New shows coming to MLB's YouTube channel

Get ready for fresh original programming

April 13th, 2020
Tom Forget /

There are many ways to be a baseball fan. Some follow a single team, tuning in for a game every night. Others are fantasy players, and follow a team of their own creation all season long. Still others obsess over video games, old baseball books or just tune in for the World Series at the end of the year.

And now, there's a brand new way to follow the sport: MLB's YouTube channel is getting a new look with a slew of original programming to drop in the coming weeks.

While you may know the channel for its array of highlights and archive of classic games, now it will also be the place to learn more about the national pastime -- and get a whole new look at your favorite stars.

Every Monday at 11 a.m. ET, a new MLB Originals episode will air, starting with the debut episode of "Quick Question," a docu-style series that explores and explains all the weird ins and outs of the game that you always wanted to know, but never knew to ask. (And don't worry: Those classic games and highlights aren't going anywhere.)

Engaging cartoons and interviews with the sport's experts will help illuminate these seldom-answered questions, like "Where do bobbleheads come from?" and "Why do managers wear uniforms?" In the premiere, official MLB historian John Thorn and ballpark architect Janet Marie Smith -- who designed Camden Yards and oversaw the renovation of Fenway Park that put seats on the Green Monster -- will tackle just why it is that big league ballparks come in all shapes and sizes.

(For instance, did you know that the only reason we have outfield fences was so that the field's owner could charge admission?)

It has long been tradition for veterans to help get their younger, woefully undressed teammates suited up so they can look the part of a big leaguer. Now you'll get to actually see that happen. "Fitted" follows a star and his younger teammate as they try on the suits that we wish we could afford.

The first episode drops next Monday and pairs Marcus Semien -- coming off an MVP-caliber season -- with A's pitching prospect Jesús Luzardo.

If you're looking for a little friendly competition, get ready for "Stack'd". Part interview, part game show, the series pits Major Leaguers like Lucas Giolito, Jon Duplantier and the incredibly buff Michael Lorenzen in a game of tower stacking against college softball champion and former National Pro Fastpitch No. 1 overall pick Lauren Chamberlain -- all while answering Q's that will let you into the lives of these players like never before.

If you like to see friends battle it out -- and reveal which friend actually knows the other one better -- then you'll want to tune in for "The Newlyweds"-esque "Newlybros." (Get it?) The first episode will feature best buds Didi Gregorius and Andrelton Simmons facing off in their native Curaçao.

You can watch celebrities see if they've got what it takes to play in the big leagues -- literally -- in "The Tryout." Puerto Rican rapper and filmmaker Residente teamed up with Javier Báez and headed to the park to see if he had the goods while taking BP, fielding some grounders and showing off his tagging abilities. (We're guessing he's not quite as good as El Mago.)

Finally, you'll be able to learn how some of the greatest teams in history were constructed in the fittingly named, "The Blueprint."

There's a ton of content coming your way, with more coming every week. Embrace the game in a whole new way and check it all out on YouTube.