Here are the new Top 30 Prospects lists

March 6th, 2023

With action in full swing across fields in Florida and Arizona, another spring tradition is upon us: the unveiling of each team’s preseason Top 30 Prospects list.

Below is a snapshot of each farm system, with a link to a breakdown of its Top 30 list.

To qualify for a list, a player must have rookie eligibility, which means he must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues or have accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club, excluding time on the injured list or in military service (not counting September time in 2019 or earlier seasons).

The lists are assembled by Jim Callis, Sam Dykstra and Jonathan Mayo with input from industry sources, including scouts and front-office executives. They are based on analysis of players' upsides, tools and potential Major League impact.


Blue Jays
There was a time when Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette were the dominant forces pushing their way through the Blue Jays’ Minor League ranks. Now, it’s the arms’ turn to take the spotlight. More »

1. Ricky Tiedemann, LHP (MLB No. 32)
2. Brandon Barriera, LHP
3. Yosver Zulueta, RHP
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The rebuild in Baltimore is over. Gone are the days when the Orioles’ system gradually improved year to year, while the big league team floundered waiting for reinforcements to arrive. More »

1. Gunnar Henderson, 3B/SS (MLB No. 1)
2. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP (MLB No. 7)
3. Jackson Holliday, SS (MLB No. 12)
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Two things that set the Rays apart at the Major League level could also be considered the defining traits of their Minor League system: They win a lot, and they have a ton of depth. More »

1. Taj Bradley, RHP (MLB No. 20)
2. Curtis Mead, 3B/2B (MLB No. 33)
3. Carson Williams, SS (MLB No. 72)
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Red Sox
Baseball's most volatile team, the Red Sox have won two World Series and four American League East titles while plunging into last place five times in the past 11 seasons. What does the future hold for Boston? More »

1. Marcelo Mayer, SS (MLB No. 9)
2. Triston Casas, 1B (MLB No. 23)
3. Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (MLB No. 86)
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The Yankees have finished better than .500 in each of the past 30 seasons and made the playoffs in six straight. But for a franchise that measures itself by championships, they haven't won or even played in a World Series since 2009. More »

1. Anthony Volpe, SS (MLB No. 5)
2. Jasson Domínguez, OF (MLB No. 47)
3. Oswald Peraza, SS/2B (MLB No. 52)
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After the Guardians' streak of eight consecutive winning seasons came to an end with an 80-82 finish in 2021, they wasted no time starting another. The influx of young talent helped Cleveland overcome the fourth-lowest payroll in baseball. More »

1. Daniel Espino, RHP (MLB No. 16)
2. Gavin Williams, RHP (MLB No. 42)
3. George Valera, OF (MLB No. 51)
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The Royals’ youth movement made its way to Kansas City last year, with 21 rookies appearing in a game and 13 players who made their Major League debuts in 2022. More »

1. Gavin Cross, OF (MLB No. 62)
2. Ben Kudrna, RHP
3. Maikel Garcia, SS
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The Tigers have enjoyed the buzz of several top prospects climbing national lists in recent years. It was a great run for Detroit that created excitement about their rebuild, but it also overshadowed the issue of a top-heavy system. More »

1. Jackson Jobe, RHP (MLB No. 63)
2. Jace Jung, 2B (MLB No. 83)
3. Wilmer Flores, RHP (MLB No. 95)
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The Twins historically have had a deep system that continually sends players up to the big leagues and that should continue to be the case, even if there won’t be much in the way of elite-level guys getting there this year. More »

1. Brooks Lee, SS (MLB No. 31)
2. Royce Lewis, SS (MLB No. 45)
3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (MLB No. 88)
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White Sox
The White Sox finished in the Top 10 of MLB Pipeline's biannual organizational talent ratings in seven out of eight tries from 2017-20, supplying players who helped the franchise reach the postseason in consecutive seasons for the first time. More »

