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These big leaguers played for the most teams

Start for Toronto marks righty's 14th Major League team
May 15, 2019

Right-hander Edwin Jackson now owns a Major League record all to himself after starting Wednesday's game for the Blue Jays against the Giants in San Francisco. The start marked the 14th different team that Jackson has appeared for, pushing him past reliever Octavio Dotel for the all-time mark. To jog

Right-hander Edwin Jackson now owns a Major League record all to himself after starting Wednesday's game for the Blue Jays against the Giants in San Francisco. The start marked the 14th different team that Jackson has appeared for, pushing him past reliever Octavio Dotel for the all-time mark.

To jog your memory, here's a look at more than 40 players who've played for 10 teams or more, all time.

Edwin Jackson, RHP, 2003-2019: 14
Over 17 years in the Majors, Jackson's resume features appearances for the Dodgers, Devil Rays, Tigers, D-backs, White Sox, Cardinals, Nationals, Cubs, Braves, Marlins, Padres, Orioles, A's and, now, the Blue Jays. After recording a 3.33 ERA over 17 starts for Oakland in 2018, the right-hander re-signed with the club on a Minor League deal in April 2019, but he was traded to the Blue Jays before making another appearance with the A's. He's now the first Major Leaguer to play for 14 teams in his career.

Octavio Dotel, RHP, 1999-2013: 13
Dotel capped off his 15-year Major League career with the Tigers in 2013. The Mets signed Dotel as an amateur free agent in 1993, and he debuted for New York six years later on June 26. Knowing all about changing places, the Dominican-born hurler played for the Astros (five years), A's (two years), Tigers (two years), White Sox (two years) and the Royals, Mets, Rockies, Pirates, Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, Yankees and Blue Jays each for one year. Dotel's five-year reign as the all-time leader in games played for most teams finally came to an end with Jackson's start for Toronto.

Mike Morgan, RHP, 1978-2002, 12
Morgan was drafted by the A's in the first round of the 1978 Draft and skipped the Minor Leagues to make his big league debut less than a week later. The right-hander spent two seasons in Oakland before playing for 12 teams over the span of an impressive 22-year career that spanned four decades. Morgan saw time with the Cubs, Dodgers, Mariners, Cardinals, Reds, Twins, Rangers, Yankees, Orioles and Blue Jays before closing his career with the D-backs in 2002. Morgan capped his MLB career on a 4.23 ERA with 141 wins over 2,772 1/3 innings pitched.

Matt Stairs, OF/1B, 1992-2011, 12
An apt name for a player that climbed his way to 12 different cities, Stairs is the first non-pitcher on the list of all-time players who have played for the most teams and his 23 pinch-hit homers are a Major League record. The outfielder, first baseman and pinch-hitter was signed by the Montreal Expos as an amateur free agent in 1989. He helped lead the Phillies to their second World Series title in 2008 after being traded from the Blue Jays in August of that year. Stairs played for the A's, Royals, Nationals, Phillies, Blue Jays, Pirates, Red Sox, Rangers, Padres, Cubs, Tigers and Brewers over the course of a 19-year career.

Ron Villone, LHP, 1995-2009, 12
Villone is another pitcher who traveled to 12 cities before wrapping a 4.73 ERA, 15-year MLB career. The southpaw was drafted by the Mariners in the first round of the 1992 Draft and debuted for them three years later on April 28. The New Jersey native went on to pitch for the Padres, Reds, Yankees, Astros, Brewers, Rockies, Pirates, Cardinals, Indians and Marlins before finishing his career in 2009 for the Nationals.

Gus Weyhing, RHP, 1887-1901, 11
Teams played for: Phillies, Philadelphia Athletics (played for two different AA franchises under same name), Brooklyn Ward's Wonders (PL), Louisville Colonels, Washington Senators (NL), Cardinals, Brooklyn Superbas, Cleveland Blues, Reds and Pirates.

