Red Sox Rewards

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In an effort to streamline the points system, points will be awarded on a per account basis and not per seat, unless specifically noted below (ticket scans only). All of these points will be deposited into a Total Points balance, which can be redeemed on Auctions, Marketplace Items, and Sweepstakes.

As a reminder, 25% of your points from last season will roll over to 2024.

Point Structure

Initial Balance

Before the season starts you will receive points based on your tenure and status as a Season Ticket Holder.

Account Tenure Points
1-4 Years 100
5-9 Years 200
10-19 Years 500
20+ Years 1000
Member Type Points
Royal Rooters 250
Premium 500
Suite Holder 1000

One-Time Bonuses

You will also have the opportunity to earn 'one-time' bonuses the first time you complete certain actions.

Action Points
Renew Season Tickets with Mastercard 1000
Log into Portal 1000
Fenway Pay Linkage with Mastercard 200

Earn Additional Points Every Game

Each game you can earn Rewards points through a variety of actions.

Action Points
Ticket Scan* 50 (per Ticket)
$25 eCash Spent 5
$5 spent with Fenway Pay or eCash 1
Code Word Entry** 20
Polls 5
Trivia 10
Sox Win, You Win*** 50

* You will earn 50 points per ticket scanned regardless of who scans your ticket; this means if you sell or giveaway your tickets, you will still earn 50 points per seat. For purposes of the Fan of the Month/Year standings, you will receive a flat 50 points as long as a ticket from your Season Ticket Plan is scanned at the game.

** NESN and WEEI code words will be available for every game (home and away) and in-park code words will be available for home games.

*** The Sox Win, You Win points are awarded when the Red Sox win at home, and are triggered when the in-park code word is submitted.

Fan of the Month/Year Standings

The Fan of the Month and Fan of the Year standings will be calculated by the total non-ticket points listed above under 'Earn Additional Points Every Game.' Additionally you will receive a flat Game Attendance bonus of 50 points per game if any ticket from your season ticket plan is scanned at a game. The maximum number of games for which you can earn the Game Attendance bonus is equal to the number of games in your Season Ticket Package, not to exceed 81 games (plus Postseason).

The Fan of the Month standings will reset at the end of each month. Fan of the Year standings will accumulate throughout the entirety of the season. You will be able to view your place in the standings in your member portal.