All-Time Roster

The following players have appeared in the Arizona Fall League since the league was established in 1992. The listed organization was the one the player was with when he played in the AFL.


Player Organization / AFL Team / Year
Yacabonis, Jimmy Orioles Peoria 2016
Yamamoto, Jordan Marlins Salt River 2018
Yan, Johan Rangers Surprise 2011
Yankosky, L.J. Braves Phoenix 2001
Yanuki, Toshiyuki Japan Phoenix 2009
Yardley, Eric Padres Peoria 2015
Yastrzemski, Mike Orioles Peoria 2015
Yates, Kirby Rays Surprise 2011; Phoenix 2012
Yates, Kyle Blue Jays Phoenix 2006
Yaughn, Kip Marlins Tempe 1993
Yelich, Christian Marlins Phoenix 2012
Yennaco, Jay Red Sox Grand Canyon 1998
Yeskie, Nate Twins Grand Canyon 1999
Yoder, Jeff Cubs Mesa 1999
Yona, Rafael Dodgers Mesa 2012
Youkilis, Kevin Red Sox Scottsdale 2002
Youman, Shane Pirates Peoria Sag 2005
Young, Andy Cardinals Surprise 2018
Young, Chris B. White Sox Peoria Sag 2005
Young, Chris R. Expos Peoria Jav 2003
Young, Colin Rockies Mesa 2001, 2002
Young, Corey Rangers Surprise 2010
Young, Danny Cubs Maryvale 1998
Young, Danny Blue Jays Peoria Jav 2017
Young, Delmon Devil Rays Mesa SS 2003, 2004
Young, Delwyn Dodgers USA 2007
Young, Dmitri Cardinals Mesa 1997
Young, Eric Jr. Rockies Phoenix 2008
Young, Ernie Athletics Phoenix 1995 / Tigers USA 2003
Young, Fred Mariners Sun Cities 1993
Young, Jared Cubs Mesa 2019
Young, Jason Rockies Mesa 2001
Young, Kevin Pirates Phoenix 1992
Young, Matt Braves Mesa 2008
Young, Michael Rangers Grand Canyon 2000
Young, Travis Giants Grand Canyon 1999
Younginer, Madison Red Sox Surprise 2014
Yount, Dustin Orioles Grand Canyon 2006
Yourkin, Matt Marlins Peoria Jav 2006
Yuhl, Keegan Astros Glendale 2015