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Welcome to the new Detroit Tigers Summer Baseball Camps

Announcing the inaugural season of the Detroit Tigers Summer Baseball/Softball Camps. Any boy or girl who has ever picked up a bat, a ball and dared to dream the dream will find these week-long camps about as close to Tigers baseball heaven as they can get to being their favorite Tigers players.

Tigers Territory loves its baseball and softball. From tee-ball to travel ball, this is truly one of the nation's great hotbeds for these wonderful games. As a professional baseball organization, the Detroit Tigers have so much to share with the tens of thousands of players, parents and coaches who love baseball and softball as much as we do!

Finally, we have the perfect vehicle to share what we know with you.

Our promise is to create a world class Detroit Tigers Baseball Experience that will create lifelong memories for every boy and girl who joins us. Read on and see why the summer of 2019 could be the best summer ever for your young player.

2020 Tigers Camps

Information on 2020 Tigers Camp dates and locations will be announced in January.

Click the "Request Info" button below to sign up and be notified once 2020 camps are available for registration.

Camp Philosophy

Camp Culture

Our camp staff will be off the charts with baseball and softball smarts and unbridled passion to share it with your kids. We know the game, but we also know that our passion for instruction needs to be blended with competition and fun. The kids will receive great exposure and instruction wrapped up in a Tigers experience that they will never forget.

The Curriculum
Safety. Safety. Safety.

How can we have a camp with six year-olds and 14 year-olds? Great question. Look at it this way. A K-8 school does not have second graders and eighth graders in P.E. or math class together. They may pass in the hallways, take the same bus and be in the same yearbook but they are not in class together. Get the picture? At Tigers Baseball Camp, they will not be in "class" together either.

Not all players of the same age have equal ability. For safety reasons and because it facilitates the best learning environment, players will be grouped by age and ability. These "teams" will then stay together throughout the week with the same coach. There will be cross-pollination of instructors but we have found that the bonds created between teammates and their primary coach is one of the truly special dynamics at camp.

And yes, at our instructors' discretion, tennis balls, whiffle balls and safety balls will be used liberally at camp. Of course, we will use regulation baseballs and softballs but fear-free confidence is a critical foundation for fun and learning success.

Travel Player??? We're Ready For You Too!

We understand that travel ballplayers' schedules can be hectic in the summer. We will protect your arm if you are scheduled to pitch and you can take it easy if you've got the "big" game that night. Give us a week and you will improve, no matter your current level of play.



The bottom line? The men and women entrusted with the training of your kids are as good as they come. We promise.

Every instructor will have passed a background check.

Tigers Coach at Camp

On one of the camp days, the kids will be bussed to Comerica Park where they will meet up with a Tigers coach. The kids will be introduced to some of the fascinating and behind-the-scenes aspects of "game day" in the Big Leagues. What a great and unique experience.

Video Motion Analysis

An Amazing Tigers Experience

What You Get:
  • Every camper will be given a full, MLB quality Detroit Tigers uniform (jersey, pants, hat and belt). If you are going to train like a major leaguer, might as well dress like one.
  • Four Tigers tickets to one of several Tigers Camper Reunion games
  • Keepsake graduation certificate commemorating the inaugural year of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Camp.
Guest Appearance
V.I.P Day Trip to Comerica Park for a behind-the-scenes experience
Skills Competition with Champions' Day at Comerica Park

Kids love to compete so we've made sure they have an opportunity to strut their competitive stuff while using the very skills we will be teaching them at camp. Every camper will participate in a baseball or softball Skills Competition. Each week, scores will be posted on the website and after the last camp, the top scores will be invited to the Champions Day Finals at Comerica Park. Boys and girls will compete separately in appropriate grade groups.

Have other questions about Tigers Baseball & Softball Camps?
Contact Tim Rappé at or call 313-486-4886.