Need a ride? Pham's advice: Just ask Alonso

June 5th, 2023

NEW YORK -- First baseman is known for his majestic home runs and as the best player on the Mets. But one should add great friend to his résumé, according to teammate .

“He truly is a great person,” Pham said. “We all should be a little bit better like him in that way. He has a good heart.”

Alonso showed his friendship towards Pham on March 23 after a game against the Braves in Sarasota, Fla. Pham was set to see his local optometrist and get new contact lenses because he was having problems with his vision. However, for about 30 minutes, Pham was having trouble getting an Uber to pick him up.

Alonso drove by, noticed that Pham was in a bind and offered to take him to the eye doctor’s office. Pham accepted. Unfortunately, traffic was jammed, and it took Alonso two hours for them to reach Pham’s destination.

“[Alonso] never complained. He did it as a great teammate from the kindness of his heart,” Pham said. “The time it took didn’t even matter to him. He just wanted to make sure I was able to see my eye doctor, because I was struggling visually during Spring Training.”