1. Colson Montgomery, SS (MLB No. 38)
2. Oscar Colas, OF (MLB No. 85)
3. Bryan Ramos, 3B
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The Angels’ system is far from being among the deepest in Major League Baseball. But at the very top of the new Top 30, it’s a lot more interesting than it has been in a while, and the top two on the list should hit Los Angeles soon. More »

Here’s a look at the Angels top prospects:
1. Logan O’Hoppe, C (MLB No. 53)
2. Zach Neto, SS (MLB No. 89)
3. Edgar Quero, C
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The Astros used homegrown talent to help them win the World Series last year. Expect more of the same in 2023. Houston will chase another championship and right-hander Hunter Brown, its lone Top 100 prospect, will be a prime Rookie of the Year candidate. Yainer Diaz, the most underrated catching prospect in the game, or 2019 first-rounder Korey Lee could make significant contributions behind the plate. More »

1. Hunter Brown, RHP (MLB No. 43)
2. Yainer Diaz, C/1B
3. Drew Gilbert, OF
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The A’s are hopeful that 2023 will see them take a big step forward in their current rebuild. Part of that optimism stems from a core of young players developing in the organization that is close to Major League-ready and expected to help form the club’s next wave of winning baseball. More »

Here’s a look at the A’s top prospects:
1. Tyler Soderstrom, 1B/C (MLB No. 39)
2. Ken Waldichuk, LHP (MLB No. 76)
3. Zack Gelof, 3B
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The Mariners' farm system might look lighter than at this time last year, when they were ranked No. 2 overall by MLB Pipeline, as a byproduct of graduating some of their top talent and leveraging some of their prospect capital in impact trades. Those transactions also helped Seattle snap its 20-year postseason drought. Now, the next wave of pitching prospects is nearing MLB-ready. More »

1. Harry Ford, C (MLB No. 49)
2. Bryce Miller, RHP (MLB No. 98)
3. Cole Young, SS
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The Rangers rank fourth with six Top 100 Prospects, five of whom -- third baseman Josh Jung, outfielder Evan Carter, right-handers Owen White and Jack Leiter, middle infielder Luisangel Acuña -- should make their presence felt in Arlington in the next two seasons. More »

1. Josh Jung, 3B (MLB No. 34)
2. Evan Carter, OF (MLB No. 41)
3. Owen White, RHP (MLB No. 66)
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The Braves have won five straight National League East titles and of course were World Series champions in 2021. That’s a run that’s hard to pull off in any fashion. Keeping that going while maintaining a deep farm system? That’s close to impossible. More »

1. Jared Shuster, LHP
2. Owen Murphy, RHP
3. JR Ritchie, RHP
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The Marlins began 2021 with plenty of optimism, coming off a postseason berth in the COVID-ravaged 2020 season and possessing a farm system ranked as the third-best in baseball by MLB Pipeline. But they've graduated most of their top prospects from two years ago and have 188 losses and a pair of fourth-place finishes in the last two seasons to show for it. More »

1. Eury Pérez, RHP (MLB No. 13)
2. Jacob Berry, 3B (MLB No. 61)
3. Max Meyer, RHP (MLB No. 67)
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The Mets were one of the most aggressive clubs of the offseason, adding big names like Justin Verlander and Kodai Senga, but outside of a few minor trades, most of their work came on the free-agent market. That means the core of a top-heavy system remains intact. More »

1. Francisco Álvarez, C (MLB No. 3)
2. Brett Baty, 3B/OF (MLB No. 21)
3. Kevin Parada, C (MLB No. 36)
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The organization that traded superstar Juan Soto at last year’s Trade Deadline better have a farm system worth boasting about (and worth pulling a blockbuster off for), and the rebuilding Nationals are on their way there. More »

1. James Wood, OF (MLB No. 17)
2. Robert Hassell III, OF (MLB No. 35)
3. Elijah Green, OF (MLB No. 46)
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Last year at this time, the Phillies were coming off a solid 2021, one that saw them finish over .500 for the first time in a decade. Obviously, they built off of that, playing their way to the World Series in 2022. And they did it without raiding too much of their farm system. More »

