Colbert does best to apologize to Milwaukee

August 21st, 2021

There’s nothing like that Milwaukee hospitality.

Last year, after the Democratic National Convention was moved from the Cream City to a virtual setting, comic Stephen Colbert and his team at “The Late Show” created a virtual reality experience that highlighted the city’s quirks for those who would miss out. The experience included some perceived Milwaukee pastimes such as drinking craft beer and eating bratwurst at a Miller Park tailgate. 

Not many took the joke lightly, though, and soon after, Colbert apologized to the city.

The Brewers took note of it and invited Colbert out to Miller Park once fans returned to the stadium. A year later, Colbert finally made it to a game at the stadium now named American Family Field, but fans didn’t forget what he had to say about their city, serenading him with boos as he offered another apology.

Brewers starter Brett Anderson could have done without the bit. He stood on the mound with a hand on his hip following his warm ups during Colbert’s monologue after the fourth inning. When play finally resumed after a delay, Anderson surrendered two runs. 

“I don't know if Milwaukee has changed its tune, but I'm probably less of a fan of Stephen than I was before. Kind of a bad omen,” said Anderson, who resisted making excuses. “Stuff like that happens. If you pitch in the playoffs or pitch in big games, you're going to have ceremonies like that so you just have to take it in stride. It was kind of a weird coincidence that I gave up two in that inning, but with the pace that I like to work at, I'd rather have him not do that.”

Colbert even suited up for the Famous Sausage Race to try to win back the hearts of those who jeered him. He was in the Hot Dog costume and finished last.