Reds agree to terms with top 17 2023 Draft picks

July 25th, 2023

Below is a list of every player drafted by the Reds.

Each club had until 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 25, to come to terms with its Draft selections. If a player has exhausted his collegiate eligibility, he can sign at any time up until one week prior to the next year’s Draft.

Draft-and-follow picks -- high school and junior college players selected after the 10th round who attend a two-year college after the Draft -- can sign with their selecting teams for up to $250,000 up until a week prior to the following year’s Draft.

Players drafted from Round 11 on do not count against the bonus pools unless their signing bonus exceeds $150,000; any amount over that total will count against the pool.

Total bonus pool: $13,785,200
MLB rank: 6

1 (7): Rhett Lowder, RHP, Wake Forest
Pick value: $6,275,200
Signing bonus: $5,700,000

Lowder signed for nearly $600,000 under his slot value on July 14. The 21-year-old was ranked as the No. 6 Draft prospect, per MLB Pipeline. He just finished his junior year at Wake Forest, where he set single-season records for wins (15) and strikeouts (143). His 15 wins were the most in Division I, while the 143 strikeouts were fourth most. Lowder also had a 1.83 ERA and a 6.0 strikeout-to-walk ratio (143 K, 24 BB) in 120 1/3 innings.

The right-hander was considered a late bloomer but blew scouts away with one of the best changeups in the Draft and a fastball that reaches 97 mph along with a plus slider.

CB-A (38): Ty Floyd, RHP, LSU
Pick value: $2,255,100
Signing bonus: $2,097,500
Floyd signed on July 16 for $2,097,500. The 21-year-old was 7-0 with a 4.35 ERA in 19 games (17 starts) with 37 walks and 120 strikeouts over his 91 innings this season.

2 (43): Sammy Stafura, SS, Walter Panas HS (Cortlandt, N.Y.)
Pick value: $1,998,200
Signing bonus: $2,497,500
Stafura, who agreed to terms on July 17, was the No. 32-ranked Draft prospect by MLB Pipeline, and the Reds were pleasantly surprised they were able to pick him at No. 43. The 18-year-old had a college commitment to Clemson, which gave him enough leverage to get an above-slot bonus from Cincinnati.

3 (74): Hunter Hollan, LHP, Arkansas
Pick value: $975,100
Signing bonus: $597,500
On July 15, Hollan agreed to terms well below the pick value. He was 8-2 with a 4.13 ERA in 17 games (15 starts) and one complete game in his lone season with the Razorbacks. Over 80 2/3 innings, he notched 74 strikeouts.

4 (105): Cole Schoenwetter, RHP, San Marcos HS (Santa Barbara, Calif.)
Pick value: $640,300
Signing bonus: $1,897,500
Schoenwetter was the No. 43-ranked Draft prospect by MLB Pipeline and had a college commitment to UC Santa Barbara, which likely gave him enough leverage to get a bonus well above slot value. He has a 92-94 mph fastball that has command to go with a curveball and a changeup.

5 (141): Connor Burns, C, Long Beach State
Pick value: $451,100
Signing bonus: $448,600
Burns signed slightly under his slot value on July 15 following his junior year at Long Beach State. He’s the first player to win Big West Defensive Player of the Year multiple times (2022 and ‘23) and was a semifinalist for the Buster Posey Award, awarded to the best catcher in Division I baseball. But his defense isn’t his only asset, as he hit 14 home runs this season and had a .300/.368/.596 slash line.

6 (168): Ethan O’Donnell, OF, Virginia
Pick value: $348,400
Signing bonus: $307,500
The 21-year-old O'Donnell was a first-team all-ACC selection in 2023 after he transferred from Northwestern. In 65 games this season, the lefty hitter batted .354 with a 1.034 OPS, 13 homers, 57 RBIs and 18 steals. He was ranked as MLB Pipeline's No. 153 Draft prospect. He agreed to terms on July 17.

7 (198): Dominic Pitelli, SS, Miami (FL)
Pick value: $271,600
Signing bonus: $222,500
A left-handed-hitting infielder, Pitelli batted .294 with a .905 OPS, 13 homers and 54 RBIs in 63 games for the Hurricanes. He agreed to terms on July 17.

8 (228): Carter Graham, 1B, Stanford
Pick value: $215,400
Signing bonus: $212,900
Agreed to terms on July 16 for $212,900. The 21-year-old Graham batted .315 with a .949 OPS, 15 homers and 77 RBIs in 64 games this season with the Cardinal.

9 (258): Logan Van Treeck, LHP, Lipscomb University
Pick value: $183,900
Signing bonus: $122,500
Agreed to terms on July 16.

10 (288): Graham Osman, LHP, Long Beach State
Pick value: $170,900
Signing bonus: $122,500
Agreed to terms on July 16.

11 (318): Jack Moss, 1B, Texas A&M
Signing bonus: $150,000
Moss signed on July 15. He had a .919 OPS and 16 home runs in three college seasons with Arizona State and Texas A&M.

12 (348): Simon Miller, RHP, University of Texas - San Antonio
Signing bonus: $150,000
Agreed to terms on July 17.

13 (378): Cody Adcock, RHP, Arkansas
Signing bonus: $150,000
On July 16, Adcock agreed to terms for $150,000.

14 (408): Kyle Henley, OF, Denmark High School (GA)
Signing bonus: $395,000
On July 21, Henley agreed to terms for $395,000.

15 (438) Dylan Simmons, RHP, Pittsburgh
Signing bonus: $100,000
Simmons agreed to terms for $100,000 on July 16.

16 (468): Bernard Moon, SS, Redan High School (GA)
Signing bonus: $150,000
Moon agreed to terms on July 16 for $150,000.

17 (498): JeanPierre Ortiz, TWP, Chipola College
Has not agreed to terms

18 (528): Drew Pestka, RHP, John A. Logan College
Has not agreed to terms

19 (558): Herick Hernandez, LHP, Miami Dade College
Has not agreed to terms

20 (588): Gabe Gaeckle, RHP, Aptos High School (CA)
Has not agreed to terms

Every team's signings:


How bonus pools and pick values work

Each choice in the first 10 rounds comes with an assigned value, with the total for a club's selections equaling what it can spend in those rounds without incurring a penalty. If a player taken in the top 10 rounds doesn't sign, his pick's value gets subtracted from his team's pool. Clubs near the top of the Draft often spend less than the assigned value for those choices and use the savings to offer more money to later selections.

Teams that exceed their bonus pool face a penalty. Clubs that outspend their allotment by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks: a first-rounder and a 75 percent tax for surpassing their pool by more than 5 and up to 10 percent; a first- and a second-rounder and a 100 percent tax for more than 10 and up to 15 percent; and two first-rounders and a 100 percent tax for more than 15 percent.

Bonus pools by club
Pirates: $16,185,700
Tigers: $15,747,200
Nationals: $14,502,400
Twins: $14,345,600
Athletics: $14,255,600
Reds: $13,785,200
Mariners: $13,170,900
Marlins: $12,829,600
Royals: $12,313,500
Rockies: $11,909,800
D-backs: $11,084,300
Brewers: $10,950,600
Rays: $10,872,100
Orioles: $10,534,800
Red Sox: $10,295,100
Rangers: $9,925,300
Giants: $9,916,900
White Sox: $9,072,800
Cubs: $8,962,000
Guardians: $8,736,700
Mets: $8,440,400
Braves: $8,341,700
Angels: $8,328,900
Dodgers: $7,274,600
Astros: $6,747,900
Blue Jays: $6,529,700
Cardinals: $6,375,100
Padres: $5,416,000
Yankees: $5,299,400
Phillies: $5,185,500