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Front Office Directory

Office of the Chairman

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer: Fred Wilpon
President: Saul B. Katz
Chief Operating Officer: Jeff Wilpon
Executive Assistant to the President: Kathleen Ryan
Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer: Katherine Fullam
Administrative Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer: Emily Hoover
Executive Assistant to the Chairman & CEO: Karen Malin
Administrative Assistant to the President: Audrey Dwyer
Administrative Assistant to the Chairman & CEO: Sharon Gately

Partners & Board of Directors

Partner/Director: Fred Wilpon
Partner/Director: Saul B. Katz
Partner/Director: Jeff Wilpon
Partner/Director: Richard Wilpon
Partner/Director: Michael Katz
Partner/Director: David Katz
Partner/Director: Tom Osterman
Director: Steve Greenberg
Director: James McCann
Director: Ricky Sandler
Director: Stuart Sucherman
Director: Steven Temares


Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer: Fred Wilpon
President: Saul B. Katz
Chief Operating Officer: Jeff Wilpon
Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer: David P. Cohen
Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer: Lou DePaoli
Chief Financial Officer: Mark Peskin
Executive Vice President & General Manager: Brodie Van Wagenen
Senior Vice President, Venue Services & Operations: Mike Landeen
Senior Vice President, Senior Strategy Officer: John Ricco
Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Diversity: Holly Lindvall
Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships and Ticket Sales: Chris Zaber
Vice President, Assistant General Manager, Scouting & Player Development: Allard Baird
Vice President, Guest Experience & Venue Services: Chris Brown
Vice President, Metropolitan Hospitality: Heather Collamore
Vice President, Technology: Tom Festa
Vice President, Alumni Public Relations and Team Historian: Jay Horwitz
Vice President, General Counsel: Neal Kaplan
Vice President, Controller: Len Labita
Vice President, Ballpark Operations: Sue Lucchi
Vice President, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Haeda Mihaltes
Vice President, International & Amateur Scouting: Tommy Tanous
Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis: Peter Woll
Vice President, Communications: Harold Kaufman

Baseball Operations

Executive Vice President & General Manager: Brodie Van Wagenen
Manager: Mickey Callaway
Vice President, Assistant General Manager, Scouting & Player Development: Allard Baird
Assistant General Manager: Adam Guttridge
Special Advisor to Mets Chief Operating Officer & General Manager: David Wright
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Omar Minaya
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Terry Collins
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Ruben Amaro
Senior Director, Baseball Operations: Ian Levin
Director, International Operations: Rafael Perez
Director of High Performance: Jim Cavallini
Director, Player Relations & Community Engagement: Donovan Mitchell
Director, Team Travel: Brian Small
Manager, Video Operations: Joe Scarola
Manager, Baseball Systems & Development: Joe Lefkowitz
Coordinator, Video Operations: Sean Haggans
Coordinator, Advance Scouting & Video Replay: Jim Kelly
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Jake Toffler
Assistant to the General Manager: Brian Schutzman
Administrative Assistant, Baseball Operations: Janine Laboy-Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant, Baseball Operations: Rosie Abreu

Major League Clubhouse

Clubhouse Manager: Kevin Kierst
Visiting Clubhouse Manager: Tony Carullo
Assistant Clubhouse Manager: Dave Berni
Coordinator, Clubhouse Catering: Theresa Corderi

Major League Staff

Manager: Mickey Callaway
Hitting Coach: Chili Davis
Assistant Hitting Coach: Tom Slater
First Base Coach: Glenn Sherlock
Bench Coach: Jim Riggleman
Third Base Coach: Gary DiSarcina
Pitching Coach: Dave Eiland
Bullpen Coach:    Chuck Hernandez
Quality Control Coach:    Luis Rojas
Bullpen Catcher: Dave Racaniello
Bullpen Catcher: Eric Langill

