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Mets In-Market Streaming on the NBC Sports App


During 2018, all Mets games on SNY will be streamed in-market on on PCs as well as on the NBC Sports app - NBC Sports Group's live streaming platform for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and connected TVs.

Twitter users: Follow @SNYtv or @NBCSportsApp and tweet us with questions and/or comments.Twitter is a public forum and information posted in tweets will be made available for the public to see. Please do not tweet anything you do not want to be made public.

Q: How can I stream Mets games?

A: If you are an SNY subscriber via a participating video provider, and reside in an area where you are able to view in-market Mets games on SNY, you will be able to access content on and the NBC Sports app (TV Everywhere). If your provider has not yet entered into an agreement with SNY to make TV Everywhere available, you will not be able to authenticate and stream the content. Please call your participating provider if you are not able to access the stream of the game via on PCs or the NBC Sports app.

Q: What is the relationship between SNY and the NBC Sports App?

A: SNY has partnered with NBC Sports Group, whose corporate affiliate is a minority owner of SNY, to deliver baseball's most-watched local broadcast and award-winning pre and post-game coverage to fans online at and on the go through the NBC Sports app. The video player allows authenticated subscribers to access streamed coverage of live Mets content wherever they are (subject to territorial restrictions) and on any device, including tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Q: How do I verify/authenticate my video provider account?

A: If you are an SNY subscriber via a participating video provider, when prompted, select your video provider from the drop-down menu. You will then be asked to enter your username and password for your provider, similar to when you pay your bill online. Don't forget to check "remember me" so you don't have to log in again. If you don't have an online account with your video provider, or can't remember your username and password, please contact your video provider to learn more. If you already have a username and password from your video provider, you will not need to create a new account. If you have not previously registered an account with your video provider, you will need to do so with a valid email address. Please contact your video provider to learn more.

Q: What if I forgot my username and/or password?

A: Most video providers offer a simple way to retrieve or reset your password. Please contact your video provider to learn more.

Q: Why isn't my video provider listed?

A: We are actively working to add additional video providers so that all SNY viewers have access to TV Everywhere. If your provider is not listed, please contact your provider and express your interest in receiving this service. Check back regularly to see if your provider has been added to the list of participating distributors.

Q: What is the cost of this service?

A: This service being provided at no additional charge to SNY subscribers and is an added value via participating video providers.

Q: What is the NBC Sports app?

A: The NBC Sports app is NBC Sports Group's live streaming platform for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and connected TVs.

Q: Can I access Mets games via a connected TV device?

A: Yes. Live streams of Mets games on SNY are available via the NBC Sports app on connected TV devices after first authenticating your subscription. The NBC Sports app is powered by Playmaker Media and is available on Apple iOS, Android and select Samsung devices, as well as on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Win10 and Xbox.

Q: Can I stream Mets games while I'm out of town?

A: When a user streams an SNY Mets game while inside SNY's territory, it enables a 30-day travel window for a device. The 30-day travel window begins when the user streams an SNY Mets game while outside of SNY's territory. After the 30-day travel window, the user will receive a blackout message. The user must go back inside SNY's territory to stream a Mets game on their device again. Each time a user streams an SNY Mets game on a device while inside SNY's territory the 30-day travel window is reset.

If a user downloads the NBC Sports app for the first time while outside SNY's territory and streams an SNY Mets game, they are granted a one-time two-day pass for a device. After two days, the user will receive a blackout message and must return SNY's territory to access an SNY Mets game on a device again.

Q: Why am I blacked out of my Mets game via TV Everywhere?

A: Just as with televised Mets games on SNY, availability of games via TV Everywhere is subject to territorial blackout restrictions.

 Q: Will SNY or the NBC Sports app have access to my personal information when I subscribe to this service and authenticate via my video provider?

A: Any personal information and data collected from your participation on the online services may be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy, including targeted advertising and tracking information we collect automatically. To learn more about how you can opt-out of targeted advertising, please refer to our Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy.

Q: Is SNY or NBC Sports content available without a video provider subscription?

A: Yes, you can continue to or to access certain event clips, highlights, and expert commentary without a video provider subscription.

For all other questions, please review our FAQ page on at