGRAM, please visit If you wish to make a donation in honor of a veteran or to assist veterans who have served all of us by making a donation to the Red Sox Foundation earmarked to support the program, please e-mail us or call 617-226-6323. And to ALL of our veterans, thank you for your service.