Blue hair, don't care: Top Opening Day looks

Players and fans brought the noise this year

April 1st, 2021

Fans stare out their windows and wait six long, cold months for baseball to return. They want to see home runs, they crave 100-mph fastballs, some might even miss bunts or balks or seeing players and managers totally confused when umpires call for the infield-fly rule.

But what about just missing seeing the players and fans themselves? What do they look like after a long offseason? What kind of fashion did they bring to Opening Day? Here are some of the best looks from around the league.

Jazz or Blues?

Marlins second baseman Jazz Chisholm made the big league team out of camp this year and, for his first Opening Day start against the Rays, he went full Eiffel 65 with his hair.

Judging from his Photo Day shoot, we shouldn't be surprised by Chisholm's electric look. Also, his name is Jazz. He's from the Bahamas. He plays professional baseball in Miami. There may be nobody cooler.

Alex Cora's shoe game

Even though Francisco Lindor's long-awaited Mets debut may have been pushed back due to a positive COVID-19 test in the Nationals organization, his funfetti-themed shoes did make an appearance. On Alex Cora's feet. Just please, if you see these anywhere, don't try and lick them.

Cavan Biggio’s Opening Day kicks

The Blue Jays looked great on the field without any cool cleats. Their fancy powder blue duds, harkening back to the unis that won back-to-back titles in 1992-93 (but this time with buttons!), just look fantastic. But third baseman Cavan Biggio wanted to complete the look, so he laced up a pair of powder blue cleats complete with “Cav” on them -- probably so no one took them by accident. Not only did they look phenomenal, but with plenty of cold weather games to come, we can’t wait until we see a player rock a full powder blue bodysuit.

Matthew Boyd doesn’t experience cold like other mortals

Speaking of snow, you know those kids in high school who would wear shorts all year long for some reason? We’re guessing that Boyd, who was making his second-straight Opening Day start, was one of them. With temperatures hovering around freezing and snow coming down so hard that Miguel Cabrera had no idea if his home run was a home run, it’s pretty remarkable to see someone standing out there in short sleeves as if he was ready to start grilling up some brats in the backyard. Do you, dude.

This Cubs fan

It was a welcome sight to see socially-distanced and masked fans back in attendance on Thursday, but the award for smartest, wisest and, yeah, strangest look goes to this Cubs supporter. Not only does this person have about 98 percent of their body covered -- something necessary for early season baseball -- but we’re starting to think this might be Batman’s daytime outfit. Hey, even Gotham’s Dark Knight (not to be confused with Matt Harvey) needs a break to catch a game sometimes.

Javy Báez ... we think?

We were told that this was Javy Báez walking into Wrigley Field for his game against the Pirates, but, honestly, who could ever tell?

Was it actually Kevin Bacon from Hollow Man? Was it a robber coming to steal a bunch of hot dogs for teens hanging out on Waveland Avenue? We'll never know.

Bryce Harper’s Phanatic footwear

Forget Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant or Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies, the best friendship in baseball belongs to Harper and the Phillie Phanatic. Since joining the Phillies in 2019, Harper has made sure to pay homage to the big fuzzy bird (yeah, we don’t get it either) on Opening Day. Last year he wore a suit lined with Phanatic images along with Phanatic cleats covered in Swarovski crystals.

On Thursday, Harper unleashed these creations, which look like a kid’s art project come to life. We say that as a compliment.

Fernando Tatis', like, whole thing

Listen, at this point we know that Tatis is simply the coolest dude in the sport and quite possibly the world. The long bleached locks, the yellow and pink so-bright-but-we-can't-turn-away accessories, the very way he carries himself on the field: It all adds up to one extremely stylish dude.

So, long before the Padres even took the field to play the D-backs, Tatis made waves simply by sitting in the outfield. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the advertisement in left field pretty much sums up our thoughts, too: We are hungry for homers.

Gregory Soto has batters seeing red

Soto has some of the very best stuff in baseball: A triple-digit heater and a wipeout slider that batters can't help but harmlessly wave at. Those skills earned him the closer's job in the Detroit bullpen and had him out on the mound on Thursday to protect a ninth-inning lead against Cleveland.

Well, he definitely caught our attention with some blazing red locks that match his blazing fastball. While Soto gave up a two-run home run to Roberto Pérez, he locked up the save and got the Tigers an Opening Day victory.

Hoodie Castellanos

Was this a nod to #HoodieMelo? No, probably not. The Reds slugger was likely just wearing a hoodie under his uniform because it was, um, 30 degrees in Cincinnati on Opening Day. It is definitely a look.

Jorge Alfaro gets colorful

With apologies for getting this commercial stuck in your head again, there's only one thing I can think of when checking out Alfaro's kicks: The colors, Duke! The Colors!

These are technicolor dream cleats:

John Kruk's cousin?

Maybe nobody was having a better time on Opening Day than this Phillies fan at Citizens Bank Park. No shirt, Phanatic headband, Phillies facemask (on upside-down) and clapping joyously for his beloved Phils while his friends pretended they didn't know who he was. Broadcaster John Kruk gave him one look and said he might be related to him. He said it might be his cousin Wayne.

So, we'll call him Cousin Wayne.

Nolan Arenado is a little chilly

Some, like Boyd and our shirtless friend above, don't seem to feel the cold at all. Others, like 513-time Gold Glove Award winner (actual total: eight) Nolan Arenado feel it a little more intensely. That's what growing up in California will do for you:

He wasn't the only one, either. Cardinals outfielder Justin Williams wore the same getup -- this time adding in some extremely retro-futuristic glasses. Honestly, he should keep this even when the weather warms up:

The Little Leaguer

There's one thing that Crash Davis left out in his monologue on the joys of playing in the Show: You get a batting helmet with only one ear flap. Yeah, that bulky thing that covers both ears so it can be used by every player on your Little League team? Those are long gone by the time you've got a pro contract -- you don't even need to get to the Majors for that.

Well, there's one holdout left: The A's Jed Lowrie. Forget going up to the plate with no batting gloves on, this is the real throwback look: