All-Time Roster

The following players have appeared in the Arizona Fall League since the league was established in 1992. The listed organization was the one the player was with when he played in the AFL.


Player Organization / AFL Team / Year
Fabregas, Jorge Angels Scottsdale 1992
Fagan, Shawn Blue Jays Grand Canyon 2002
Fahey, Brandon Orioles Peoria Jav 2005
Fairchild, Stuart Reds Glendale 2019
Faison, Vince Padres Peoria 2002
Falteisek, Steve Expos Mesa 1996
Familia, Jeurys Mets Scottsdale 2013
Faneyte, Rikkert Giants Scottsdale 1993
Farina, Alana Blue Jays Peoria Jav 2010
Farmer, Kyle Dodgers Glendale 2015
Farmer, Tom Dodgers Scottsdale 2003, 2004
Farnsworth, Jeff Mariners Peoria 2000 / Tigers Mesa 2002
Farquhar, Dan Blue Jays Peoria Jav 2010
Farris, Eric Brewers Surprise 2010
Farris, James Cubs Mesa 2016; Rockies Salt River 2017
Fasano, Sal Royals Sun Cities 1995
Fasola, John Rangers Surprise 2016
Faulk, Kenny Tigers Mesa 2013
Faulkner, Andrew Rangers Surprise 2016
Featherston, Taylor Rockies Salt River 2014
Fedroff, Tim Indians Peo Sag 2009; Phoenix 2011
Feigl, Brady Athletics Mesa 2019
Felder, Kenny Brewers Chandler 1992
Feldman, Scott Rangers Surprise 2007
Felfoldi, Jonathan Nationals Peoria Sag 2006
Feliciano, Mario Brewers Peoria 2018
Felix, Jose Rangers Surprise 2010
Feliz, Pedro Giants Scottsdale 1998; Grand Canyon 2000
Ferguson, Drew Astros Scottsdale 2018
Ferguson, Tyler Rangers Surprise 2017
Fermin, Freddy Royals Salt River 2019
Fernandez, Jared Red Sox Grand Canyon 1998
Fernandez, Jose Cardinals Tucson 1992
Ferrara, Anthony Cardinals Salt River 2013
Ferrari, Anthony Expos Scottsdale 2001
Ferrell, Jeff Tigers Scottsdale 2015
Ferrell, Riley Astros Mesa 2017
Ferry, Mike Reds Peoria 1994
Fesh, Sean Phillies Sun Cities 1998
Festa, Matthew Mariners Peoria 2017
Feyereisen, J.P. Yankees Scottsdale 2016
Fick, Robert Tigers Phoenix 1998; Scottsdale 1999
Ficociello, Dominic Tigers Scottsdale 2015
Field, Thomas Rockies Scottsdale 2010
Fielder, Prince Brewers Peoria Jav 2005
Fields, Daniel Tigers Glendale 2014
Fields, Josh D. White Sox Peo Sag 2005 / Mariners Peo Jav 2009, 2010
Fields, Josh L. White Sox Mesa SS 2003
Fields, Roemon Blue Jays Salt River 2015
Fien, Casey Tigers Mesa 2008
Fiers, Michael Brewers Surprise 2010
Fife, Stephen Dodgers Salt River 2011
Figga, Mike Yankees Grand Canyon 1998
Figgins, Chone Angels Peoria 2001; Scottsdale 2002
Figueroa, Bien Cardinals Tucson 1992
Figueroa, Cole Padres Peoria Sag 2010
Fikac, Jeremy Athletics USA 2003
File, Bob Blue Jays Scottsdale 2000
Filia, Eric Mariners Peoria 2017
Finch, Brian Orioles Grand Canyon 2006
Finn, John Brewers Chandler 1992
Finocchi, Michael Indians Surprise 2007
Fiorentino, Jeff Orioles Grand Canyon 2006; Phoenix 2007
Fischer, Richard Angels Scottsdale 2003
Fischer, Tom Red Sox Scottsdale 1992
Fish, Robert Angels Mesa 2010
Fisher, Carlos Reds Peoria Jav 2008
Fisher, Derek Astros Glendale 2015
Fisher, Pete Twins Grand Canyon 2001
Fiske, Justin Cardinals Peoria Sag 2008
Fister, Doug Mariners Peoria Jav 2008
Fitzpatrick, Rob Expos Grand Canyon 1992
Flaa, Jay Orioles Glendale 2018
Flaherty, Ryan Cubs Mesa 2010
Flaherty, Tim Giants Grand Canyon 1999
Flanagan, Jeremy Devil Rays Phoenix 2006
Flannery, Mike Mariners Mesa 2002; Peoria Jav 2005
Fleck, Kaleb D-backs Salt River 2014
Fleet, Austin Giants Scottsdale 2011
Fleetham, Ben Expos Peoria 1997
Fleming, Marquis Rays Surprise 2011
