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Chicago White Sox Ticket Disclaimer

The holder is admitted on condition, and by use of this ticket agrees that: (a) the holder shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any information about the game for which this ticket grants admission (the "Game"), including but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the Game (including pre and post Game activities) (the "Game Information"), (b) Chicago White Sox, Ltd. ("CWS") or Major League Baseball ("MLB") is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other proprietary rights to the Game and Game Information, and (c) the holder grants to CWS, the visiting baseball club ("Visitor"), entities affiliated with MLB, and their respective agents the unrestricted right and license to use the holder's name, likeness and voice in any production, reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, public performance, broadcast or exhibition of advertisements, broadcast or telecast of the Game, promotions, contests, photograph taken, or other transmission or reproduction in connection with the Game for any purpose.

This ticket may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other trade purposes without the express written consent of CWS. No offer to sell or resell this ticket is permitted (a) via the Internet or any other interactive media (except (i) sales through the official website of the Chicago White Sox (, any licensee of CWS and/or any applicable MLB entity or (ii) sales otherwise in compliance with the Illinois Ticket Sale and Resale Act) without the prior written consent of the CWS; and (b) to the extent prohibited by any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation. Any such resale will invalidate the license granted by this ticket, and persons who sell or offer this ticket for resale at any price on the premises will be removed from the premises and prosecuted.

This ticket is a revocable license, and the license granted herein may be terminated upon tender by CWS of the face value of this ticket to the holder or by breach of: (a) the preceding restrictions on use of the tickets or (b) the Guaranteed Rate Field rules and regulations.


The holder assumes all risk and danger incidental to the Game, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual playing of the Game, including specifically (but not exclusively), the danger of being injured by thrown bats, or fragments thereof, and thrown or batted balls, thrown, dropped or launched items or projectiles, other hazards or distractions and any incidents or accidents associated with crowds of people and agrees that CWS, Visitor, Ticketmaster, L.L.C., MLB, Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, their respective owners, shareholders, partners, agents, players, officers, directors, contractors and employees (collectively the "Entities") are not liable for injuries, property damage or other loss resulting from such causes. BY ATTENDING THIS GAME, TICKET HOLDER IS DEEMED TO HAVE GIVEN A FULL RELEASE OF LIABILITY TO THE ENTITIES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.


In the event that a regulation Game is cancelled, rained out, postponed or otherwise rescheduled, DO NOT DISCARD THIS TICKET and see the Cancellation/Rainout policy posted on the Chicago White Sox ticket portion of its website ( for further details or contact CWS at 312-674-1000. This policy may be amended at any time without notice.