Dodgers set star-packed standard for fan cutouts

Of course Dodger Stadium is filled with celebs

July 24th, 2020

With fans unable to attend baseball games this season, many teams have decided to fill the stands with cardboard cutouts so everyone can still feel like they're cheering on the hometown nine. Most teams' cutouts feature fans, kids and dogs all decked out in gear:

But that's not exactly the L.A. way. Dodgers games were always one part baseball game, one part celebrity spot 'em. So, of course Dodger Stadium's lower bowl is packed with stars.

Thought former "Entertainment Tonight" host Mary Hart wouldn't be in her customary seat? And what about famed scout and Panama hat-wearer Mike Brito? Yeah, they're both there:

While you may be distracted by Enrique Hernández's smile (and mustache), you'd be missing Pedro Martínez in the background. Martínez pitched in only 67 games in his big league career with the Dodgers, so if the team makes a postseason run, he could be used as a cutout more than he ever was in his playing days.

Tommy Lasorda was in the stands. Hopefully the team has grumpy Lasorda for when the Dodgers are losing -- otherwise it won't feel like the real Lasorda at all.

Comedian and Dodgers fan Brody Stevens, who died suddenly last winter, was in the stands.

Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra, field reporter Alanna Rizzo and former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti have their heads peaking out from behind the home dugout:

And is that MLB Network's Brian Kenny I see?

While those are most of the big names that were picked up on TV during Opening Day, you should watch the backgrounds as closely as you would scan a "Where's Waldo" book. There are more celebrities to be found, including Bryan Cranston and Rob Lowe: