Front Office Directory

Progressive Field
2401 Ontario Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
216.420.HITS (4487)

Executive Office

Paul J. Dolan - Owner/Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
Chris Antonetti - President, Baseball Operations
Brian Barren - President, Business Operations
Mike Chernoff - General Manager
Matt Forman - Executive Vice President & Assistant General Manager
Sky Andrecheck - Assistant General Manager
Eric Binder - Assistant General Manager
James Harris - Assistant General Manager
Alex King – Executive Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy
Neil Weiss - Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Civic Relations
Bob DiBiasio - Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
Rich Dorffer - Senior Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer
Paul Gillispie - Senior Vice President, Scouting
Sara Lehrke – Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
Tim Salcer – Senior Vice President, Sales & Service
Kurt Schloss – Senior Vice President, Ballpark Services
Nicky Schmidt – Senior Vice President, Organizational Strategy & Analytics
Lonnie Soloff - Senior Vice President, Medical Services
Victor Wang - Senior Vice President, Player Acquisitions
Joe Znidarsic – Senior Vice President, Legal/Strategic Planning
Ted Baugh - Vice President, Corporate Partnerships and Premium Hospitality
Curtis Danburg - Vice President, Communications & Community Impact
Alex Eckelman - Vice President, Hitting
Jim Folk - Vice President, Ballpark Improvements
Josh Gibson- Vice President, Learning and Development
Brad Grant - Vice President, Baseball Operations, Strategy & Administration
Jay Hennessey - Vice President, Baseball Learning & Development
Max Kosman - Vice President, General Counsel
Alex Merberg - Vice President, Baseball Operations - Development
Jason Wiedemann - Vice President, Brand
Erica Chambers - Vice President, Finance
Christy Corfias - Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics
Matt Grimes - Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Kim Scott - Executive Assistant, Business Operations
Dana Luci - Executive Assistant, Ownership

Ballpark Operations

Jerry Crabb - Senior Director, Event Services
Jonathan Wilham - Senior Director, Security Services
Nick Ferraro - Director, Facility Services
Jordan Weiss - Director, Construction & Project Management
Brandon Koehnke - Head Groundskeeper
Rosalie Morrison - Assistant Director, Facility Services
Steve Walters - Senior Manager, Ballpark Services
Dave Bonacci - Manager, Safety, Policy and Training
Anna Powell - Manager, Event Services
Mike Richardson - Manager, Event Security
Alex Dailey - Coordinator, Ballpark Services
Dom Mittiga - Coordinator, Facility Operations
Travis Barnhill - Assistant Groundskeeper
Rob Banaga - Maintenance/Custodial
Gregory Darden - Maintenance/Custodial
Ryan Emch - Maintenance/Custodial
Mike Hoagland - Maintenance/Custodial
Mohamed Lamsettef - Maintenance/Custodial
Rose Pendleton - Maintenance/Custodial
Ed Perez - Maintenance/Custodial
Hardy Howard - Maintenance/Custodial
James Coyne - Security Team Supervisor
Tori Reynolds - Security Team Supervisor
Celi Ayala - Security Team Supervisor
Sue Lasecki - Supervisor, Security
Matt Mensurati - Supervisor, Security
Mark Moore - Supervisor, Security
Tom Simmons - Supervisor, Security
Matt Burt - Supervisor, Security

Baseball Operations

Wendy Hoppel - Director, Baseball Administration
Keith Woolner - Principal Data Scientist, Baseball Analytics
Scott Barnsby - Director, Amateur Scouting
Jonathan Freeston - Sports Scientist
Andrew Bahnert - Director, Physical Development
Rob Cerfolio - Director, Player Development
Nate Freiman - Director, Hitting Development
Stephen Osterer - Director, Pitching Development
Richard Conway - Director, International Scouting
Chris Gale - Director, Player Evaluations
Sam Giller - Director, Baseball Operations – Technology
Will Landess - Director, Baseball Operations – Systems
Clint Longnecker - Director, Player Acquisitions
Kevin Tenenbaum - Director, Research and Development
Alex DeMoya - Director, Latin Player Personnel
Jared Jones - Director, Team Travel and Logistics
Anna Bolton - Assistant Director, Player Development - Education
Jennifer Wolf - Assistant Director, Player Development – Life Skills
Ilana Mishkin - Assistant Director, Player Development
Ismael Jansen - Manager, International Operations
Paul Moviel - Manger, Protective Services
Matt Czechanski - Assistant, Amateur Scouting
Cole Futterman - Assistant, Baseball Operations
Zach Morton- Analyst, Baseball Operations
Kyle Burris - Assistant Director, Baseball Research & Development
Max Marchi- Consultant, Baseball Research and Development
James Venzor - Data Scientist, Baseball Research and Development
Marlene Lehky- Executive Administrative Assistant
Nilda Taffanelli- Administrative Assistant, Player Development
Cristina Almonte- Administrative Assistant, Dominican Republic
Dr. Charles Maher- Senior Advisor to the President and GM, Sport and Performance Psychology
Brian Miles- Performance Coach
Martin Rasumoff- Performance Coach
Augustin Rivero - Major League Spanish Interpreter
Steve Lubratich - Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Dave Malpass - Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Tom Wiedenbauer - Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Neal Huntington - Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Dr. Lindsay Shaw - Director of Sport Psychology
Jono Freeston - Director of Sport Science
Adam Ott - Data Scientist, Baseball Research & Development
Steven Reich - Data Scientist, Baseball Research & Development
Chris Mosch - Assistant, International Scouting

