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Take advantage of the Jackie Robinson Training Complex's first-class training amenities and service by working with our experienced Event & Athletics staff to build a practice regimen based on your specific needs.

Past Teams Include


  • New Orleans Saints
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Kansas City Chiefs


  • Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes
  • Edmonton Eskimos
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders


  • University of South Florida
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Miami

Facility Features

  • 100x130 yard field space for American or Canadian League play
  • Multiple film rooms for Offense/Defense and breakout space
  • Office space for coaching staffs
  • Training room and two fitness gyms
  • Team locker room
  • Accommodations in our on-site villas
  • Buffet-style meals daily in our dining room
  • On-site recreation including a competition-size swimming pool, basketball & sand volleyball courts, and billiards, card tables, and ping-pong in our Stadium Lounge

For more information, please call (772) 257-8557 or email [email protected].