Solarte, Green agree: Lesson learned, move on

Third baseman looking ahead after being pulled for not hustling

August 11th, 2016

PITTSBURGH -- was removed from Wednesday's 4-0 victory over the Pirates after the Padres' third baseman didn't hustle on a first-inning popup.
With one out and a man on first base, Solarte skied a curveball to shortstop, before trotting about halfway down the first-base line. Had Pittsburgh's opted to drop the ball, it's likely he'd have converted a double play.
Shortly thereafter, took Solarte's spot at third base. And by the time the game had ended, Padres skipper Andy Green had a fairly simple message: Lesson learned; time to move on.
"He plays with such passion, and I think you see it on both sides of the coin," said Green. "... Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's really positive energy on a baseball field. When I think of him, I think of a guy who's got a smile on his face, playing with energy, playing with passion.
"I think these moments are aberrations that you need to kind of wipe away and not be a part of our team in the future."
From the looks of it, Solarte and Green were clearly on the same page.
"I play hard every day; that's what I try to do," Solarte said through an interpreter. "I don't think about this happening in the future. ... For me, it's something that happened, and it's over with."
Solarte's removal marked the second time in the past week that Green has removed a starter for lack of hustle. Pitcher was pulled early on Saturday for not running to first base on a bunt attempt.
On Wednesday, Green certainly didn't hesitate. When Solarte reached the dugout, Green sent Padres bench coach Mark McGwire to have a word with him. He then called on Rosales to inform him he'd be entering the game.
"If you're getting taken out of the game, it's for a reason," Solarte said. "It's something that happens to any of the young players here. You learn from that. ... Those things happen. I made a mistake."
Solarte has been one of the Padres' best offensive performers this season. Among those who have played in at least half the team's games, he is first with a .296 batting average and an .860 OPS.
"When I look at Solarte, over the course of the season, he's been outstanding," Green said. "He's played like an All-Star. He's driven in runs, he's scored runs, played great defense at third base. He's a guy I want hitting in the three-hole, and he's a guy that's been outstanding for us.
"Every player is emotional at points in time, and there's things that we're going to do. He understands it; I think everyone understands it."