Joey Bats shows off his nasty slider

He's done everything else

April 7th, 2020

Rick Ankiel and Adam Loewen made the switch from the mound to the batter's box. Shohei Ohtani and Brendan McKay are making a go of it as two-way players. But perhaps the most shocking position switch of all comes in the form of José Bautista.

Yes, that's right: Joey Bats, he of the greatest bat flip since time immemorial, is looking to transform himself into a pitcher. With Marcus Stroman filming, Bautista -- dressed like every bro come summer time -- showed off his slider. It impressed his former Blue Jays teammate:

While it's hard to believe that Bautista would be successful -- he's 39 years old and didn't play in the Majors last season -- we've learned better than to bet against him. After all, he was passed among four different teams as a Rule 5 player in 2004, then spent five years as a below-average utility man before transforming himself into one of the game's most fearsome sluggers. If he says he's a pitcher now, well, maybe he's a pitcher.