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Front Office Directory

Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park
One Citizens Bank Way
Philadelphia, PA 19148


The Phillies is a limited partnership formed in 1981. Tri-Play and Double Play are equal partners while Pat Gillick owns the remaining interests. No partner owns a majority of the team.

Executive Management

Title Name
Managing Partner John Middleton
President Andy MacPhail
Executive Vice President David Buck
Chairman Emeritus Bill Giles
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer John Nickolas
Senior Vice President & General Counsel Rick Strouse
Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations & Projects John Weber
Manager, Executive Office Adele MacDonald
Manager, Ownership Christa Linzey
Coordinator, Executive Office Amy Harris
Special Advisor Mike Schmidt
Special Advisor Jimmy Rollins

Legal and Human Resources

Title Name
Senior Vice President & General Counsel Rick Strouse
Associate General Counsel Leslie Safran
Director, Human Resources & Benefits JoAnn Marano
Director, Human Resources Marie Hanley
Executive Legal Assistant Renita Martin
Human Resources Generalist Jon Madden
Coordinator, Human Resources Adina Lowry


Title Name
Vice President, Administration Kathy Killian
Administration Assistant Lynn Samuels
Coordinator, Employee Dining Services Donna Walton
Coordinator, Employee Dining Services Mary Ellen DeGardnuer
Employee Dining Services Sharon von Fischer

Technology Services

Title Name
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Sean Walker
Director, Information Technology Bob Tonnon
Director, Technology Systems Architect Kevin Donohue
Director, Technology Services Matt Bryan
Manager, Technology Services Kevin Stephens
Manager, Technology Services Michael Cunningham
Manager, Technology Operations Adam Hawthorne
Technical Project Manager Tricia Rubino
Help Desk Technician Jake Adams

Baseball Operations

Title Name
Vice President & General Manager Matt Klentak
Assistant General Manager Bryan Minniti
Assistant General Manager Scott Proefrock
Assistant General Manager Ned Rice
Senior Advisor Pat Gillick
Senior Advisor to the General Manager Larry Bowa
Senior Advisor to the General Manager Charlie Manuel
Special Assistant to the General Manager Pete Mackanin
Special Assistant to the General Manager Jorge Velandia
Special Assistant, Scouting/Player Development Johnny Almaraz
Director, Strategic Initiatives Andy Galdi
Manager, Player Procurement Chris Cashman
Manager, Baseball Operations Corinne Landrey
Assistant, Baseball Operations Trey Baur
Mental Skills Coach Geoff Miller
Manager, Advance Scouting Mike Calitri
Coordinator, Advance Scouting Shaun Rubin
Coordinator, Advance Scouting Josh Studnitzer
Coordinator, Team Travel Jameson Hall
Spanish Language Interpreter Diego Ettedgui

Baseball Operations - Scouting

Title Name
Director, Amateur Scouting Brian Barber
Director, Amateur Scouting Administration Rob Holiday
Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting Greg Schilz
National Scouting Coordinator Darrell Connor
National Scouting Coordinator David Crowson
Director, International Scouting Sal Agostinelli
Coordinator, International Scouting Derrick Chung
Director, Professional Scouting Mike Ondo

Baseball Operations - Player Development

Title Name
Director, Player Development Josh Bonifay
Director, Minor League Operations Lee McDaniel
Special Assistant to Player Development Steve Noworyta
Assistant Director, Minor League Operations/Florida Joe Cynar
Assistant Director, International Operations Ray Robles
Manager, Language Education and Cultural Assimilation Kiah Villaman
Coordinator, Player Development Dana Parks
Minor League Player Information Coordinator Ben Werthan
Player Information Assistant Kevin Mahala
Player Information Assistant Cesar Ramos
Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator Mike Hefta
Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Furey Leva
Physical Therapist Alex Plum
Minor League Nutrition Coordinator Ellen Rice
Mental Skills Coach Frances Cardenas
Mental Skills Coach Hannah Huesman
Assistant Video Coordinator Connor Carroll
Assistant Video Coordinator Dustin Sleet
Minor League Administrator Edwin Soto
Facilities Operations Assistant, Carpenter Complex Josh Glazman
Minor League Equipment Assistant, Clearwater Vincent Pezzino
Head Groundskeeper, Carpenter Complex Ray Sayre
Assistant Head Groundskeeper, Carpenter Complex Isaac McClain
Assistant Head Groundskeeper, Carpenter Complex Jason Smith

