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The Hipster Jersey for each MLB team

This is the name/number to wear to show absolute devotion to your club
June 29, 2018

When you go to Angel Stadium, you're going to see Michael Trout jerseys. When you go to Yankee Stadium, you're going to see Aaron Judge jerseys. When you go to Fenway Park, you're going to see Mookie Betts jerseys. They are their teams' superstars, and they are justifiably popular. Who

When you go to Angel Stadium, you're going to see Michael Trout jerseys. When you go to Yankee Stadium, you're going to see Aaron Judge jerseys. When you go to Fenway Park, you're going to see Mookie Betts jerseys. They are their teams' superstars, and they are justifiably popular. Who wouldn't want to wear their jerseys?

But then again, anyone can pick those jerseys. For today's edition of The Thirty, we're looking at a more specialized sort of jersey: The Hipster Jersey. It's the jersey of the true, dedicated fan, the folk hero jersey, the one that signifies to everyone else in the park that you truly love this team, that you pay deep attention to them. Nobody notices a KERSHAW 22 jersey: Everybody has those. But a MUNCY 13 jersey? That'll get you knowing head nods and "nice jersey" plaudits. That shows how dedicated you are.

So today we look at the Hipster Jersey for each team. It can be an up-and-coming rookie, it can be a likable veteran, it can be a plucky fun guy.


Blue Jays: 27 GUERRERO JR.
Yes, yes, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hasn't been called up yet, but this was his dad's number and it will certainly be his. Everybody's going to have one of these eventually: Might as well be the first one on your block.

Orioles: 16 MANCINI
Not much to choose from here, and you almost might want to wait a year and see who comes back after the Deadline trades. But Trey Mancini might end up here the longest. You could also get a 19 DAVIS or a 28 RASMUS if you wanted to be ironic.

Rays: 27 ADAMES
A Willy Adames jersey is an investment in a player who will either lead the next Rays resurgence or, worst case, be a likable supporting cast member.

Red Sox: 56 KELLY
Joe Kelly gets in fights with Yankees players, amusingly predicted he would win the 2015 Cy Young Award (he did not) and watches games he's suspended for from the bleachers.

Yankees: 33 BIRD
Greg Bird is going to have that breakout year one of these years, and besides: This jersey really irritates Boston sports fans.

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Indians: 26 DAVIS
Having Rajai Davis back on the Indians is just and right. If Cleveland makes another World Series, Davis is gonna hit another homer, you watch.

It really is a shame Whit Merrifield arrived after the Royals had already won the World Series, because if this cult hero had been on a title-winning team, they might have built a statue for him in Kansas City.

Tigers: 28 GOODRUM
Niko Goodrum, a longtime Minor Leaguer, has been a bright spot for the Tigers this year, and has become an instant fan favorite and directly involved in the community.

Twins: 26 KEPLER
A Max Kepler jersey is sort of the baseball equivalent of a Bayern Munich jersey.

White Sox: 16 JIMENEZ
They're holding the number for Eloy Jimenez, and he's starting to rake at Triple-A Charlotte.

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Angels: 27 TROUT
Here's the exception: A Mike Trout jersey is still the hipster jersey to have. We should all be wearing 27 TROUT, even if we're not Angels fans.

Astros: 50 MORTON
When in doubt -- and there is much doubt here -- go with Charlie Morton, the guy who threw the pitch that won you your first World Series.

Athletics: 27 PISCOTTY
Not only is Stephen Piscotty's story a touching one, he's also the guy who is under contract for the longest on the whole team (he's inked through 2022).

Mariners: 17 HANIGER
Mitch Haniger is the choice here, but your old Ichiro jersey is still acceptable, of course.

Rangers: 13 GALLO
When in doubt, go with Joey Gallo, the guy who can hit it 500 feet.


Braves: 1 ALBIES
Freddie Freeman is the current pick and Ronald Acuna Jr. is the future one, so why not pick the guy who bridges them both -- Ozzie Albies?

Marlins: 10 RIDDLE
Having JT Riddle's name on the back of your jersey can make you look a little like a Batman villain.

Mets: 9 NIMMO
You sure did end up getting rid of that 33 HARVEY faster than you thought you would. Brandon Nimmo's 2018 season is giving him plenty of reason to smile, as if he needed one.

Nationals: 22 SOTO
Combined, Juan Soto and Bryce Harper make up Bartolo Colon's age, if you're adding.

Phillies: 22 KAPLER
Oh, come on, like you haven't thought about it.


Brewers: 71 HADER
And Josh Hader gives you bonus points for the cool number.

Cardinals: 28 PHAM
Even with the recent slump, Tommy Pham is still the coolest Cardinal.

Cubs: 9 BAEZ
Javier Baez is still one of the most purely enjoyable players to watch in the game.

Pirates: 17 MEADOWS
Austin Meadows' time is finally here. Frankly, you might already be too late on this one.

The happiest surprise for the Reds of the last two seasons, it is also acceptable to personalize a Scooter Gennett jersey to 3 SCOOTER.


D-backs: 66 HIRANO
Anybody else notice Yoshihisa Hirano is one of the best relievers in baseball this year? Also: Cool first name, cool last name and cool number.

Dodgers: 13 MUNCY
The only downside here is that the Dodgers will surely come up with another Player Page for Max Muncy next year.

Giants: 19 HANSON
Plus, you can wear an Alen Hanson jersey to the band's concerts.

Padres: 32 REYES
Franmil Reyes will be back up soon, and he's basically the poor man's Gallo.

Rockies: 21 FREELAND
He may not be the ace the Rockies were expecting, but maybe Kyle Freeland is the one they deserve.