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The Jackie Robinson Training Complex

Facility Rules Guide

The following facility rules (“Facility Rules”) apply to any guest of, or visitor to, the Jackie Robinson Training Complex (“JRTC”), including, but not limited to, any coach, team staff, volunteer, athlete, participant or spectator (each a “Guest”). All Guests must adhere to the Facility Rules Guide provisions when in, on or about the JRTC premises (the “Premises”) or they will be subject to immediate ejection or removal from the Premises and possible fines without refund for paid events. Such Guests may also be in violation of City or County ordinances and/or state laws resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Facility Rules, please contact the Registration Desk at (772) 569-4900. In the case of an emergency, Guests should call 911 prior to notifying the Registration Desk.

GENERAL CONDUCT. JRTC is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable and family friendly sports and entertainment environment and experience, and has strict guidelines regarding the behavior of all Guests. JRTC does not condone misbehavior of any kind and is prepared to and will eject those that violate the policies of JRTC. Fans and parents are not permitted to go onto the fields, throw objects onto the fields or interfere with games or workouts, make obscene gestures or cause an inappropriate disturbance on the Premises. Profanity, abusive language, fighting, using physical force, inappropriate dress or conduct deemed disorderly by JRTC is grounds for ejection. In addition, JRTC will not permit the emission of noise or odors from the Premises or the use of any devices or paraphernalia such as loudspeakers, sound amplifiers, radios or televisions without the prior written consent of JRTC. JRTC reserves the right to require the removal of any items, object, person, printed matter or any other thing of any nature which in the opinion of JRTC might be detrimental to the appearance or reputation of JRTC or its affiliated parties. Guests are not permitted to use any vehicle, motor, camera, lighting device or projector within or about the Premises without the prior written consent of JRTC. Unlawful activities and gambling are prohibited.

REGISTRATION. All event attendees must complete pre-registration through League Apps.

  • League Apps registration will include an event waiver and “Jackie Robinson Complex HIPAA Authorization Form.”

GROUP CHECK IN PROCESS. Check in will take place at the Front Desk Registration Building. Coaches for teams staying onsite will be given a rooming list, keys for each room, a welcome packet and meal tickets. Any remaining items due will be turned in at that time. Coaches are required to walk the rooms prior to handing the keys out and check for damages and report to the front desk if any are found.

HOUSEKEEPING/ROOM CARE. Housekeeping will service rooms daily for trash and sheets will be changed out once every seven (7) days. Additional towels and toiletries will be stocked in the rooms and extra supplies may be requested at the front desk. Rooms must be kept in a condition acceptable to JRTC to allow rooms to be effectively cleaned. Guests shall not leave clothes or trash on the floor of any rooms. All food and drink shall be properly contained or disposed of by Guests. Any such clothes, trash, food or drink not properly contained or disposed of will be subject to removal and disposal by JRTC in its sole discretion. Guests are strictly prohibited from cooking or using any open flame in any rooms. Furniture is not to be removed from any room by Guests at any time. Guests may not lower air conditioning units below seventy-two (72) degrees. Coaches need to do a room check prior to group departure and report any damages or issues to Event Planning. Cost of any replacements or repairs will be charged to the team per the group agreement and security deposit authorization form. Any maintenance issues can be reported to the front desk by dialing Zero (0) from the room phone.

VALUABLES. JRTC is not responsible for any personal property brought onto the premises. Alert the front desk immediately about any missing or stolen items.

SMOKING POLICY. The use of all forms of tobacco, marijuana and electronic smoking devices is prohibited in all buildings on the Premises. Any Guest in violation of this rule and his/her associated team or organization will be subject to a $250 fine per occurrence.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except by Guests aged 21 years or older in areas of the Premises as permitted by JRTC. No alcohol shall be consumed by any Guest, regardless of age, in, on or around any playing field, batting cage, practice area or any other area as may be prohibited from time to time by JRTC. JRTC reserves the right to request proper photographic identification of anyone consuming or purchasing alcohol and refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who fails to present proper identification or who appears to be intoxicated, in JRTC’s sole discretion.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. The consumption or use of any illegal substance by Guests is strictly prohibited.

WEAPONS & HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Absolutely no firearms or other weapons are allowed to be brought onto the Premises by Guests at any time. No gasoline, acetylene or other fuel or combustible material will be admitted to the Premises without the approval of JRTC and the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Vero Beach Fire Department. Guests shall not bring onto the Premises any material, substances, toxic or hazardous materials, equipment or objects which, in the sole judgment of JRTC, is likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury or harm to, any person on the Premises. JRTC retains the right to refuse to allow (or remove) any such materials, substances, equipment or objects to be brought onto the Premises.

LASER, PYROTECHNIC DEVICES, ETC. Guests may not use or operate any laser or pyrotechnic devices without the prior written consent of JRTC, which may be withheld in its sole discretion.

ENTRANCES AND EXITS. The entrances and exits of the Premises will be locked or unlocked at JRTC’s sole discretion and subject to regulations of federal, state, county and municipal authorities, or any lawful direction of public officers. Articles, fittings, fixtures, materials and equipment will be brought into or removed from the Premises only at entrances and exits designated by JRTC.

CONCESSIONS AND SOLICITATION. Guests may not operate concessions or exhibits of any nature on or near the Premises without the prior written consent and approval of JRTC. Solicitation of contributions and/or distribution of literature without prior written consent of JRTC are prohibited.

LAUNDRY. A coin operated laundry room is available to all Guests. JRTC is not responsible for any clothing that is lost or damaged. As a courtesy to others, clean laundry should be picked up and moved immediately.