Flener, Huck Blue Jays Tempe 1995
Fletcher, Aaron Mariners Peoria 2019
Fletcher, Brian Royals Surprise 2012
Fletcher, David Angels Scottsdale 2016
Flinn, Chris Devil Rays Mesa 2004
Flora, Kevin Angels Tempe 1994
Flores, Adalberto Rangers Surprise 2010
Flores, Bernardo White Sox Glendale 2019
Flores, Josh Astros Mesa 2007
Florial, Estevan Yankees Scottsdale 2017; Glendale 2018
Flowers, Tyler Braves Mesa 2008
Floyd, Cliff Expos Tempe 1993
Floyd, Gavin Phillies Peoria Sag 2006
Flynn, Brian Marlins Phoenix 2012
Foley, Jordan Yankees Glendale 2018
Foley, Travis Indians Mesa 2005
Foli, Daniel Nationals Peoria Sag 2006
Fontana, Nolan Astros Peoria 2013
Fontenot, Mike Orioles Maryvale 2002
Fonville, Chad Dodgers Peoria 1995
Forbes, P.J. Angels Tempe 1993
Ford, Ben Yankees Phoenix 1997
Ford, Darren Giants Scottsdale 2008
Ford, Josh D-backs Scottsdale 2007
Ford, Shelby Pirates Scottsdale 2008
Fordham, Tom White Sox Tempe 1996
Fordyce, Brook Mets Sun Cities 1992; Tucson 1993
Forystek, Brian Orioles Peoria Jav 2004
Fossum, Casey Red Sox Phoenix 2000
Foster, Jim Orioles Peoria 1997
Foster, John Braves Phoenix 2001
Foster, Kevin Phillies Tempe 1993
Foster, Kris Dodgers Peoria 1999; Maryvale 2000
Foster, Matt White Sox Glendale 2017
Fowler, Dexter Rockies Peoria Jav 2007
Fowler, Dustin Yankees Surprise 2015
Fox, Andy Yankees Peoria 1994; Scottsdale 1995
Fox, Chad Reds Mesa 1995
Fox, Jake Cubs Mesa 2004, 2006
Fox, Lucius Rays Peoria 2018
Francisco, Franklin Rangers Peoria Sag 2003
Franco, Matt Cubs Mesa 1993
Franco, Mike Rays Mesa 2015
Francoeur, Jeff Braves Grand Canyon 2004
Frandsen, Kevin Giants Mesa 2005; Scottsdale 2006, 2008
Frank, Mike Reds Maryvale 1998; Phoenix 1999
Frank, Trevor Indians Mesa 2016
Franklin, Nick Mariners Peoria 2011, 2012
Frankoff, Seth Athletics Mesa 2013
Frascatore, John Cardinals Peoria 1995; Scottsdale 1996
Fraser, Ryan Mets Surprise 2012
Frasor, Jason Dodgers Scottsdale 2003
Frazier, Adam Pirates Glendale 2015
Frazier, Alex D-backs Phoenix 2005
Frazier, Clint Indians Scottsdale 2015
Frazier, Parker Rockies Salt River 2011
Frazier, Ron Yankees Scottsdale 1993
Frederick, Kevin Twins Grand Canyon 2001
Freehill, Mike Angels Scottsdale 1997
Freel, Ryan Blue Jays Scottsdale 2000
Freeland, Kyle Rockies Salt River 2015
Freeman, Choo Rockies Mesa 2002
Cole Freeman Nationals Surprise 2019
Freeman, Freddie Braves Peoria Sag 2009; Phoenix 2010
Freeman, Mike D-backs Salt River 2013
Freeman, Sam Cardinals Surprise 2012
Freiman, Nate Padres Peoria 2012
Freitas, David Athletics Mesa 2013
French, Anton Tigers Sun Cities 1996
Frey, Evan D-backs Phoenix 2008
Frias, Hanley Rangers Tempe 1996
Frick, Mike Athletics Phoenix 2001
Friday, Brian Pirates Scottsdale 2009
Friend, Justin Athletics Phoenix 2009
Fried, Max Braves Peoria 2017
Fritz, Ben Athletics Mesa DD 2003
Froneberger, Isaiah Rockies Salt River 2012
Fry, David Brewers Glendale 2019
Fry, Jace White Sox Glendale 2017
Fry, Paul Mariners Peoria 2015
Fryman, Troy White Sox Scottsdale 1994
Fuentes, Josh Rockies Salt River 2018
Fulchino, Jeff Marlins Phoenix 2004
Fuld, Sam Cubs Mesa 2007
Fullmer, Brad Expos Peoria 1997
Fulse, Sheldon Red Sox Peoria Sag 2004
Fultz, Aaron Giants Scottsdale 1997
Funaro, Joe Mets Scottsdale 1999
Furmiak, Jason Padres Peoria Sag 2003
Furnish, Brad Cardinals Peoria Sag 2008
Furniss, Eddy Pirates Mesa 1999
Fussell, Chris Orioles Grand Canyon 1998