Medical & Training Staff

Head Trainer: Brian Chicklo
Assistant Trainer: Joe Golia
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Dustin Clarke
Senior Advisor for Strength & Conditioning: Mike Barwis
Major League Reconditioning: Justin Podell
Major League Performance Coach: Robert Campbell
Rehab & Reconditioning Coordinator: Sean Bardenett

Minor League & Player Development

Executive Director, Player Development: Jared Banner
Minor League Field Coordinator: Kevin Morgan
Director, Latin American Operations: Juan Henderson
Assistant, Latin American Field Operations: Lillian Castro
International Field Coordinator: Rafael Landestoy
Director, Minor League Operaitons: Ronny Reyes
Minor League Education Coordinator: Neskys Liriano
Coordinator, Minor League Information: Colin Schwarz
Hitting Coordinator: Lamar Johnson
Hitting Performance Coordinator: Ryan Ellis
Pitching Coordinator: Phil Regan
Catching Coordinator: Bob Natal
Infield Coordinator: Tim Teufel
Rehab Pitching Coordinator: Jon Debus
Medical Coordinator: Matt Hunter
Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Coordinator: Dave Pearson
Mental Skills Consultant: Ruben Aybar
Senior Advisor: Guy Conti
Special Instructor: Bobby Floyd
Special Catching Instructor: Ozzie Virgil, Sr.
Manager, Minor League Equipment & Operations: John Mullin
Assistant Minor League Clubhouse Manager: Drew Dunton
Manager, Syracuse Mets: Tony DeFrancesco
Hitting Coach, Syracuse Mets: Joel Chimelis
Bench Coach, Syracuse Mets: Benny Distefano
Pitching Coach, Syracuse Mets: Glenn Abbott
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Syracuse Mets: Josh Fields
Bullpen Coach, Syracuse Mets: Jeremy Accardo
Athletic Trainer, Syracuse Mets: Grant Hufford
Manager, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Kevin Boles
Hitting Coach, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Tony Jaramillo
Bench Coach, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Ender Chavez
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Kory Wan
Mental Skills Coach, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Josh Kozuch
Athletic Trainer, Binghamton Rumble Ponies: Kiyoshi Tada
Manager, St. Lucie Mets: Chad Kreuter
Hitting Coach, St. Lucie Mets: Marlon Anderson
Pitching Coach, St. Lucie Mets: Michael Cather
Athletic Trainer, St. Lucie Mets: Hiroto Kawamura
Strength & Conditioning Coach, St. Lucie Mets: Alex Tavarez
Manager, Columbia Fireflies: Pedro Lopez
Pitching Coach, Columbia Fireflies: Jonathan Hurst
Hitting Coach, Columbia Fireflies: Luis Rivera
Athletic Trainer, Columbia Fireflies: Daichi Arima
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Columbia Fireflies: Tanner Miracle
Mental Skills Coach, Columbia Fireflies: Derek Swartout-Mosher
Manager, Brooklyn Cyclones: Edgardo Alfonzo
Pitching Coach, Brooklyn Cyclones: Royce Ring
Hitting Coach, Brooklyn Cyclones: Delwyn Young
Manager, Kingsport Mets: Rich Donnelly
Pitching Coach, Kingsport Mets: Josue Matos
Hitting Coach, Kingsport Mets: Rafael Fernandez
Hitting Coach, Kingsport Mets: Mariano Duncan
Athletic Trainer, Kingsport Mets: Vanessa Weisbach
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kingsport Mets: John Perry
Development Coach, Kingsport Mets: Stephen Gaylor
Manager, Gulf Coast League Mets: David Davalillo
Pitching Coach, Gulf Coast League Mets: Ariel Prieto
Hitting Coach, Gulf Coast League Mets: Joel Fuentes
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gulf Coast League Mets: Seth Gregorich
Mental Skills Coach, Gulf Coast League Mets: Cristian Guzman