BASKETBALL COURT. The poolside basketball court is open for use by Guests. Basketballs can be checked out at the JRTC front desk. Basketballs are to be returned to the front desk as soon as such Guest is finished playing. Guests who are finished playing may not transfer equipment to other Guests. The Guest signing out the ball is responsible for any damages and a replacement fee of $25 will be charged if it is not returned. Additional rules as may be posted around the basketball court must be adhered to by Guests at all times.

SWIMMING POOL. Only registered Guests staying in the JRTC villas are permitted to use the swimming pool. The swimming pool is open daily from dawn to dusk. The pool is closed during any severe or dangerous weather conditions. There is no lifeguard on duty and Guests are advised that they swim at their own risk. Owners and management are not responsible for accidents or injuries. All children in the pool area must have adult supervision. Diaper-aged children must wear snug fitting swim diapers. Guests who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited from using the pool. Additionally, any individual who is experiencing a medical condition that is communicable and could pose a health risk to others is strictly prohibited from using the pool. No spitting or bodily fluids in the pool. No running, rough play, glass or other hazardous objects, food or beverages permitted in or around the pool. All Guests must shower before entering the pool. Additional rules as may be posted around the swimming pool must be adhered to by Guests at all times.

STADIUM CLUB LOUNGE/ALSTON KOUFAX RECREATION AREA. The Stadium Club Lounge and Alston Koufax rooms are available for participating teams to relax and unwind. A sign-out sheet is located at the front desk. Teams must be escorted at all times by a coach or adult staff member of the JRTC. Additional rules as may be posted around must be adhered to by Guests at all times.

FITNESS ROOM. Sign up sheet available at the front desk.

DINING ROOM. Meals can be arranged with your event planner. Boxed meals are available when you have a scheduling conflict. Contact your event planner 48 hours before a meal to make arrangements. Meal times will be posted in the lobby of the dining room, front desk and registration office. There will be no refunds for any missed meals. Closed-toe shoes and shirts must be worn in the dining room at all times. Additional rules as may be posted around the dining room must be adhered to by Guests at all times.

MERCHANDISE. Merchandise is available at Front Desk/Registration Bldg.

MEDICAL PERSONNEL. In case of emergency Guests should immediately call 911. JRTC does not staff on-site medical personnel. AED machines are available at the front desk & located throughout the facility. Ice for injuries may be available at the nearest concession stand.


  • Guests must only use assigned fields and facilities permitted by JRTC during their permitted field use period.
  • Guests may request, at additional charge, extensions to field usage times through JRTC, which shall be granted by JRTC in its sole discretion.
  • Field use by youth must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • All trash must be cleaned up by the Guests after each session.
  • Equipment and supplies are not permitted to be stored on the Premises without JRTC’s prior written approval.
  • Absolutely no vehicle access beyond marked parking areas is permitted. Equipment and supplies must be carried to the field.
  • Additional rules as may be posted around the fields must be adhered to by Guests at all times.


  • A team coach or team trainer must be present at all times when players are hitting in the cages.
  • Sign-up sheets are available at the front desk and must be strictly adhered to.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn inside the batting cage at all times. No metal spikes allowed in cages, only turf shoes and rubber cleats.
  • Only one hitter allowed inside the cage at a time; all others must wait outside of the cage.
  • Everyone inside the batting cage must wear batting helmets at all times.
  • Pitchers must use an L-screen at all times during operation.
  • No food, including, but not limited to, sunflower seeds, is allowed in the batting cages.
  • All trash must be cleaned up by Guests after every session.
  • JRTC is not responsible for any Guest’s equipment lost or left behind.
  • Additional rules as may be posted around any batting cage must be adhered to by Guests at all times.


  • Only water is allowed on the turf. No other food or drink permitted.
    • Field Determination (AstroTurf Field): All players are required to wear molded/rubbercleats, turf shoes, or sneakers, with the exception of Pitchers and Catchers while on defense. Pitchers and Catchers are required to change back into molded/rubber cleats, turf shoes, or sneakers when/if they hit.
    • Building 42: Players must wear molded/rubber cleats, turf shoes, or sneakers. Metal cleats are NOT allowed inside Building 42.

CLEANING. Guests are expected to maintain the grounds, fields, buildings, walkways and parking lots on the Premises in a clean and orderly manner. Accordingly, Guests will dispose of all refuse, rubbish and debris in containers or at locations on the Premises which are designated for that purpose by JRTC.

LIGHTNING POLICY. All outdoor games and activities should immediately cease if any Guest sees lightning. In the event a lightning storm is detected by JRTC near the Premises, JRTC may require, in its sole discretion, the immediate suspension of all outdoor games and activities. At that time, all Guests participating in such games or activities should proceed to the safest possible area of the Premises, such as a Guest’s car or room. Games and activities may resume only upon JRTC’s approval, which shall be given in its sole discretion.

SPECTATORS. Individuals may bring personal portable chairs. Small pop-up tents may also be used on the Premises at the sole discretion of JRTC. Guests’ portable chairs and small pop-up tents shall not obstruct the view of other spectators, or interrupt high traffic areas, as determined by JRTC in its sole discretion.

ANIMALS. No animals, except certified, licensed or trained service animals, shall be allowed at the Premises. Service animals are permitted in the pool area, but are not permitted in the pool.

ALTERATIONS, SIGNS, ETC. Guests may not mark, paint, drill into, make any alterations or improvements in or to, remove, replace or in any way mar or deface (each a “Change”) any part of the Premises, including, but not limited to, any bleachers, electronics and outlets. Guests may not display or erect any lettering, signs, pictures, notices or advertisements (each a “Display”) upon any part of the outside or inside of the Premises without the prior written consent of JRTC. In the event that JRTC approves any Change or Display, the entire cost of such Change or Display, including, but not limited to, restoring the Premises to its prior condition at JRTC’s sole discretion, will be borne by the applicable Guest(s).