How to Watch New Rockies Broadcasts - New ways to watch Rockies baseball in Colorado

Beginning this season, Major League Baseball will handle the production and distribution of all local Colorado Rockies games. The new arrangement gives fans the option to watch on television or stream digitally without local blackouts, subject to national exclusivities!

Rockies fans now have two ways to watch Rockies Baseball. You can either watch through a traditional cable or satellite provider OR stream Rockies.TV directly through MLB.TV.

Fans can now stream all Rockies games in-market both LIVE and on demand through an MLB.TV Single Team subscription (Rockies.TV). This offer is available for only $19.99 per month or $99.99 for the entire season by registering at MLB.TV.

Cable and satellite providers offering Rockies.TV include platforms in the following table. If you are a current subscriber, all you need to do is refer to the platform table or enter your zip code in the channel finder below and follow your respective instructions in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Platform Channels
DIRECTV Channel 683
Xfinity/Comcast Channel 1262
Fubo Available
Spectrum Most of Colorado and Wyoming: 130 or 445
Gunnison & Telluride, CO: 305 or 445
Lincoln, NE: 435 or 445

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Why can I no longer watch Rockies baseball on AT&T SportsNet?

AT&T SportsNet ceased all business operations in October. As a result the Rockies have partnered with Major League Baseball to produce and distribute all Colorado Rockies games in 2024. The new arrangement gives fans the option to watch on television or stream digitally without local blackouts, subject to national exclusivities!

Which cable, satellite, and streaming providers carry Rockies games in the Rockies market? Can I watch if I have YouTube TV or Sling?

In-market fans can watch on DIRECTV, Xfinity/Comcast, Spectrum and Fubo. YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling do not offer Rockies games at this time but we continue working on expanding access.

Why did my channel numbers change for Rockies baseball?

Channel numbers have been updated due to a change in distribution from AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain to MLB.

What will the programming look like on these new channels?

When you visit these new channels, there will not be programming or content until close to game time. Some sites may have a message that there is no program prior to the game, viewers are advised to stay on the channel until the game starts – at that point broadcasting will begin when the game broadcast begins.

What talent will be broadcasting and calling the games on the new MLB broadcast?

The Rockies primary TV broadcasters – Drew Goodman, Ryan Spillborghs, Cory Sullivan and Jeff Huson – will continue to serve in their existing roles.

How do I watch the Rockies on MLB.TV in Colorado?

MLB.TV Single Team Rockies Package (Rockies.TV) subscribers can access Rockies games in Colorado. Purchase a Rockies.TV subscription and be sure to select this specific package.

How do I watch Rockies baseball if I live outside of the Colorado area?

Fans can watch via MLB.TV and are encouraged to learn more about MLB.TV.

Can MLB.TV All Teams Subscribers Watch Rockies games on MLB.TV in the Colorado area?

Only users that have specifically purchased the 2024 Rockies.TV subscription will be able to stream Rockies games in the Colorado area. MLB.TV All Teams subscribers will not have access and will need to purchase a Rockies.TV package in addition to the All Teams Package in order to stream Rockies games on MLB.TV in Colorado.

If I’m a Rockies Plan Holder with MLB.TV, what does this mean for me?

Rockies Plan Holder receive a free MLB.TV All Teams Subscription as a membership benefit. However, only users that specifically purchase the 2024 Rockies.TV package subscription will be able to stream Rockies games in Colorado. Rockies Plan Holders need to add-on the Rockies.TV package. Plan Holders cannot use their free MLB.TV All Teams subscription to watch Rockies home games. Instead, they need to subscribe to the new Rockies.TV package or watch through a traditional cable or satellite provider.

MLB.TV Blackout Policy

By offering a direct-to-consumer streaming option on MLB.TV in the Club’s territory for the first time, MLB is able to lift the blackout for Rockies games previously distributed on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. Due to certain Major League Baseball national exclusivities, select regular season, special event, and Postseason games are unavailable on MLB.TV domestically and internationally. Live audio of the games that are unavailable is available to customers within “At Bat,” which is included with all MLB.TV subscriptions. View a full list of unavailable games, territories, and channels.

MLB.TV Device Availability, Support and Free Trial Policy Information

Find out more information at the MLB.TV FAQ page for more information about device availability, customer support and free trial policies.