Joe Gerhardt, IF, 1873-1891, 11
Teams played for: Washington Blue Legs (NA), Baltimore Canaries (NA), New York Mutuals (NA), Louisville Grays, Reds, Detroit Wolverines, Louisville Eclipse (AA), New York Giants, New York Metropolitans (AA), Brooklyn Gladiators (AA) and St. Louis Browns (AA).

Deacon McGuire, C/1B, 1884-1912, 11
Teams played for: Washington Senators (NL), New York Highlanders, Phillies, Brooklyn Superbas, Tigers, Red Sox, Detroit Wolverines, Cleveland Naps, Toledo Blue Stockings (AA), Rochester Broncos and Cleveland Blues (AA).

Paul Bako, C, 1998-2009, 11
Teams played for: Braves, Cubs, Astros, Royals, Phillies, Dodgers, Reds, Orioles, Marlins, Tigers and Brewers.

Miguel Batista, RHP, 1992-2012, 11
Teams played for: D-backs, Nationals, Mariners, Mets, Blue Jays, Royals, Pirates, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs and Marlins.

Henry Blanco, C, 1997-2013, 11
Teams played for: Cubs, D-backs, Braves, Brewers, Twins, Mets, Rockies, Dodgers, Padres, Mariners and Blue Jays.

Bruce Chen, LHP, 1998-2015, 11
Teams played for: Royals, Braves, Orioles, Mets, Phillies, Red Sox, Rangers, Indians, Reds, Expos and Astros.

Royce Clayton, SS, 1991-2007, 11
Teams played for: Giants, Cardinals, Rangers, White Sox, D-backs, Rockies, Red Sox, Reds, Nationals, Blue Jays and Brewers.

Bartolo Colon, RHP, 1997-2018, 11
Teams played for: Indians, Angels, Mets, A's, White Sox, Twins, Braves, Red Sox, Rangers, Expos and Yankees.

LaTroy Hawkins, RHP, 1995-2015, 11
Teams played for: Twins, Rockies, Cubs, Astros, Brewers, Mets, Giants, Angels, Yankees, Orioles and Blue Jays.

Kenny Lofton, CF, 1991-2007, 11
Teams played for: Indians, Pirates, Giants, Phillies, Braves, Rangers, Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Astros and White Sox.

Terry Mulholland, LHP, 1986-2006, 11
Teams played for: Phillies, Giants, Cubs, Twins, Braves, Dodgers, Indians, D-backs, Pirates, Mariners and Yankees.

Dennys Reyes, LHP, 1997-2011, 11
Teams played for: Reds, Twins, Cardinals, Dodgers, Royals, D-backs, Rockies, Pirates, Red Sox, Rangers and Padres.

Julian Tavarez, RHP, 1993-2009, 11
Teams played for: Indians, Giants, Red Sox, Cardinals, Rockies, Pirates, Braves, Nationals, Cubs, Marlins and Brewers.

Rick White, RHP, 1994-2007, 11
Teams played for: Devil Rays, Pirates, Mets, Astros, Rockies, Phillies, Cardinals, Reds, Indians, Mariners and White Sox.

Todd Zeile, 3B/1B/C, 1989-2004, 11
Teams played for: Cardinals, Mets, Rangers, Dodgers, Rockies, Phillies, Expos, Cubs, Yankees, Marlins and Orioles.

Orator Shafer, RF, 1874-1890, 10
Teams played for: Philadelphia Athletics (NA), Cleveland Blues, St. Louis Maroons, St. Louis Whites, Buffalo Bisons, Indianapolis Blues, New York Mutuals (NA), Chicago White Stockings, Hartford Dark Blues (NA) and Louisville Grays.

Dan Brouthers, 1B, 1879-1896, 1904, 10
Teams played for: Buffalo Bisons, Detroit Wolverines, Troy Trojans, Brooklyn Grooms, Orioles (NL), Louisville Colonels, Boston Reds (PL/AA), Giants, Phillies and Boston Beaneaters.

