It's the World Series of lookalikes

Why is Gritty playing third base for the Dodgers?

October 23rd, 2020
Art by Tom Forget

The Dodgers-Rays World Series is a World Series of many things.

It's a World Series of the two teams with the best regular-season records. It's a World Series of 1,000 pitchers. It's a World Series of warm places people like to vacation.

But most notably, it's the World Series of lookalikes.

Seriously, nearly all of the stars on either team have an uncanny resemblance to some figure from pop culture. Or maybe they are that person from pop culture. Here are some of our favorites.

Tyler Glasnow and Cillian Murphy

This is the most famous doppelganger pairing, and for good reason.

I know I haven't seen them in the same room together. Have you? The hair, the face, the bone structure, the eyes -- I don't think anybody's ever looked like somebody else more. Maybe that's because they're the same person.

Randy Arozarena and John David Washington

Denzel's son was a fantastic athlete, so maybe that's actually him hitting dingers every day in the playoffs? Arozarena is more of a dancer than an actor, but don't tell me you couldn't see him running and jumping through these scenes in "Tenet." MLB Network even did a special segment on the connection.

Blake Snell and Stinky Peterson

This was a joke made a few years ago by Odell Beckham Jr. on his Instagram and, well ...

Kinda close, right? Snell has said it was a bad joke and that he doesn't look like the "Hey Arnold" character. (Who wants to admit they look like a guy named Stinky Peterson?) There was a poll taken around that time, though, and polls don't lie, right?

Will Smith and Sid from Toy Story

This is probably the newest and best lookalike on the list.

Was the maniacal Sid's character design based on the Dodgers catcher's face or did the Blue Fairy turn Sid into a real boy who then grew up to become a Major League Baseball player? Neither is plausible, but neither is impossible.

Hunter Renfroe and Mike Trout

Trout isn't an actor or pop culture character, but he is the best player in baseball. And he might also be playing outfield for the Rays.

People always complain that Trout's teams never get him to the playoffs. Well, here he is, people.

Cody Bellinger and Ted Williams

Do you believe in reincarnation?

The face, the lanky body, the swing, the stat lines. Has baseball's greatest hitter been summoned back to help the Dodgers get their first World Series in more than 30 years? If so, we'd love to hear what Ted thinks of all the memes.

Justin Turner and Gritty

The Turner/Gritty resemblance has been around for a few years as well. There are many, many tweets about it. We're not sure if Gritty actually has the agility or talent or body to play Major League Baseball at an All-Star level, but wait, hold on, let's look a little closer.

Yep, that's him.