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Ticket & Memorabilia Donations

The Detroit Tigers organization annually donates over 1,300 autographed items and over 50,000 game tickets to deserving charitable organizations. To best serve the local community, donations are restricted to community organizations and charitable causes in Michigan, parts of northern Ohio and parts of southern Ontario, Canada. Donations are not made to individuals, for-profit organizations or to charitable organizations outside of the program's geographic boundaries.


Before submitting your request please note:

  • Donations are not made to individuals, for-profit organizations or to charitable organizations outside the program's geographic boundaries
  • Donation requests must be submitted in writing, however, written requests that lack the necessary paperwork required per donation guidelines will be denied
  • Written donation requests that include the necessary paperwork but are submitted inside of the required notice deadline per program guidelines will be denied
  • Ticket Donations are intended for 1) charitable organizations that organize outings for deserving groups that could not otherwise afford to see the Tigers play at Comerica Park, 2) for schools to reward academic service and / or achievement. Donation requests seeking tickets for auctions, raffles, door prizes, giveaway items or other promotional or fundraising purposes will be denied
  • Please refrain from mailing duplicate donation requests to other departments or individuals

Ticket Donations

Ticket Donations are intended for:

  • Charitable organizations that serve children and wish to organize a group outing for deserving Tigers fans who could not otherwise afford to see the Tigers play at Comerica Park.
  • Schools to reward academic service and / or achievement.

Therefore, ticket donations are NOT available for any of the following purposes:

  • Auctions
  • Raffles
  • Door Prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Promotions

For ticket fundraising, call our group sales department at (313) 471-2255.

To be eligible for a donation of tickets, an organization must submit a formal request in writing based on the instructions outlined on the Ticket Donation Request Form. Requests must be made at least five (5) weeks prior to the selected game date. Please note tickets and seating locations are subject to availability and based upon the following Ticket Donation Game Schedule.

School Ticket Donations

Since 1992, the Tigers organization has donated over 50,000 tickets per season to deserving charitable organizations throughout Michigan, northern Ohio and southern Ontario, Canada. During that time tens of thousands of tickets have been donated to area schools to provide incentives and rewards for students who serve on school safety patrol squads and / or maintain perfect attendance over a marking period. In addition, thousands of tickets have been awarded to schools looking for a fun way to reward deserving faculty and staff.

Please use the instructions outlined in the School Incentive and Reward Ticket Donation Request Form to apply for tickets.

Memorabilia Donations

This program is designed to help charitable organizations raise money primarily through live and silent auctions.

Limit one donation per year per organization.

Requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event date.

Please do not mail items to the Tigers, we are unable to receive outside items to be autographed for fundraisers.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email