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The Official Site of the Philadelphia Phillies

Front Office Directory

Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park
Address:One Citizens Bank Way
City:Philadelphia, State:PA Zip Code:19148
Tel: 215-463-6000


The Phillies is a limited partnership formed in 1981. Tri-Play and Double Play are equal partners while David Montgomery and Pat Gillick own the remaining interests. No partner owns a majority of the team.

Executive Management

Administration - Legal and Human Resources

Administration - Computer Operations

Baseball Operations

Baseball Operations - Scouting

Baseball Operations - Player Development

Baseball Operations - Research and Development

Baseball Operations - Clubhouse Operations

Baseball Operations - Medical Services

Business Affairs - Ballpark Operations

Business Affairs - Ballpark Enterprises

Business Affairs - Ballpark Security


Communications - Baseball Communications

Business Analytics, Finance and Florida Operations

Business Analytics, Finance and Florida Operations - Finance

Business Analytics, Finance and Florida Operations - Florida Operations

Marketing - Events, Outreach, Merchandising

Marketing - Broadcasting & Video Services

Marketing - Marketing & New Media

Marketing - Advertising Sales