Vice President, International & Amateur Scouting: Tom Tanous
Senior Director, Professional Scouting: Jim D'Aloia
Director, Amateur Scouting: Marc Tramuta
Director, Professional Scouting: Bryn Alderson
Assistant Director, Professional Scouting: Jeff Lebow
Coordinator, Amateur Scouting: Bryan Hayes
Global Crosschecker: Steve Barningham
National Crosschecker: Doug Thurman
National Crosschecker: Mike Ledna
Pitching Supervisor, National: John Hendricks
Regional Supervisor, Northeast: Marlin McPhail
Regional Supervisor, Midwest: Mac Seibert
Regional Supervisor, West: Drew Toussaint
Area Scout: Cesar Aranguren
Area Scout: Nathan Beuster
Area Scout: Gary Brown
Area Scout: Jet Butler
Area Scout: Daniel Coles
Area Scout: Jarrett England
Area Scout: Chris Heidt
Area Scout: Chris Hervey
Area Scout: Tyler Holmes
Area Scout: Tommy Jackson
Area Scout: John Kosciak
Area Scout: Fred Mazuca
Area Scout: Jason McLaughlin
Area Scout: Claude Pelletier
Area Scout: Jim Reeves
Area Scout: Brian Reid
Area Scout: Harry Shelton
Area Scout: Jim Thompson
Area Scout: Jon Updike
Area Scout: Glenn Walker
Professional Scout: Conor Brooks
Professional Scout: Tom Clark
Professional Scout: Tim Fortugno
Professional Scout: David Keller
Professional Scout: Joseph Kowal
Professional Scout: Ash Lawson
Professional Scout: Shaun McNamara
Professional Scout: Roy Smith
Professional Scout: Rudy Terrasas
Professional Scout: Andy Pratt
Coordinator, Latin American Scouting: Gerardo Cabrera
Coordinator, Latin American Scouting: Hector Rincones
Coordinator, Latin American Scouting: Harold Herrera
Scout, Dominican Republic: Marciano Alvarez
Scout, Venezuela: Robert Espejo
Scout, Venezuela: Nestor Moreno
Scout, Venezuela: Carlos Perez
Supervisor, Venezuela: Ismael Perez

Dominican Academy Performance Coach: Erik Beiser
Tryout Coach, Dominican Republic: Alejandro Baustista
Tryout Coach, Dominican Republic: Carlos Capellan
Tryout Coach, Dominican Republic: Samuel Taveras
Scout, Asia: Bon Kim
Scout, International: Fernando Encarnacion

Business Operations

Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer: Lou DePaoli
Executive Assistant, Business Operations: Brooklyn Covell

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Executive Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics: John Morris
Director, Consumer Strategy & Insight: James Benesh
Database Architect: Douglas Joe
Business Intelligence Analyst: Jon Cokorinos
Application Developer: Raymond Borriello
Analyst: Jay Habib

Business Strategy

Senior Vice President & Senior Strategy Officer: John Ricco
Director, Business Strategy: Claire Kueny

Corporate Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnership & Ticket Sales: Chris Zaber
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships: Brian Fling
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships: David Hayob
Director, Corporate Partnership Sales: Bill Kain
Director, Corporate Partnership Sales: Katie Mahon

Director, Corporate Partnership Strategy: Jamie Ozure
Director, Corporate Partnerships & Suites: Christina Andrews
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation: Ashley Camano
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Strategy & Activation: Alexandra Conte
Senior Sales Manager, Corporate Sales & Partnership: Brian Glynn
Corporate Partnership Activation Manager: Allie Weiller
Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation: Ally Futterman
Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation: Brittany Pinto
Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Suites: Kerry Davis
Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnership Activation: Peter Sachs
Account Executive, Corporate Partnership Sales: Kellogg Adams

Coordinator, Corporate Partnership Activation: Ethan Mitnik
Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships: Grace Napolitano