Jack Doyle, 1B/C/OF, 1889-1905, 10
Teams played for: Columbus Solons (AA), Cleveland Spiders, Giants, Orioles (NL), Washington Senators (AL and NL), Cubs, Brooklyn Superbas, Phillies and Yankees.

Paul Hines, CF/1B/2B, 1872-1891, 10
Teams played for: Washington Nationals (NA and NL), Washington Blue Legs, Chicago White Stockings (NA and NL), Providence Grays, Indianapolis Hoosiers, Pittsburgh Alleghenys, Boston Beaneaters and Washington Statesmen.

Russell Branyan, 1B/3B/OF, 1998-2011, 10
Teams played for: Indians, Reds, Brewers, Devil Rays, Padres, Phillies, Cardinals, Mariners, D-backs and Angels.

Ken Brett, LHP, 1967-1981, 10
Teams played for: Red Sox, Brewers, Phillies, Pirates, Yankees, White Sox, Angels, Twins, Dodgers and Royals.

Marlon Byrd, OF, 2002-2016, 10
Teams played for: Phillies, Nationals, Rangers, Cubs, Red Sox, Mets, Pirates, Reds, Giants and Indians.

Tommy Davis, 3B/LF, 1959-1976, 10
Teams played for: Dodgers, Mets, White Sox, Seattle Pilots, Astros, A's, Cubs, Orioles, Angels and Royals.

Alan Embree, LHP, 1992-2009, 10
Teams played for: Indians, Braves, D-backs, Giants, White Sox, Padres, Red Sox, Yankees, A's and Rockies.

Dana Eveland, LHP, 2005-2016, 10
Teams played for: Brewers, D-backs, A's, Blue Jays, Pirates, Dodgers, Orioles, Mets, Braves and Rays.

Davy Force, 2B/3B/SS, 1871-1886, 10
Teams played for: Washington Olympics, Troy Haymakers (NA), Baltimore Canaries (NA), Chicago White Stockings (NA), Philadelphia Athletics (NA, NL), New York Mutuals, St. Louis Brown Stockings, Buffalo Bisons and Washington Nationals.

Jose Guillen, RF, 1997-2010, 10
Teams played for: Royals, Devil Rays, Pirates, Nationals, Reds, D-backs, Giants, A's, Angels, and Mariners.

Roberto Hernandez, RHP, 1991-2007, 10
Teams played for: White Sox, Devil Rays, Royals, Mets, Pirates, Giants, Phillies, Braves, Dodgers and Indians.

Kevin Jarvis, RHP, 1994-2006, 10
Teams played for: Reds, Padres, Rockies, D-backs, Twins, Cardinals, Red Sox, A's, Mariners and Tigers.

Dan Miceli, RHP, 1993-2006, 10
Teams played for: Pirates, Rockies, Padres, Astros, Marlins, Devil Rays, Rangers, Indians, Yankees and Tigers.

Bob Miller, RHP, 1957-1974, 10
Teams played for: Dodgers, Cardinals, Mets, Twins, Pirates, Padres, Cubs, Indians, Tigers and White Sox.

Pop Smith, IF, 1880-1891, 10
Teams played for: Pittsburgh Alleghenys, Boston Beaneaters, Columbus Buckeyes (AA), Louisville Eclipse (AA), Philadelphia Athletics (AA), Reds, Buffalo Bisons, Washington Statesmen (AA), Cleveland Blues and Worcester Ruby Legs.

Russ Springer, RHP, 1992-2010, 10
Teams played for: Astros, D-backs, Cardinals, Angels, Braves, Phillies, Rays, A's, Reds and Yankees.

Brett Tomko, RHP, 1997-2011, 10
Teams played for: Padres, Reds, Giants, Dodgers, Mariners, Royals, Cardinals, A's, Rangers and Yankees.

Jamey Wright, RHP, 1996-2014, 10
Teams played for: Rockies, Brewers, Royals, Dodgers, Rangers, Mariners, Rays, Giants, Cardinals and Indians.

Deesha Thosar is a reporter for based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter at @DeeshaThosar.