Baseball Operations - Research & Development

Title Name
Senior Quantitative Analyst Alex Nakahara
Principal Engineer Zo Obradovic
Lead Quantitative Analyst, Player Evaluation Patrick McFarlane
Lead Quantitative Analyst, Amateur Scouting Lewis Pollis
Quantitative Analyst Hannah Gaudet
Quantitative Analyst Kiri Oler
Quantitative Analyst Ryan Plunkett
Software Engineer Jonathan Chemburkar
Software Engineer Alec Kushner
Software Engineer Chris Schlitt

Baseball Operations - Integrative Baseball Performance

Title Name
Director, Integrative Baseball Performance Sam Fuld
Lead Quantitative Analyst, Integrative Baseball Performance Michael Czahor
Coordinator, Integrative Baseball Performance Josh Lipman
Assistant, Integrative Baseball Performance Frankie Scimeca

Baseball Operations - Medical Services

Title Name
Director, Medical Services Dr. Michael Ciccotti
Head Team Physician Dr. Steven Cohen
Team Physician Dr. Jeremy Close
Team Physician Dr. Marc Harwood
Head Athletic Trainer Paul Buchheit
Assistant Athletic Trainer Shawn Fcasni
Assistant Athletic Trainer Aaron Hoback
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach Paul Fournier
Assistant Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach Dong Lien
Major League Physical Therapist Joe Rauch
Employee Assistance Professional Dickie Noles
Team Chef Keith Rudolf
Major League Dietician Alexa Scully

Baseball Operations - Clubhouse Operations

Title Name
Manager, Clubhouse Services Phil Sheridan
Manager, Equipment & Umpire Services Dan O'Rourke
Manager, Visiting Clubhouse Kevin Steinhour
Home Clubhouse Assistant Sean Bowers
Director, Video Coaching Services Kevin Camiscioli
Coordinator, Video Coaching Marc Sigismondo

Baseball Operations - Latin American Academies

Title Name
Administrator, Venezuela Pablo Arroyo
Manager, Dominican Republic Operations Elvis Fernandez
Assistant Manager, DR Operations Keyla Oviedo
DR Trackman Operator Sintia Baez
ESL Education Assistant Enfrin Benitez
Video Coaching Representative Yrellvis Castillo
Video Scouting Jean Montalvo
Facilities Operations Assistant Jose Morales
Maintenance Assistant Primitivo Obispo
Clubhouse Manager Kevin Paulino
Clubhouse Assistant Joel Ortega
Driver/Clubhouse Assistant Jose Garcia
Receptionist Roanny Santana

Business Affairs

Title Name
Vice President, Business Affairs Howard Smith
Manager, Concession Development Bruce Leith
Manager, Retail Marketing Kristin Zeller
Coordinator, Retail Merchandising John Hollinger

Business Affairs - Ballpark Enterprises

Title Name
Director, Ballpark Enterprises & Business Development Joe Giles
Manager, Special Events Leila Graham-Willis
Special Events Representative Carly Histing
Special Events Representative Allison Baughman

Business Affairs - Ballpark Operations

Title Name
Director, Operations/Facility Mike DiMuzio
Manager, Ballpark Operations Frank Bowens
Ballpark Operations Assistant Patty McKee
Ballpark Operations Assistant Tony McClean
Ballpark Operations Assistant James Rodriguez
Ballpark Operations Assistant Steve Simmons

Business Affairs - Landscaping Operations

Title Name
Manager, Landscaping Michael Talley
Landscaper/Horticulturist Max Hunt
Landscaper Mike Russo
Landscaper Hector Vicente
Landscaper Angela Curley
Landscaper Monay Angell

Business Affairs - Event Operations

Title Name
Director, Operations/Events Eric Tobin
Manager, Event Operations/Staffing Andy Mosiondz
Event Operations Assistant Sean Hoff

Business Affairs - Field Operations

Title Name
Director, Field Operations Mike Boekholder
Manager, Field Operations Jeremy Wilt
Manager, Field Operations Barry Rees
Manager, Field Operations David Yearout
Groundskeeper Jeff Wright
Groundskeeper Nicholas Kovacs