Baseball Systems Development

Matt Tagliaferri - Principal Software Engineer
Philip Baker – Assistant Director, Software Engineer
Corey Brunstetter – Senior Software Engineer
Jordan Wright – Software Engineer
Katie Shea – Software Engineer
Victoria Young – Software Engineer
Devon King – Software Engineer
Caden Rice – Associate Software Engineer
Steven Yee – Associate Software Engineer
Max Clowdus – Associate Software Engineer
Dan Eschman – Data Engineer
Michael Halverson – Data Engineer


Bart Swain - Director, Baseball Information & Player Relations
Court Berry-Tripp - Director, Communications & Player Relations
Austin Controulis – Assistant Director, Communications
Jeremy Feador - Coordinator, Communications & Team Historian
Brian Havrilla - Content Creation Specialist
Jala Norman - Minor League Content Creation Specialist
Tom Hamilton - Play-by-Play Announcer
Jim Rosenhaus - Play-by-Play Announcer

Community Impact

Penny Forster - Director, Community Impact
Rebecca Kodysh - Executive Director, Cleveland Guardians Charities
Raphael Collins - Assistant Director, Community Impact & Diversity Initiatives
Megan Ganser - Manger, Player Engagement and Family Relations
Nate Janoso - Manager, Alumni Relations
Elena Velez - Coordinator, Player Engagement & Community Impact Communications

Consumer Research and Insights

Dave Zuidema - Director, Consumer Research and Insights
Katie Hellmann - Senior Analyst, Consumer Research & Insights
Nicole Studzenski - Analyst, Brand & Innovation

Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality

Kevin Murphy - Senior Director, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality
Wincy Wong - Director, Corporate Partnerships and Premium Hospitality
Bryan Hoffart - Senior Sales Manager, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality
Julie Weaver - Assistant Director, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality Account Management
Kristie Prendergast - Senior Manager, Partnership Activation
Jon Janoviak - Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Patrick DiBiasio - Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Jennica Jonovich – Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Brynn Morgan - Account Executive, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality
Ryan Hovanec - Coordinator, Partnership Activation
Rachael Montanari - Coordinator, Partnership Activation
Graham Johnston - Senior Representative, Partnership Activation
Kimberly Gordon - Senior Representative, Partnership Activation
Wil Intihar - Representative, Partnership Activation
Nolan Woolley - Representative, Partnership Activation
Michelle Arendas - Representative, Partnership Activation
Kyler Blasing - Specialist, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality

Digital Experience

Christopher Hart - Director, Digital Experience
Olivia Lavelle - Manager, Digital Experience


Mary Forkapa - Assistant Director, Payroll and Payables Accounting
Sue Yates - Manager, Accounting
Fredy Feghali - Manager, Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting
Sam Reed - Manager, Revenue Accounting
Kim Haist - Senior Accountant
Gregory Hubay - Senior Accountant, Payroll
Amy Richards - Senior Accountant
Nicole Roth - Senior Accountant
Francine Sommers - Coordinator, Risk & Travel Management
Regina Simmons - Payroll Administrator
Donna Stasiowski - Administrator, Workers Compensation
Caden Morello - Analyst, Finance
Tyler Goebel - Analyst, Finance
Tanner Gunter - Finance, Accounts Payable Administrator

Goodyear Operations

Amiro Santana - Goodyear Facility Manager
Mason Wilbanks - Assistant Manager, Goodyear Clubhouse
Madeline Craft - Assistant Manager, Goodyear Complex
Fletcher Wilkes - Manager, Home Clubhouse
Miguel Solis - Nutrition Coordinator

