Baseball's best Halloween costumes

Some players went all out

November 1st, 2021

The Halloween season has ended -- though, fortunately, the baseball season has at least one more game left in it. The jack-o-lanterns can now rot away, and the decorations can be put away and replaced with holiday lights. But before we move on entirely from the ghastly and ghoulish, from the costumes and candy, it's time for one final trick and treat: Let's look at the very best Halloween costumes from the baseball world.

Mike Trout

An almost certain future Hall of Famer went with a Hall of Fame outfit for his young child: One-year-old Beckham was transformed into a turtle. And when he crawled along the ground, well, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a real sea creature.

Charlie Blackmon

While Trout didn't turn his son into a fish, Blackmon did. The Rockies outfielder and noted outdoorsman turned his child into a brown trout. Just check out those scales!

CC Sabathia

What has the former Yankees pitcher been up to in retirement? Apparently working on his family's costumes. The Sabathia family went all out with the full Universal monsters. This is a reboot I'd happily watch.

Derek Jeter's nephew, Jalen

Remember him -- the kid who doffed his cap with the utmost Re2pect?

Well, he's a few years older now and there's a new infielder he wanted to pay homage to: Marlins star Jazz Chisholm. He even got the blue hair down.

Adam Wainwright

Wainwright's family went as the full Peter Pan crew -- complete with an adorably tiny crocodile. Given Wainwright's legendary curveball, it's only fitting that he went as Captain Hook.

Robbie Ray

Ray may earn himself a Cy Young Award for his performance this season, but that wasn't enough. For Halloween his son went as Ray's teammate, Bo Bichette. Hey, he's got the hair for it.

Kirby Yates

The Yates family went as characters from "Frozen" -- which is nice. But the extra kicker: Their adorable bulldog, Sir Chubbs, also got in on the action.

Justin Verlander

What were Verlander and his wife, Kate Upton, up to over the weekend? Oh, just doing some pretty spot on recreations of scenes from "Monsters, Inc."

Carlos Rodón

Rodón didn't just dress up as Fred Flinstone. There was also a Dino made out of balloons and he even turned his car into the foot-powered Flintstones mobile. That's dedication.

Jorge Soler

Sure, Soler had a World Series game to play on Halloween, but he wasn't going to let that get in the way of the holiday.