Business Affairs - Security Operations

Title Name
Director, Operations/Security Salvatore DeAngelis
Manager, Operations/Security Ed Speer
Supervisor, Operations/Security Kelly Davis
Receptionist, Executive Offices Kelly Addario DiGiacomo
Ballpark Operations Assistant Jody Boon
Ballpark Operations Assistant Walt Garvin
Ballpark Operations Assistant Val Miller
Supervisor, Ballpark Security David Balseiro
Supervisor, Ballpark Security Glenn Cooper
Supervisor, Ballpark Security Bill Plumley
Supervisor, Ballpark Security Laura Romond
Ballpark Security Officer Charles Anderson
Ballpark Security Officer Sherry Balentine
Ballpark Security Officer Ed Bamberger
Ballpark Security Officer Frank Dickerman
Ballpark Security Officer Matt Jefferson
Ballpark Security Officer Sean Jones
Ballpark Security Officer Vimal Koruth
Ballpark Security Officer Kevin Lauer
Ballpark Security Officer Jay Molvie
Ballpark Security Officer Joe Ryan
Ballpark Security Officer Jonathon Sample
Ballpark Security Officer Robert Santos
Ballpark Security Officer Tom Taggart
Ballpark Security Officer Brody Toliver
Ballpark Security Officer Greg Wisnewski


Title Name
Vice President, Communications Bonnie Clark
Director, Public Affairs Scott Palmer
Director, Graphic Production Tina Urban
Director, Publications Christine Negley
Director, Player Relations & Phillies Charities Sophie Riegel
Manager, Graphic Design Melissa Maani
Manager, Business Communications Deb Rinaldi
Coordinator, Communications Ryan Zolecki
Communications Representative Lauren Testa
Communications Representative Brittani Shields

Communications - Baseball Communications

Title Name
Director, Communications Greg Casterioto
Manager, Baseball Communications Chris Ware
Baseball Communications Assistant Kenny Ayres
Baseball Communications Assistant Jim Hogan

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations

Title Name
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer John Nickolas

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations - Business Analytics

Title Name
Director, Business Analytics Josh Barbieri
Manager, Business Analytics Blake Summerfield
CRM Administrator Jay McLaughlin
Data Engineer Joe Dementri
Software Engineer Akshar Amin

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations - Finance

Title Name
Director, Finance Shannon Snellman

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations - Payroll

Title Name
Director, Payroll Bryan Humphreys
Manager, Payroll Denise Caines
Manager, Payroll and Executive Assistant Iris Kellum
Accountant Michael Costanzo
Payroll & HR Representative J.P. Dunne

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations - Accounting

Title Name
Manager, Accounting Richard Cucinotta
Manager, Financial Reporting & Analysis Lisa Joshua
Manager, Accounts Payable/Cost Management Joann Milorey
Coordinator, Accounts Payable Edwin Esquerdo
Accountant Kim Curtin
Accountant Bobby Della Polla
Accountant Mark Pyne

Business Analytics, Finance, and Florida Operations - Florida Operations

Title Name
Director, Florida Operations John Timberlake
General Manager, Clearwater Threshers Jason Adams
General Manager, Spectrum Field Doug Kemp
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Dan McDonough
Assistant General Manager, Clearwater Threshers Dan Madden
Field Supervisor Opie Cheek
Manager, Business Operations Dianne Gonzalez
Manager, Food and Beverage Justin Gunsaulus
Manager, Clubhouse Operations Mark Meschede
Manager, Ticket Operations Pat Prevelige
Manager, Promotions and Game Entertainment Dominic Repper
Manager, Community Engagement & Media Rob Stretch
Manager, Merchandise Robin Warner
Senior Sales Associate Bobby Mitchell
Corporate Sales Associate Cory Sipe
Coordinator, Facilities and Operations Sean McCarthy
Assistant Manager, Merchandise Shan Isett
Office Manager DeDe Angelillis

Marketing - Events, Promotions, Outreach

Title Name
Vice President, Marketing Programs & Events Kurt Funk

Marketing - Events

Title Name
Director, Marketing Events & Special Projects James Trout
Director, Entertainment Teresa Harris
Manager, Marketing Services & Events Sarah Hartsell
Coordinator, Entertainment Alexis Sullivan
Marketing and Events Representative Anthony Figazzotto

Marketing - Promotions

Title Name
Director, Promotions Scott Brandreth
Manager, Promotional Operations Eric Pesce
Coordinator, Promotional Operations Michael Roche
Promotional Operations Representative Dominic Moyer

