Indians' Chief Wahoo logo Q&A

January 29th, 2018

When will the Chief Wahoo logo be removed from the uniform?
The Chief Wahoo logo will still be on our uniforms in 2018, and it will be removed just prior to the '19 season. It will continue to be sold as merchandise in retail outlets in Northeast Ohio and Goodyear, Ariz., Indians team stores. 
Can I still wear the Chief on clothing to games?
Yes, you can.  
Indians to stop using Wahoo logo starting in '19
It seems like MLB forced this change to get the ASG, is that true?
The two are not connected in any way. Our submission for the All-Star Game occurred years in advance of this topic becoming a heated national focus during our postseason run in 2016. The decision was made for us to host the All-Star Game based on our proposal and ability as an organization and community to create a first-class Midsummer Classic in celebration of Major League Baseball.
Why don't you get rid of it altogether? 
While we agreed with MLB to remove the logo from our on-field uniforms, we understand the connection many in the Cleveland community have with Chief Wahoo, and we will support that relationship by continuing its presence on merchandise in our market. This will maintain the Indians' ownership of the trademark as well, which we would risk losing to another organization if we ceased all use. 
What is the new logo going to be? When are you going to unveil a new logo?
We may explore the potential of a new complementary mark at some point, but for now, the plan is to continue to focus on Block C as our primary mark.
Do you have plans now or in the future to change the team name?
With support from MLB, the team name Indians will not be changed.