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The Famous Racing Sausages®
Suggest a Race Location for The Johnsonville Famous Racing Sausages® Sausage Race
Milwaukee’s Favorite Tradition Will Continue – With a Twist – During the 2020 Baseball Season

The beloved Johnsonville Famous Racing Sausages will adopt a travel schedule to start the 2020 season, showing up at a variety of “surprise” locations throughout the Milwaukee-area to stage the cherished 6th inning tradition. While fans can’t see the Johnsonville Famous Racing Sausages at Miller Park on Opening Day, the whole gang – Bratwurst, Hot Dog, Polish, Italian and Chorizo – will take to the road to battle it out on road courses.

Fans can participate in the race location selection process by filling out the form below, explaining why the Sausages should visit their suggested venue.

Suggestions must be received by July 31, 2020.

What started as a fun way to entertain many of the children attending afternoon games became an instant hit. The three sausages added a fourth when Hot Dog (#4) came on board in the middle of the 1990s.

The race grew in popularity among young and old alike. During the 2000 season - the final year of County Stadium - the virtual race was thrown out and the actual sausages began to race every game.

This tradition continued as the Brewers moved across the parking lot to Miller Park in 2001. Running with the Sausages took on a life of its own as having an 'in' with the team might mean the chance to dive into the costume and scurry along the warning track prior to the seventh inning. Hideo Nomo, Pat Meares and Geoff Jenkins are just three of the lucky players to boast "Racing Sausage" among their personal accolades. In 2007, Chorizo (#5) permanently joined the Racing Sausages after a one-game debut in 2006.

Sausage Race Results
Brat 0
Chorizo 1
Hot Dog 0
Italian Sausage 0
Polish Sausage 1
Through August 4, 2020

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