Marketing & Communications

Executive Creative Director, Content & Marketing: Frank Anselmo
Senior Director, Social Media: Will Carafello
Team Photographer: Marc Levine
Director, Marketing: Jill Grabill
Manager, Creative Services: Jon Giebler
Manager, Social Media: Tim Walsh
Designer: Austin Lewter
Designer: Nicholas Clemens
Coordinator, Photography & Creative Services: Kayla Rice
Coordinator, Marketing: Jelani Wheeler
Assistant, Marketing & Productions: Jenna Doak
Assistant, Content & Marketing: Claire Dalton

Broadcasting, Entertainment & Productions

Executive Producer, Entertainment Marketing & Productions: Joe DeVito
Executive Director, Entertainment Marketing & Productions: Tim Gunkel
Executive Director, Broadcasting & Events: Lorraine Hamilton
Senior Director, Entertainment Marketing & Productions: Vito Vitiello
Director, Scoreboard & Entertainment: Bobby Clemens
Director, Production Technology: Brendan McKeon
Senior Video Editor: Maurice Abbate
Senior Graphics & Animation Designer: Greg Alvarez
Manager, Graphics: Josh Rosenman
Video Editor: Anthony Vario
Manager, Entertainment, Broadcasting & Events: Laura Verillo
Spanish Broadcast Coordinator: Juan Alicea
Assistant, Entertainment & Productions: John Smagala
Public Address Announcer: Marysol Castro
Public Address Announcer: Colin Cosell


Media Relations

Vice President, Communications: Harold Kaufman
Director, Media Relations: Ethan Wilson
Manager, Media Relations: Zachary Weber
Coordinator, Media Relations: Kristin Wojcik
Assistant & Spanish Language Translator: Alan Suriel
Assistant, Media Relations: Zachary Becker

Alumni Relations

Vice President of Alumni Public Relations & Team Historian: Jay Horwitz
Coordinator, Alumni Public Relations & Team Historian: Devon Sherwood

Ticket Sales & Services

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnership & Ticket Sales: Chris Zaber
Administrative Assistant, Ticket Sales & Services: Laura Maier
Executive Director, Ticket Sales & Services: Kenny Koperda
Director, New Business Development: Zachary Johnston
Director, Revenue Innovation & Strategy: Crystal Owusu
Director, Inside Sales: Nick Szpur
Ticket Portfolio Manager: Michael Parton
Analyst, Asian Development & Sales: Wayne Wang
Analyst, Korean Market Development & Sales: Young Choi

Group Sales

Director, Group Sales & Service: Jake Winowich
Manager, Group Services: Barry Gorman
Manager, Group Sales Support: Mark Phillips
Manager, Ticket Sales Logistics & Hospitality: Taylor Kelly
Senior Account Executive, Group Services: Nicole Annese
Account Executive, Group Services: Aaron Ryley
Account Executive, Group Services: Max Johnson
Account Executive, Group Services: Jesse Portello

Premium Sales

Director, Premium Services: Alan Aldwell
Senior Manager, Premium Sales: Max Inouye
Manager, Premium Sales: Chris Annarumma
Manager, Premium Services: Matthew Cohen
Manager, Premium Services: Chris Courchesne
Manager, Premium Sales: Jesse Hahn
Manager, Premium Sales: Chris Sortino
Manager, Premium Sales: Joseph Perez
Manager, Premium Sales: Jake Titlebaum

Season Ticket Account Services

Director, Season Ticket Account Services: Kyle Ingram
Senior Manager, Season Ticket Account Services: Stephen Karl
Senior Account Executive, Season Ticket Account Services: Kaitlyn Wawryk
Senior Account Executive, Season Ticket Account Services: Antonio Crincoli
Account Executive, Season Ticket Account Services: Sarah Kitchen
Account Executive, Season Ticket Account Services: Bradley Klug
Account Executive, Season Ticket Account Services: Stephen Orlowski