Marketing - Phanatic

Title Name
Phillie Phanatic, Entertainment Representative Tom Burgoyne
Manager, Phanatic Events Andrea Guest
Phanatic Representative Matt Mehler
Phanatic Representative Troy Sattin

Marketing - Community Initiatives

Title Name
Director, Community Initiatives Mary Ann Moyer
Manager, Community Engagement Kenny Johnson
Manager, Community Initiatives Jacqueline Sapio
Community Initiatives Representative Kaitlyn French

Marketing - Community and Charity Events

Title Name
Director, Community and Charity Events Michele DeVicaris
Manager, Community Outreach Kelly Yurgin
Community and Charity Events Representative TJ Farrell
Community and Charity Events Representative Gabby DeLeo

Marketing - Youth Baseball

Title Name
Director, Youth Baseball Development Jon Joaquin
Youth Baseball Development Representative Monica Clark
Youth Baseball Development Representative Justin Chasmar

Marketing - Outreach Ambassadors

Title Name
Club Ambassador Dick Allen
Club Ambassador Gary Matthews
Club Ambassador Mickey Morandini

Marketing - Broadcasting & Video Services

Title Name
Director, Broadcasting & Video Services Mark DiNardo
Director, Video Production Dan Stephenson
Director, Video Engineering Martin Otremsky
Manager, Broadcasting Rob Brooks
Manager, Electronic Display Systems David Akers
Manager, Video Production Sean Rainey
Video Producer Emily Rutzen
Coordinator, Video Graphics Arianna Krizek
Video Content Specialist Mike Licisyn
Coordinator, Video Services Tech Support Valerie Bendas
Broadcast Engineer Rich Rivera
Video Services Representative David Cattai

Marketing & New Media

Title Name
Vice President, Marketing & New Media Michael Harris
Director, Relationship Marketing John Brazer
Manager, Brand Marketing Carolyn Saveri
Coordinator, Digital Media & Content Meaghan Tullis
Coordinator, Social Media Tim Stoeckle
Coordinator, Interactive Media Missy Perez
Advertising Specialist Alissa Steele
Digital Designer Lindsay Smith

Partnership Sales & Corporate Marketing

Title Name
Vice President, Partnership Sales & Corporate Marketing Jacqueline Cuddeback
Manager, Client Services & Alumni Relations Debbie Nocito
Coordinator, Ad Sales & Business Operations Justina Campana

Partnership Sales & Corporate Marketing - Advertising Sales

Title Name
Director, Partnership Sales & Corporate Marketing Rob MacPherson
Director, Advertising Sales Brian Mahoney
Director, Corporate Sales Scott Nickle
Manager, Advertising Sales Tom Sullivan
Manager, Partnership Sales Jocelyn Good

Partnership Sales & Corporate Marketing - Client Solutions

Title Name
Manager, Client Solutions Bianca Robinson
Client Solutions Representative Mark Manera
Client Solutions Representative Ryan Dorrycott

Sales, Tickets, and Projects

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations & Projects John Weber
Director, Ticket Technology & Development Christopher Pohl
Director, Sales Derek Schuster
Director, Suite Sales and Business Ventures Kevin Beale
Director, Group Sales Vanessa Mapson
Director, Ticket Services & Intern Program Phil Feather
Director, Season Ticket Services Mike Holdren
Director, Premium Sales & Services Matt Kessler
Director, Ticket Operations Ken Duffy
Manager, Suite Sales & Services Tom Mashek
Manager, Ticket Vault Services Lori Loughlin
Manager, Box Office Operations Sharon Nelson
Manager, Group Sales Robb Kazenski
Manager, Ticket Services Ryan Simon
Manager, Ticket Operations & Services Andrew Heston
Coordinator, Group Suites Joanne Hudson
Coordinator, Group Sales Tony Burns
Coordinator, Tours & Group Sales Stephanie Nieland
Coordinator, Ticket Account Processing Andrea Hobbs
Coordinator, Group Sales Colleen Noce
Coordinator, Suite Sales & Services Jen Leone
Coordinator, Season & Group Sales Shawn Blubaugh
Ticket Operations Representative Jalen Green
Season & Group Sales Representative Catherine Brown
Season & Group Sales Representative Kerrie Kortmann
Season & Group Sales Representative Matthew Morella
Season & Group Sales Representative Valerie Nava
Season & Group Sales Representative Jenna Steinbrink
Project Manager, Ballpark Renovations Andrew Roach