Seahawks QB Russell Wilson loves Tatis' flip

Everyone loves El Niño

October 2nd, 2020

"Let Russ cook" has become a popular slogan among Seahawks fans who want to see the playbook opened up to let one of the NFL's most talented and exciting quarterbacks really let loose. Maybe they should amend that to "Let Russ flip."

On Thursday night, Wilson was watching the Padres hold off the Cardinals, 11-9, in Game 2 of their Wild Card Series and he couldn't help but be excited when Fernando Tatis Jr. -- the 21-year-old Padres superstar -- put an exclamation point on his second home run with a tremendous bat flip.

Wilson loved it:

But just like the old men's hair club ads, Wilson isn't just a fan -- he's a player, too. Wilson was drafted in the fourth round by the Rockies in 2010 and even played in the Minors for two seasons before his struggles with the bat and his abilities on the gridiron led to a career change. Still, Wilson has been a frequent participant at Spring Training, showing up with the Rangers and Yankees multiple times over the years.

He even got an AB with New York:

This isn't even Wilson's first time celebrating a dinger. He did the same when his 5-year-old stepson, Future, went deep in the driveway last year. (Click here if video doesn't load.)