Season Ticket Account Sales

Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Joseph Ball
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Sam Barlow
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Justin Chasse
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Lou Gadaleta
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Garrett Jones
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Austin Lockett
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: James McCarthy
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Matthew Noone
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Patrick O'Connor
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Abby Rice
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales: Nick Suriani

Ticket Operations

Executive Director, Ticket Operations: Jarett Parver
Director, Ticket Operations: Michael Berman
Director, Ticket Operations: Eric Petersen
Manager, Ticket Operations: Ruell Dubin
Manager, Ticket Service: Michelle Rachek
Coordinator, Ticket Fulfillment: Rich Leocadio
Senior Operator, Ticket Operations: John Fitzgerald
Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Jillian Sixsmith-Cox
Ticket Services Representative: Austin Blumstein


Vice President & General Counsel: Neal Kaplan
Senior Counsel: James Denniston
Senior Counsel: Jessica Villanella
Coordinator, Legal Affairs: Brielle Speranzini
Executive Assistant, Legal: Christian Dilger

External Affairs & Community Engagement

Vice President, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Haeda Mihaltses
Executive Director, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Danielle Parillo
Director, Player Relations & Community Engagement: Donovan Mitchell
Manager, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Julianna Sabra
Coordinator, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Tony Croslin
Assistant, External Affairs & Community Engagement: Sydni Epps

Human Resources

Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Diversity: Holly Lindvall
Senior Director, Human Resources: Eva Ramsaran
Manager, Employee Relations: Aubrey Wechsler
Benefits & Communication Specialist: Claire Bennett
Recruiting Coordinator: Olivia Goodwin
Analyst, Human Resources: Conor Leary
Benefits Coordinator: Mollie McAdams
Assistant, Human Resources: Tom Jordon

Office Services

Manager, Office Services: Sharon Bieber
Coordinator, Office Services: Edgar Suero
Receptionist: Wendy Porter
Special Services Clerk: Tod Tillotson

Finance & Accounting

Vice President, Controller: Len Labita
Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis: Peter Woll
Assistant Controller: John Ventimiglia
Director, Accounting: Rich McKenna
Director, Accounting: Kelly Stock
Director, Payroll: Ralph Ardolina
Senior Financial Analyst: Keith McCloat
Senior Accountant: Lauren LoGiudice
Staff Accountant: Shannon Conerty
Junior Accountant: Lindsay Silvestri
Coordinator, Accounts Receivable/Payable: Elizabeth Mahon
Payroll Supervisor: Mary Phelan-Cox
Payroll Clerk: Kaytlyn Orioles
Administrative Assistant & Accounting Clerk: Dominique Ramirez

Information Technology

Vice President, Technology & Corporate Procurement: Tom Festa
Executive Director, Information Technology: Eric Ramos
Senior Network Engineer: Robert Silver
Help Desk Manager: Steve D'Costa
Network & Systems Support Specialist: Rey Ramirez
Audio Visual Systems Specialist: Enrike Klevan
Technical Support Analyst: Ryan Campbell
Help Desk Technician: Albert Daci
Administrative Assistant, IT & Procurement: Rafael Alarcon

Corporate Procurement

Project Coordinator: Matt Francolino
Purchasing Agent: Maverick Palabasan
Coordinator, Corporate Procurement: Bennett Sciacca
Receiving Coordinator, Corporate Procurement: Jan Padron

Venue Services & Operations

Senior Director, Venue Services: Taryn Donovan
Manager, Venue Services & Authentics: Brian Fanelli
Manager, Venue Services & Promotions: Tara Napoli
Coordinator, Venue Services: Sheila Rehill
Coordinator, Venue Services: Nicole Losito
Assistant, Venue Services: Ryan Cacchioli
Assistant, Venue Services: Lacey Deloria
Administrative Assistant, Venue Services & Operations: Dean Brownworth