Human Resources

Jennifer Gibson - Senior Director, Human Resource Operations
Mailynh Vu Nguyen - Director, Talent Acquisition
Nate Daymut - Assistant Director, Organizational Development
Andrea Jirousek - Manager, Benefits & Wellness Programs
Colleen Lynch - Manager, Talent Acquisition
Hajnal Eppley - Coordinator, Learning and Development
Brianna Brown - HR Generalist
Kyle Brighton - HR Assistant
Kelci Williams-Amponsah - HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition
Danielle Dubin - Recruiter, Human Resources

Information Systems

Whitney Kuszmaul - Senior Director, Information Systems
Plamen Kouzov - Director, Business Systems
Michael Williams – Assistant Director, Information Services
Kevin Dean - Assistant Director, End User Support
Jayson Saul - Manager, Network Operations
Al Fisher - Senior Network Support Analyst
Jeff Coyle - Network Support Analyst
Nick Korosi - Cloud and Security Architect
Som Onyemelukwe - Cloud Engineer, Information Systems
Joan Fortney - Full Stack Developer, Business Systems
David Rischar - Network Engineer
Andrew Hickerson - Network Engineer
Michael Ramirez - AV Engineer
Ian Roy - Back End Developer
Anna Matthews - End User Support Specialist
Dyle Bitner - End User Support Specialist
Louis Garcia - End User Support Specialist
Mathew Smith - End User Support Specialist
Kyle Weikart - Game Day Engineer
Lauren Juliano-Schmid - Software Developer

Live Experience

Kelly Dredge - Director, Live Experience
Nick Gambone - Assistant Director, Creative Production
Mike Donelan - Manager, 3D Animation
Tracy Ng - Manager, Live Experience
Kaylee Koller - Manager, Video Production
Nikki Block - Content Strategy Manager, Live Experience
Dan Kilday - Mascot Coordinator
Shawn Russell - Gameday Director & Content Producer
Ty Scott - Animator/Designer, Digital Content
Murphy Patterson - Coordinator, Live Experience
Eric Gebhardt - Entertainment Team Coordinator, Live Experience


Bailey Wells – Director, Marketing
Anne Madzelan- Senior Manager, Advertising and Promotions
Steve Asbury - Manager, Brand Production
Mike Zawistowski – Lead Marketing Designer
Ashley Truchan – Coordinator, Marketing
Claire Pugel - Coordinator, Marketing Production
Annette James - Video Producer


Caitlyn Burkart - Director of Events
Kristen Jufko - Director, Merchandising
Robert Avila - Assistant Director, Merchandise Operations
Brian Tillinger - Assistant Director, Retail Operations
Michael Rohrbach - Manager, Concessions
Scott Lilly - Manager, Distribution Center
Katie Larsen - Buyer, Merchandise
Meghan Miles - Assistant Manager of Ballpark Retail
Alexa Schofield - Manager, Team Store
Frankie Burns - Assistant Manager, Team Store
Kaylee Thomas - Assistant Buyer
Bette Prendergast - Purchasing Coordinator

Service Excellence

Anne Keegan Osborne - Director, Service Excellence

Business Strategy & Analytics

Patrick Fischetti - Director, Business Analytics
Tye Brown - Manager, Business Strategy
Brady Brown - Manager, Business Strategy
Urs Fischer - Manager, Business Intelligence
Molly Giglia - Senior Analyst, Data Science
McKenna Linnen - Analyst, Business Intelligence
Kenny Miller - Analyst, Data Science
Alex Gould - Strategy, Brand & Innovation
Miranda Burt - Analyst, Business Strategy
Katie Payne - Analyst, Business Strategy
Adam Bencko- Analyst, Business Intelligence
Karna Venkatraj - Analyst, Food and Beverage

