Rockies sign all 20 Draft picks

July 25th, 2023

Below is a list of every player drafted by the Rockies.

Each club had until 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 25, to come to terms with its Draft selections. If a player has exhausted his collegiate eligibility, he can sign at any time up until one week prior to the next year’s Draft.

Draft-and-follow picks -- high school and junior college players selected after the 10th round who attend a two-year college after the Draft -- can sign with their selecting teams for up to $250,000 up until a week prior to the following year’s Draft.

Players drafted from Round 11 on do not count against the bonus pools unless their signing bonus exceeds $150,000; any amount over that total will count against the pool.

Total bonus pool: $11,909,800
MLB rank: 10

1 (9): Chase Dollander, RHP, Tennessee
Pick value: $5,716,900
Signing bonus: $5,716,900
Rockies senior director of scouting operations Marc Gustafson expected the Draft to be strong at the top with position players, and six of the teams in front of Colorado took hitters. But that meant one of the most talented pitchers in collegiate ball landed in the hands of the Rockies, who traditionally stock up on pitchers. "It was his body of work, our history with him, the hours of scouting him not only this year but even during his freshman year [at Georgia Southern before he transferred],” Gustafson said. “Then you combine that with his body, size, strength, stuff and athleticism and he checks all the boxes.”

2 (46): Sean Sullivan, LHP, Wake Forest
Pick value: $1,868,400
Signing bonus: $1,700,000
Ground-ball pitchers have been successful over the life of the franchise, but strikeouts are good -- and Sullivan was able to get them at one of the highest rates in Division 1 baseball. “He struck out guys,” general manager Bill Schmidt said. “Hitters had problems picking up his stuff. He’s left-handed with a very quality slider and angle to his fastball.” Sullivan, whose motion resembles that of Kyle Freeland, came highly recommended from the Rockies’ analytics department.

CBB (65): Cole Carrigg, C, San Diego State
Pick value: $1,184,100
Signing bonus: $1,300,000
Carrigg has played mostly infield and outfield at San Diego State, but prefers catching -- and the Rockies have scouted him at that position since high school. The switch-hitting bat and athletic ability work at any of his infield and outfield positions. But an arm that’s “plus-plus” on a scouting scale could make him an impact catcher. He is the second switch-hitting backstop taken high in the Draft by Colorado in recent years. Drew Romo (35th overall in 2020) is at Double-A Hartford.

3 (77): Jack Mahoney, RHP, South Carolina
Pick value: $930,600
Signing bonus: $925,000
Mahoney didn’t pitch in 2022 because of Tommy John surgery. National crosschecker Jay Matthews and Jordan Czarnecki kept close tabs with Mahoney and his college coaches on his recovery. “He started coming on late, extremely hard and extremely well,” vice president and assistant general manager of scouting Danny Montgomery said. By season’s end, his fastball was 92-94 mph and touched 97. The secondary pitches can develop.

4 (109): Isaiah Coupet, LHP, Ohio State
Pick value: $615,500
Signing bonus: $600,000
The Rockies are intrigued by how Coupet operates. “He’s got a fastball 88-93 mph that plays up because of his secondary offerings,” Gustafson said. Coupet’s curve and changeup control improved as a reliever at Ohio State, which is something to keep in mind. “We’re going to do everything we can to make a starter out of him, and if he doesn’t we know we can bring him in left-on-left or left-on-right and get guys out with the breaking ball,” Montgomery said.

5 (145): Kyle Karros, 3B, UCLA
Pick value: $433,500
Signing bonus: $433,500
Karros’ father, Eric Karros, was a sixth-round pick of the Dodgers who became more physical as a pro and developed power. The Rockies see Kyle Karros as having the same athletic tools that can develop. “There’s power to come,” Gustafson said. “He’s very athletic and agile at third base. He can throw from multiple arm angles and has a ‘plus’ arm. He’s athletic enough that the sky's the limit and the arrow is pointing up.”

6 (172): Cade Denton, RHP, Oral Roberts
Pick value: $336,700
Signing bonus: $500,000
The Rockies have an under-the-radar ability to identify college relievers and, if they stay healthy, develop them. Justin Lawrence, Jake Bird and Tommy Doyle are examples on the current roster. Scott Oberg had a solid career and Tommy Kahnle (Yankees) is in the midst of his. Denton’s fastball is mid 90s from a lower arm angle; he got accustomed to the mound as a starter then became a closer on a team that made a strong postseason run.