Ballpark Operations

Vice President, Ballpark Operations: Sue Lucchi
Executive Director, Building Operations: Peter Cassano
Senior Director, Ballpark Operations: Michael Dohnert
Senior Director, Field Operations & Landscaping: Bill Deacon
Director, Landscaping & Horticulture: Ann Marie Breyer
Director, Building Command Center & Fire Safety Director: Sara Bollock
Manager, Building Operations: Mike Newby
Manager, Field Operations: Andy Beggs
Senior Coordinator, Building Operations: Mike Riconda
Senior Coordinator, Building Operations: Luis Soto
Coordinator, Building Operations: Wonford Duberry

Coordinator, Building Operations: Brenden Varrassi
Coordinator, Building Operations: Nicholas Hertel
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: Michael Sutera
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: Ryan Crofts
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: Joe Mahon
Engineer: James Achillo
Engineer: Joe Badolato
Engineer: John Brennan
Engineer: Mario Caceres
Engineer: Sean Donohue
Engineer: Anthony Lucchi
Engineer: Daniel Marino
Engineer: Michael Medina
Engineer: Marian Mihov
Engineer: Christopher Rodgers
Engineer: James Spillane
Engineer: Danny Tsang
Engineer: John Wachter
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Bill Almon
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Nick Baker
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: John Betts
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Ricardo Cruz
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Eric Diaz
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Davon Gray
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Tre Hathaway
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Tim McAndrew
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Michael McGroarty, Jr.
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Richard Potter
Grounds Crew & Maintenance: Richard Shackleford
Landscaping: Alex DeJoseph
Landscaping: Jeff Maiorino
Plumber: James Backmann
Plumber: Thomas Cassano
Plumber: Kevin Kender
Plumber: Eric Mador
Watchman: Brian Calabrese
Watchman: Don Ford

Guest Experience

Vice President, Guest Experience & Venue Services: Chris Brown
Director, Transportation Services: Thomas Wigfall, Jr.
Director, Guest Experience: Andy Horner
Manager, Guest Experience: Ezinne Nwaogu
Coordinator, Guest Experience: CJ Quackenbush
Assistant, Guest Experience: Matthew Rutherford

Metropolitan Hospitality

Vice President, Metropolitan Hospitality: Heather Collamore
Director, Event Sales: Lisa Barbara
Director, Events: Amanda Cieri
Assistant to VP & Office Manager: Cathy Montalto
Senior Manager, Events: Jennifer Ice
Manager, Events: Matt Cowan
Manager, Event Financial Operations: Ryan Keller
Coordinator, Event Sales: Manny Ortiz
Coordinator, Events: Caitlyn Maio
Coordinator, Events: Danielle DeLuna
Account Executive, Event Sales: Jamie Logan
Assistant, Events: Kara Torzullo
Assistant, Events: Tori Tedeschi
Sales Development Representative: Sam Nord-Stephens


Executive Director, Security: John McKay
Senior Director, Security: Stephen Dillon
Director, Security: Toni Pelosi
Manager, Security: Conrad Murray
Special Security: Chris Von Kessel
Coordinator, Security: Brianna Dammers

Florida Operations

Executive Director, Florida Operations: Paul Taglieri
General Manager, St. Lucie Mets: Traer Van Allen
Director, Sales & Corporate Partnerships: Lauren DeAcetis
Director, Ticketing & Merchandise: Kyle Gleockler
Director, Group Sales & Community Relations: Kasey Blair
Manager, Food & Beverage Operations: John Gallagher
Manager, Broadcast & Media Relations: Adam MacDonald
Manager, Fantasy Camp & Events: Doug Dickey
Coordinator, Minor League Food and Beverage/Merchandise Operations: Ben Wachtler
Coordinator, Group Sales: Josh Sexton
Executive Assistant: Mary O'Brien
Staff Accountant: Shannon Murray
Accounting Clerk: Christina Rivera
Maintenance Coordinator: Jerry Lanigan
Assistant, Minor League Operations: Amy Ross