Joc, Harry Styles might be best friends now

It's a match made in pearl necklace heaven

November 3rd, 2021

The Braves are good. That's pretty obvious, considering they just ran through the Brewers, Dodgers and Astros to win their first World Series in 26 years. They even did it without their best player -- and one of baseball's best players -- Ronald Acuña Jr.

But not many people predicted they could do it. One person, though, predicted it in an extremely public way ... on a giant arena stage: International mega-celebrity Harry Styles.

The actor/musician gave the team a shoutout late last week during a tour stop in Atlanta. And he correctly said they would go all the way against the favored Astros.

Joc Pederson, half baseball player/half fashion maven, found out about the callout and wanted to thank Styles. And he did it in the most Joc way possible. Here's the excerpt from Jeff Passan's story.

We need a Joc-Harry song, or movie, or just photos of the two of them hanging out together wearing white pearl necklaces.