Ticket Sales & Service

Angel Jefferson - Senior Director, Service
Jeff Wallace - Director, Ticket Sales
Estee Hemphill - Director, Service
Courtney Fallon - Assistant Director of Events & Experiences
Jackie Plys - Assistant Director of Ticket Sales
Jeff Stocker - Assistant Director of Ticket Sales
John Bowers - Manager, Ticket Partnerships
Hank Winters - Manager, Ticket Sales
Ashley Madison - Manager, Ticket Sales
Logan Ward – Account Executive, Group Sales
Ben Brooks – Account Executive, Group Sales
Sam Dreaden – Account Executive, Ticket Sales
TJ Withers - Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Eli Ehrbar - Account Executive, Season Tickets
Alex Gibbons - Coordinator, Events & Experiences
Brent Cartwright - Coordinator, Season Service
Jack Rinderle - Coordinator, Season Service
Ross Genchi - Coordinator, Service
Justin Presutti - Coordinator, Service
Sydney Zengler - Service Representative, Events and Experiences
Mark Jankowski - Specialist, Events and Experiences
Bobby Paoloni - Service Representative, Groups
Nolan Hopkins - Service Representative, Groups
Matt St. John – Senior Client Service Specialist
Corey Wolfgang – Client Service Specialist
Avery Diedrick - Client Service Specialist
Steve Spidell - Client Service Specialist
Michael Smith - Client Service Specialist
Alex Ruttmann - Client Service Specialist
Grant Fulger - Season Service Account Specialist
Tad Bogielski - Ticket Sale & Service, Fan Services
Zoe Donley - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Nolan Metcalf - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Jackie Whitt - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Destiny Stevenson - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Javona Brown - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Cody Johnson - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Sam Spiegle - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Michael Gallipoli - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services
Kara Evin - Ticket Sales & Service, Fan Services

Ticket Services

Matt Coppo - Director, Ticket Operations
Becky Emery - Manager, Ticket Services
Eric Fronczek - Ticket Office Manager
Paige Selle - Manager, Ticket Operations
Cathy Pesta - Ticket Office Processor
Rob Anton - Ticket Operations Coordinator

Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning

James Quinlan - Head Athletic Trainer
Jeff Desjardins - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Chad Wolfe - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Joe Kessler - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Hasani Torres - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jim Mehalik - Physical Therapy Consultant


Tony Amato - Home Clubhouse/Equipment Manager
Brandon Biller - Assistant Home Clubhouse /Equipment Manager
Willie Jenks - Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Bob Chester - Director, Video Operations
Frank Velotta - Assistant Director, Video Operations
Francisco Flores - Minor League Video Coordinator
Jeremy Schroder - Major League Chef

Medical Staff

Mark Schickendantz, M.D. - Head Team Physician
Dr. Charles Maher - Director, Employee Assistance Program
Ronald Golovan, M.D. - Head Team Internist and Assistant Director, Employee Assistance Program
Jason Genin, D.O. - Team Physician
K.V. Gopal, M.D. - Team Physician
Tom Graham, M.D. - Team Physician
Kim Stearns, M.D. - Team Physician
Thomas Waters, M.D. - Team Physician
Jim Williams, M.D. - Team Physician

Medical Staff Consultants

Bath Mignano, LMT, PA-C - Soft Tissue/ Manual Therapist
Stephen D. Cooke, D.D.S. - Dentist
Paul Hazen, M.D. - Dermatologist
Nilesh Shah, M.D. - Team Physician (AA Akron)
Ray Pongonis, M.D. - Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Grant Jones, M.D. - Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Mike Jonesco, M.D. - Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Nilesh Shah, M.D. - Team Physician (AA Akron)
Ian Smithson, M.D. - Team Physician (A Lynchburg)
Velyn Wu, M.D. - Team Physician (A Lynchburg)
Michael Ciletti, M.D. - Team Physician (A Mahoning Valley)
Rick Parker, M.D. - Team Physician
Salvatore Fragiamore, M.D. - Consulting Physicians
Jamie Starkey - Integrative Medicine
Don Franklin, D.C. - Chiropractor

Delaware North Sportservice

Tylor Mettler - General Manager, Delaware North
Thomas Geringer - Assistant General Manager
Celeste Williams - Human Resource Manager
Jacob Horvath - Human Resource Generalist
Dana Beitler - Executive Assistant
Mark Garramone - Controller
Scott Barlage - Accounting Manager
Jacob Carrick - Accounting
Scott Sopata - Warehouse Manager
Devon Jackson - Warehouse Assistant Manager
Mike Seay - Concessions Manager
Aaron Green - Concessions Assistant Manager
Taylor Rouheim - Concessions Assistant Manager
Tina Jarzemba - Purchasing Coordinator
Kenny Mount - Non- Profit Organization Coordinator
Courtney Wilson - IT Manager
Chris Miller - Food and Beverage Manager
Katie Koehl – Kaulig Club Manager
Sansophia Blackwood - DDM Club Manager
Megan Turek - Suites Manager
Karen Onyx – Hosted Events & Catering
Kyle Feyedelem - Terrace Club Manager
Vishu Nath – Executive Chef
Ryan Cannon – Concessions & Exec Sous Chef
Bill Conn – Catering/Picnics/VIP Sous Chef
Latisha Griffith – DDM & PDR & Kaulig Sous Chef
Robert Parker – Suites Sous Chef
Santana Howard – Culinary Admin