Here's how big leaguers are working out from home

March 25th, 2020

Major League players and legends are spending a lot of time indoors right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean they’re not staying in shape. The drive and passion of professional ballplayers is on full display right now, as they’ve taken to social media to both show how they’re getting workouts in at home and how you can do the same just like a big league star.

Here’s how players are maximizing their time and staying ready for baseball while adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Alex Rodriguez, ESPN analyst
The three-time American League MVP spent time in the backyard with his family and ran through a multitude of drills that he practiced during one of the most prolific careers in baseball history. In a live stream on his Instagram account (@arod), A-Rod went through some long toss, then moved on to fielding drills and hitting drills. At one point, Rodriguez was launching black beans with a broomstick, a drill he used when he needed to bust himself out of a slump. More >

, DH, Twins
Minnesota’s ageless slugger pulled back the curtain by streaming one of his workouts on Instagram from his complex in the Dominican Republic. Cruz went through a variety of stretching and resistance-band exercises (including one specifically designed to help him successfully check his swing) while his trainer, “Iron Glen” Freeman, explained the intent and techniques behind each of them. If you’ve wondered how Cruz continues to defy Father Time, this should give some explanation.

Cruz also posted a separate workout that he completed while wearing an elevation training mask. Goals. More >

Harold Reynolds, MLB Network analyst
The former Major League second baseman and three-time Gold Glove Award winner took to social media to go through some wall drills that can help aspiring fielders practice hand-eye coordination, footwork for turning double plays, relay transfers and how to grip the baseball when throwing across the diamond. More >

, OF, Rockies
Dahl took to Twitter on Sunday to post a quick, two-second video of himself taking swings and asked fans to ask him questions -- “somebody talk hitting with me.”

He answered numerous fan questions in the replies, from how to stabilize your lower half while hitting to how teams work on pitch recognition and what model bat he uses.

, 1B, Mariners
Seattle’s first baseman of the future passed along some very simple fielding and visualization drills that require just three ingredients: A wall, a bat and a tennis ball.

, RP, Mariners
The Seattle righty has an easy wall drill for working on balance and body control.


, CF, Angels

The Reigning AL MVP is making sure to get some fresh air. He posted a video on Instagram of himself having a catch, an up close and personal look at how MLB’s best player does long toss.

, 3B, Rockies
You don’t win seven straight Gold Glove Awards (and counting) by sitting on the couch, and you don’t win them without practicing the hardest plays, either. So, Arenado and his cousin, Josh Fuentes -- also a third baseman in the Rockies organization -- pointed a pitching machine toward the ground and practiced how many balls they could glove while sprawled on the ground. This is where Nolan’s highlight reels are born.

, 3B, Astros
The Astros’ third baseman is staying sharp by taking pitches from a hitting machine “for breakfast,” per his caption. Bregman also encouraged public health measures with his caption, ending with the hashtag “WashYourHands.”

, RP, Yankees 
New York’s flame-throwing closer stepped into his home gym and showed off a range of bench and cable lifting exercises before jumping on the elliptical. And yes, Chapman’s bench features his famous “Cuban Missile” nickname.

, C, Cubs
Contreras decided to mix it up and try to hit ping pong balls with a mini-bat. When he gets back to the diamond, baseballs might start looking like melons.

, RP, Red Sox
Barnes posted a video of himself on Instagram lifting weights, saying in his caption “the work continues.” Teammate Jackie Bradley Jr. weighed in in the comments, joking that his own “work” has been comprised of “Ben & Jerry’s.”

, 2B, Rockies
No batting cage? No problem. McMahon used two ladders and an old Fresno State blanket to jerry-rig his own cage for some light tee work.

Eddy Alvarez, INF, Marlins
Alvarez, a Marlins infield prospect and former Olympic short track speed skater, staved off his cabin fever with sprints and some unique lifting drills featuring a pair of propane tanks.


, RP, Reds
Lorenzen, one of the most fit athletes in all of baseball, is offering free tickets to the virtual “Zen Den” -- aka his home workouts. Lorenzen will live stream his 15-minute workouts at 3 p.m. ET/12 PT every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from his Instagram account, and no equipment is required for the viewers at home.

“I’m going to take advantage of this time for personal growth, and I can’t wait for you all to join me,” Lorenzen said. “I look forward to seeing you in the Zen Den.” More >

, 1B/OF, Brewers
You already know that LoMo can pulverize a baseball. Now, see how he builds that strength. The slugger shared a quick home strength-building workout via the Brewers’ twitter account, and we’re already inspired just watching it.

, C, Mariners
Being a catcher is one of the most physically taxing positions in baseball, and Murphy is ensuring he’ll still be in tip-top shape when he finds himself behind the plate again. He said on Instagram Monday that he would start posting his workouts daily, so if you ever wanted to be as fit as a Major League catcher, now’s your chance.


Tyler Heineman, C, Giants
We’re not sure if Heineman should quit his day job to don the magician’s cape and top hat just yet, but he looks pretty adept at the classic hidden-card trick.