2017 Rule 5 Draft results: Pick-by-pick

December 12th, 2017

The final day of the Winter Meetings began with the annual Rule 5 Draft. Teams were only able to make a selection if they have space on their 40-man roster.  The order is based on the reverse order of standings from the end of the 2017 regular season. 

:: Rule 5 Draft coverage ::

Major League phase

Round 1

1. Tigers: OF (D-backs)

2. Giants: RHP (Rockies)

3. Phillies: RHP Nick Burdi (Twins) -- traded to Pirates

4. White Sox: OF Carlos Tocci (Phillies) -- traded to Rangers

5. Reds: RHP (D-backs) -- traded to Royals

6. Mets: RHP (Rays) -- traded to Royals

7. Braves: RHP (Yankees)

8. Pirates: RHP (Indians)

9. Orioles: LHP Nestor Cortes (Yankees) 

10. Marlins: RHP  (Astros)

11. Mariners: IF (Yankees)

12. Angels: RHP  (Twins)

13. Twins: RHP (Marlins)

14. D-backs: RHP (Giants)

15: Astros: LHP/OF (Rangers)

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Round 2  

16. Orioles: RHP Pedro Araujo(Cubs)

17. Marlins: RHP Brett Graves(A's)

Round 3

18. Orioles: RHP Jose Mesa (Yankees)  

Triple-A phase

Round 1

1. Giants: RHP Eduardo Rivera (Reds)

2. White Sox: C Yermin Mercedes (Orioles)

3. Reds: 3B Mitch Nay (Blue Jays)

4. Mets: 2B Andrew Ely (Cubs)

5. Padres: LHP Jose Medina (Mets)

6. Braves: 1B Skyler Ewing (Giants)

7. A's: Brallan Perez (Orioles)

8. Pirates: RHP (Angels)

9. Orioles: C Martin Cervenka (Giants)

10. Blue Jays: RHP Andrew Muren (Giants)

11. Marlins: C B.J. Lopez (D-backs)

12. Mariners: C Joe Odom (Braves)

13. Rangers: LHP Locke St. John (Tigers)

14. Rays: RHP Francisco German (Tigers)

15. Angels: SS Riley Unroe (Rays)

16. Royals: RHP Daniel Duarte (Rangers)

17. Cardinals: OF Angel Moreno (Rays)

18. Twins: RHP Yancarlos Baez (Yankees)

19. Rockies: LHP Mitch Horacek(Orioles)

20. Yankees: OF Junior Soto  (Indians)

21. D-backs: CF Jay Gonzalez (Orioles)

22. Red Sox: RHP Andrew Ferguson (Royals)

23. Nationals: 2B Jacob Wilson (Cardinals)

24. Astros: LHP Chris Nunn (Cubs)

25. Indians: LHP Robert Orlan (Nationals)

26. Dodgers: SS Angelo Mora (Orioles)

Round 2

27. Giants: SS Wander Franco (Royals)

28. Braves: SS Tyler Smith (Rangers)

29. A's: LHP Carlos Diaz (Marlins)

30. Pirates: C Rafelin Lorenzo(Rays)

31. Blue Jays: C Alberto Mineo  (Cubs)

32. Marlins: C (Yankees)

33. Mariners: C Tyler Baker (D-backs)

34. Angels: RHP Matt Ball (Rangers)

35. Cardinals: OF Jean Selmo (D-backs)

36. Twins: RHP Sandy Lugo (Reds)

37. D-backs: LHP Lane Ratliff (Mariners)

38. Red Sox: CF Luke Tendler (Rangers)

39. Nationals: RHP Kaleb Fleck (D-backs) 

Round 3

40. A's: RHP Jaimito Lebron (Padres)

41. Blue Jays: SS Ivan Castillo (Indians)

42. Marlins: 1B Will Allen (Tigers) 

Round 4

43. Marlins: RHP Brandon Barker (Orioles)