7 (202): Seth Halvorsen, RHP, Tennessee
Pick value: $263,200
Signing bonus: $200,000
The Rockies have tracked Halvorsen from his Gatorade Minnesota High School Player of the Year days, to his freshman year at Missouri and, after he transferred to Tennessee, through a Tommy John surgery. Halvorsen's health has come together, and he has reached 99 mph with his fastball.

8 (232): Braylen Wimmer, SS, South Carolina
Pick value: $209,400
Signing bonus: $157,050
Wimmer’s father, Chris, played on the 1992 U.S. Olympic team. Wimmer felt he needed another year and didn’t sign last year. He can play shortstop or second base, and he could be converted to center field. Wimmer is a lean 6-foot-4 player who can run and may add muscle.

9 (262): Ben McCabe, C, Central Florida
Pick value: $181,600
Signing bonus: $150,000
The Rockies hope they got a lower-round steal in McCabe, who batted .371 with 19 homers as a fifth-year senior and finished with a school-record 489 career homers. There is an athletic ability and toughness to him. In 2022, McCabe had an elbow ligament tear but played as a designated hitter -- and finished with 14 homers. He was hit by 44 pitches, also a school career record -- 23 this past season.

10 (292): Jace Kaminska, RHP, Nebraska
Pick value: $169,900
Signing bonus: $150,000

11 (322): Stu Flesland III, LHP, Washington
Signing bonus: $150,000

12 (352): Bryson Hammer, LHP, Dallas Baptist
Signing bonus: $200,000

13 (382): Caleb Hobson, OF, U Tennessee Martin
Signing bonus: $150,000

14 (412): Hunter Mann, RHP, Tennessee Tech
Signing bonus: $130,000

15 (442): Darius Perry, C, UCLA
Signing bonus: $150,000

16 (472): Austin Emener, LHP, East Tennessee St U
Signing bonus: $150,000

17 (502): Aidan Longwell, 1B, Kent State
Signing bonus: $130,000

18 (532): Yanzel Correa, RHP, International Baseball Academy (PR)
Signing bonus: $100,000
Puerto Rico area scouting supervisor Julio Campos knew Correa, a 6-foot-4, 210-pound righty, wanted to start his pro career, so the Rockies made him their only high school Draft pick. With an interesting pitch mix -- a fastball at 90-94 mph, a slider that ranges from 71-83 mph and an 82-84 mph changeup -- Correa will be sent to the team’s complex in the Dominican Republic to work with the pitching coach there, Edison Lora.

19 (562): Kannon Handy, LHP, Colorado Mesa U
Signing bonus: $100,000

20 (592): Troy Butler, RHP, Herkimer County CC
Signing bonus: $100,000

Every team's signings:


How bonus pools and pick values work

Each choice in the first 10 rounds comes with an assigned value, with the total for a club's selections equaling what it can spend in those rounds without incurring a penalty. If a player taken in the top 10 rounds doesn't sign, his pick's value gets subtracted from his team's pool. Clubs near the top of the Draft often spend less than the assigned value for those choices and use the savings to offer more money to later selections.

Teams that exceed their bonus pool face a penalty. Clubs that outspend their allotment by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks: a first-rounder and a 75 percent tax for surpassing their pool by more than 5 and up to 10 percent; a first- and a second-rounder and a 100 percent tax for more than 10 and up to 15 percent; and two first-rounders and a 100 percent tax for more than 15 percent.

Bonus pools by club
Pirates: $16,185,700
Tigers: $15,747,200
Nationals: $14,502,400
Twins: $14,345,600
Athletics: $14,255,600
Reds: $13,785,200
Mariners: $13,170,900
Marlins: $12,829,600
Royals: $12,313,500
Rockies: $11,909,800
D-backs: $11,084,300
Brewers: $10,950,600
Rays: $10,872,100
Orioles: $10,534,800
Red Sox: $10,295,100
Rangers: $9,925,300
Giants: $9,916,900
White Sox: $9,072,800
Cubs: $8,962,000
Guardians: $8,736,700
Mets: $8,440,400
Braves: $8,341,700
Angels: $8,328,900
Dodgers: $7,274,600
Astros: $6,747,900
Blue Jays: $6,529,700
Cardinals: $6,375,100
Padres: $5,416,000
Yankees: $5,299,400
Phillies: $5,185,500