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Major League Baseball plays its first games in the UK

On a warm summer weekend at London Stadium, one of the greatest rivalries in sports - the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox - faced off in an action packed two-game series. The Yankees left London winning both games though the real winner were the UK fans who witnessed a combined total of 50 runs over the course of the two games - the most scored over two-games in the history of the storied rivalry.


London Series Highlights

50 runs. 10 home runs. 65 hits. The London Series was a wild two games at London Stadium. The Yankees and the Red Sox put on an offensive show the likes of which neither the UK fans nor anyone else had ever seen before.

Best British Baseball Calls

The best plays just sound better when called by British announcers. From towering home runs to spectacular defensive plays and everything in-between, the broadcasters at BT Sport were "absolute box office!".

Aaron Judge Surprises Fans

While taking time out of his pregame routine to sign autographs for fans, Aaron Judge surprises a Veteran's family by bringing them on the field for a quick game of catch.

Series Photos

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