'This is Mickey Mantle?': Denzel lauds Trout before ASG

July 20th, 2022

The American League clubhouse was stacked with talent prior to Tuesday’s All-Star Game, but two GOATs still found time to connect.

At some point during the festivities, legendary actor Denzel Washington made his way into the AL clubhouse, where he made a beeline for Angels star Mike Trout.

“This is Mickey Mantle?” Washington said as the two embraced before posing for a picture. Trout was wearing his All-Star uniform and Washington donned a Jackie Robinson No. 42 Dodgers jersey and a Yankees All-Star Game hat.

Prior to the start of the All-Star Game, Washington addressed the crowd at Dodger Stadium and gave a speech honoring the late Robinson by discussing Jackie’s roots, his Los Angeles connection and his impact on baseball.

A lifelong baseball fan, Washington was nominated for an Oscar in 2017 for his performance in “Fences,” where he played a former Negro Leagues star who never made it to the Major Leagues due to the color barrier. On Tuesday, he got to make another baseball memory that neither he nor Trout will forget any time soon.