1. Andrew Painter, RHP (MLB No. 6)
2. Mick Abel, RHP (MLB No. 48)
3. Griff McGarry, RHP
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There’s playing to your strengths, and there’s what the Brewers did in the first game of Cactus League play this year. Going from left to right, the club started Sal Frelick, Garrett Mitchell and Joey Wiemer in its spring-opening lineup. More »

1. Jackson Chourio, OF (MLB No. 8)
2. Sal Frelick, OF (MLB No. 30)
3. Joey Wiemer, OF (MLB No. 90)
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If anyone ever doubted the Cardinals’ ability to draft, then they should check out MLB Pipeline’s updated 2023 ranking, where 20 of St. Louis’ Top 30 talents came through the amateur ranks. More »

1. Jordan Walker, OF/3B (MLB No. 4)
2. Masyn Winn, SS (MLB No. 50)
3. Tink Hence, RHP (MLB No. 77)
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The Cubs farm system is stronger than it has been since it ranked as the best in the game in 2015 and was funneling players to Chicago who would snap a 108-year World Series championship drought the next season. More »

  1. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (MLB No. 28)
  2. Kevin Alcantara, OF (MLB No. 87)
  3. Brennen Davis, OF (MLB No. 92)
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The Pirates have picked in the top 10 for the past three years, including having the No. 1 pick in 2021, and their top five reflects that. More »

1. Termarr Johnson, 2B (MLB No. 26)
2. Endy Rodriguez, C/2B/OF (MLB No. 55)
3. Henry Davis, C (MLB No. 57)
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When your top two prospects graduate to the big leagues, it has to be a nice feeling to have an elite-level guy to take over that top spot. That’s exactly what’s happened with the Reds and their talent-laden farm system. More »

1. Elly De La Cruz, 3B/SS (MLB No. 10)
2. Noelvi Marte, SS/3B (MLB No. 29)
3. Edwin Arroyo, SS (MLB No. 44)
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The D-backs have four of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects, tied for sixth-most in the game with seven other systems, but it isn’t just about quantity. The quality of their big names is massive, too. More »

1. Corbin Carroll, OF (MLB No. 2)
2. Jordan Lawlar, SS (MLB No. 11)
3. Druw Jones, OF (MLB No. 15)
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Reminiscent of the Braves of the 1990s and the early 2000s, the Dodgers continue to set the standard for winning in the Majors while also developing talent in the Minors. None of that should change in 2023. More »

1. Diego Cartaya, C (MLB No. 14)
2. Bobby Miller, RHP (MLB No. 24)
3. Miguel Vargas, 3B/OF/1B (MLB No. 37)
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The Giants might have had the most volatile farm system in 2022: Several prospects had breakout years, but several others had disappointing seasons. Since selecting Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey and Zack Wheeler with Top 10 picks in 2006-09, San Francisco has had little success in the first round. More »

1. Kyle Harrison, LHP (MLB No. 18)
2. Marco Luciano, SS (MLB No. 22)
3. Grant McCray, OF
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The Padres pulled off one of the biggest blockbusters in Trade Deadline history last August, acquiring Juan Soto for a haul that included Top 100 prospects James Wood and Robert Hassell III and fireballing youngster Jarlin Susana. So why doesn’t the farm system feel completely decimated? More »

1. Jackson Merrill, SS (MLB No. 19)
2. Dylan Lesko, RHP (MLB No. 100)
3. Ethan Salas, C
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For a long time, Colorado has relied heavily on homegrown talent, even if the pipeline to the big leagues had been a bit slow over the last few years. That looks like it’s about to change, starting with the new No. 1 prospect in the organization. More »

1. Ezequiel Tovar, SS (MLB No. 25)
2. Zac Veen, OF (MLB No. 27)
3. Adael Amador, SS (MLB No. 68)
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