Fielding Bible Award winners announced

October 31st, 2019

The 2019 Fielding Bible Awards were announced by Baseball Info Solutions on Thursday. The annual awards honor MLB's best defensive player at each position, as voted on by a panel of 12 experts.

Here are the 2019 winners:

First base: , A's
Olson was a unanimous pick by the Fielding Bible experts, winning for the second straight season. He led all MLB first basemen with 13 Defensive Runs Saved and was part of a stellar defensive infield for Oakland along with third baseman and shortstop .

Second base: , Cardinals
Like Olson at first base, Wong was a unanimous choice at his position for the second straight year. He led all second basemen in Defensive Runs Saved, with 14.

Shortstop: , D-backs
Ahmed is always one of the best defensive shortstops in the Majors, and his efforts this season -- 18 Defensive Runs Saved to lead a premium position -- were enough to end ' six-year Fielding Bible Award winning streak.

Third base: , A's
Chapman is widely considered one of the best all-around defenders in the sport, at any position. He joins his teammate Olson as a 2019 Fielding Bible Award winner. Chapman won at third base last year, too. His 18 Defensive Runs Saved this season led all third basemen.

Left field: , D-backs
This was a close race between Peralta and the Astros' , who actually tied in the Fielding Bible Award voting. But Peralta got more first-place votes, making him a first-time winner in left field. He, Brantley and the Yankees' each recorded 10 Defensive Runs Saved in 2019.

Center field: , Brewers
A perennial superstar in center, Cain won his second straight Fielding Bible Award -- the first center fielder to do so in the Awards' 14-year history. Cain's 14 Outs Above Average, per Statcast, ranked third among MLB outfielders.

Right field: , Dodgers
Bellinger was seven Outs Above Average in the outfield this season. He has a rocket arm in the corner, and he can play a great center field, too. He's the first Dodgers outfielder to win a Fielding Bible Award.

Catcher: , Indians
Pérez's 29 Defensive Runs Saved easily led all catchers, so he brings home his first Fielding Bible Award. Pérez saved his team 12 Runs From Extra Strikes, Statcast's pitch-framing metric, which ranked fourth among MLB backstops.

Pitcher: , D-backs/Astros
Did you watch Greinke field his position in Game 7 of the World Series? It was a clinic. That's par for the course for Greinke, one of MLB's sharpest fielding pitchers year after year. He won his second straight Fielding Bible Award.

Multi-position: , Dodgers
Bellinger's versatility only helps the Dodgers get more out of his elite all-around talent. He can play right field. He can play center field. He can play first base. Bellinger became the first player to win two Fielding Bible Awards in the same season.

The Fielding Bible Awards voters rank the top 10 players at each defensive position, with a first-place vote being worth 10 points, second place being worth nine and so on. The player with the most total points at each position wins the award.