Tigers serve as bank tellers on Winter Caravan

Detroit players also visit children's hospital, automotive museum

January 26th, 2018

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. -- Friday was one day not to go through the drive-thru window or the automated teller machine at the Comerica Bank in this Detroit suburb.
If you did want to make a transaction, and weren't going to be of much help.
"I can't actually do anything procedural, if you actually want to make a transaction," Castellanos politely explained to a customer, noting he wasn't supposed to handle any money during this stop on the Tigers' Winter Caravan.
Castellanos, could, however, offer a piggy bank, which he autographed. He also took a picture.

It's a fun tradition, and a nearly annual one on the Tigers' Winter Caravan, to put a couple players in different jobs at an unexpected place. Former Tigers great Magglio Ordonez worked the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant one year, and he was an airline gate agent at Detroit Metro Airport the year after that. Phil Coke and Torii Hunter once worked the counter at a doughnut shop. Jose Iglesias served tables at a restaurant during his first caravan a few years ago, and he made an effort to be quick with orders.
Friday was a little less hands-on for security reasons. Considering both Norris and Castellanos were a little less than accurate in their money-counting contest, that's probably a good thing. Still, it was a chance for fans to connect with a couple of younger yet familiar Tigers. It was also a reminder, as Castellanos noted, that fans in Detroit still love the Tigers as they embark on a rebuild.
"I can't handle the money or do anything on the computer, but I can make people feel special," Castellanos said.
Other stops on Friday's leg of the caravan had a similar purpose. Earlier Friday, another group of players visited patients at DMC Children's Hospital. Others, including and , visited the Grace Center of Hope, a facility that provides refuge, safety and security to people who are rebuilding their lives.
The Metro Bus leg of the caravan ended Friday in downtown Detroit with its annual visit to the North American International Auto Show, where the Tigers helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chevrolet pickup truck.

Elsewhere in Michigan, the North Bus leg of the caravan visited the annual Snowfest in Frankenmuth on Friday. Its Thursday leg included a stop at the Stahl's Automotive Museum, which features classic cars and accessories dating back to the Depression era and rare music machines from around the world. There, found a Volkswagen that could rival Norris' famous VW van.
As Norris replied on Twitter, it's big enough that he could have a roommate. But as he noted on MLB Network Friday, classic Volkswagen vans in that condition are likely out of his price range.
The Tigers' Winter Caravan serves as the lead-in to TigerFest on Saturday at Comerica Park. Tickets are sold out for the event.