Bill me! Mets' scoreboard trolls Shohei

August 27th, 2023

is no stranger to crushing baseballs. Now he's crushing scoreboards.

In his first plate appearance in Saturday night's 5-3 win over the Mets at Citi Field, he roped a double with an exit velocity of 109.6 mph. A few pitches before that, though, Ohtani nearly homered on a ball that curved just foul down the right-field line. Leaving his bat at 107.3 mph, the ball broke a panel on a scoreboard.

In Ohtani’s next plate appearance, the Mets let him know that a bill was on the way by posting "We're sending you the bill for that, Shohei" on the giant video board in center field.

Dylan Hornik, via X

The Mets still had their eye on Ohtani on Sunday, posting "Please don't break anything else, Shohei!" on the video board before his first-inning at-bat.

Given his prodigious power, it’s a shock that Ohtani doesn’t do this sort of thing more often. Ohtani entered Saturday’s slate of games with an MLB-leading 44 home runs, an MLB-high 68 barrels, 12 home runs traveling 440-plus feet and seven home runs leaving the bat at 115-plus mph.

In the future, hosting MLB stadiums might need to think about taking some extra precautions when Ohtani comes to town.