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Even Saquon Barkley wants to get his hands on a Gleyber Torres jersey

Major League teams have gotten into the habit of getting all kinds of funky with their postgame get-ups this year, from rodeo clowns to "Night at the Roxbury" extras to whatever it is that Adam Jones was trying to do here. With the NFL season just a few days away, that could only mean one thing: time to rep your favorite team.

Which, if you're in New York, means the Giants:

(We will not be acknowledging the Jets in this space -- the Yankees/Jets fandom crossover is exceedingly rare anyway -- nor will we be acknowledging how distressing it is that Eagles fanatic Tommy Kahnle apparently managed to smuggle in an entire box of Philly jerseys into the clubhouse.)

But it turns out that Torres had the dynamic exactly backwards. The Giants aren't the team with the best record in its sport, launching an unprecedented number of dingers and cruising to a division title. They went 5-11 last year! No, Yankees don't go out of their way to wear Giants jerseys. Giants go out of their way to wear Yankees jerseys. Don't take my word for it, though; just ask Saquon Barkley:

Barkley grew up in the Bronx, so it was only a matter of time. Now if his team can just make him available as a designated runner in October.