Access Guide for Guests With Disabilities

The Tigers are dedicated to accommodating the needs of guests with disabilities and their families/friends so that they may all enjoy their visit to Comerica Park. Comerica Park meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We also offer alternative features suggested by representatives of the disabled community. We strive to offer the finest fan service, offering a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Seating/Companion Seating

Alternative Format Materials

We have Braille on room and door signs.

Automated Teller Machines



All permanent concession stands are accessible. Mobile ordering is available for select locations in the ballpark through the Ballpark App for express pick-up only.

Dietary Restrictions

Food in reasonable amounts and sealed bottled water are allowed.

Drop-off/Pick Up Areas

Electrical Outlets


Emergency Evacuation

Comerica Park Event Colleagues are properly trained to safely evacuate all guests in the instance such action is required. Contact the nearest event staff colleague for assistance. Be aware of your location at Comerica Park at all times. Identify the two exits closest to your seats. Listen and watch for instructions from the PA system, Scoreboard or Event Colleagues. In the event of an emergency, the Detroit Tigers ask that all fans act calmly, cooperate with event staff and are mindful of all guests in their area.

Entry and Carry-in Policy


Single compartment bags, wallets and clutches smaller than 4" x 6" x 1.5" with or without a handle or strap are permitted.

Bags, purses, clutches larger than 4” x 6” x 1.5” are prohibited.

Exceptions to this policy include bags, wallets and clutches needed due to medical necessity. Medical necessity includes diaper bags, breast pumps, oxygen, insulin, epi-pens and other medical devices. Authorized Diaper and Medical bags are required to be smaller than 16" x 16" x 8".

We recommend guests entering with any type of medical bag use the designated ADA Lane at any gate. Upon entry to the ballpark, all bags will be inspected.

Permitted Items (after inspection):

  • Binoculars
  • Blankets
  • Point and shoot camera (Professional &/or commercial cameras with interchangeable or detachable lenses are not allowed)
  • Juice boxes, only if you have children in your party or for medical needs
  • Headphones
  • Knitting needles
  • Only medical bags and diaper bags. All bags, purses, backpacks, (except medical or diaper bags) are prohibited.
  • Only plastic baby bottles if you have a child in your party
  • Seat cushions
  • Signs and banners (any wave flags, banners, signs, or other items that are affixed to any pole or stick made of wood, metal, plastic, or any other hard material and that is more than 11” x 17”in length are prohibited)
  • Single compartment wallets smaller than 4” x 6” x 1.5”, with or without a handle or strap are permitted.
  • Small radios
  • Battery operated/ rechargeable, handheld fans
  • Battery operated coats, gloves, and vests
  • Baseball mitts/gloves
  • One factory sealed clear plastic bottle of unflavored water per guest
  • Strollers (umbrella-type that folds up and will fit underneath the seat, large strollers may be checked at Guest Services)
  • Only small collapsible umbrellas (Umbrellas with metal tips and large golf umbrellas are prohibited)

Non Permitted Items:

  • Aerosol cans (hairspray, mace, pepper spray, etc.)
  • Marijuana or illegal narcotics, including accessories or paraphernalia associated with marijuana or illegal narcotics use.
  • Animals (except approved service animals or service animals in training)
  • All bags, purses, backpacks, (except medical or diaper bags). Single compartment wallets smaller than 4” x 6” x 1.5”, with or without a handle or strap are permitted.
  • Noisemaking devices: air horns, fog horns, bullhorns, thunder sticks, cowbells, bells, horns, kazoos, whistles, vuvuzelas, didgeridoos and other noisemakers
  • Beach balls or other inflatable items
  • Beverages (except juice boxes with children in your party or for medical needs)
  • Bottles and liquid containers (glass, plastic, and aluminum)
  • Coolers
  • Smoking of any kind (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, etc.)
  • Fireworks or any types of explosives
  • Laser pointers, any device that could create an optical illusion, or any similar devices
  • Professional &/or commercial cameras with interchangeable or detachable lenses
  • Baseball bats, hockey sticks, clubs, poles, brooms, selfie-sticks, fishing nets or poles, signs attached to signs, missile-like objects that can be thrown
  • Video and/or sound recording devices including laptops, tablets, iPads and/or Go Pros
  • Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, hover boards or any personalized recreational vehicles
  • Weapons of any kind (including firearms, pocketknives, pepper spray, mace), toy or fake weapons (including squirt guns or super soakers)
  • Frisbees
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones): Use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (collectively, "Aircraft Systems") at the venue, including the surrounding parking areas, is strictly prohibited at all times without prior written approval from Ilitch Sports + Entertainment/313 Presents. Violations of this policy will result in possible arrest and/or confiscation of the Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Large Banners and Flags: guests are not permitted to use or wave flags, banners, signs, or other items that are affixed to any pole or stick made of wood, metal, plastic, or any other hard material and that is more than 11” x 17”in length.
  • Outside food
  • Umbrellas with metal tips and large golf umbrellas

Guests are encouraged to take non-permitted items back to their car. Items left at the gate are not the responsibility of The Detroit Tigers.

Fan Texting

Guests with disabilities can use their cell phones to confidentially text security and guest services questions and concerns to Comerica Park Event Staff Colleagues. Text "SECURITY", followed by your section and explanation of your situation to 39844. Text STOP to cancel or HELP for info. Message and data rates may apply. A Comerica Park Event Staff colleague will respond to security matters or guest service questions.

First Aid

Guest Services

Public Transportation

Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Contact at (313) 933-1300 or TDD-TTY route and scheduling information at (313) 834-3434 or

To check availability of public transportation options, please visit the sites below or call for information:

The Detroit People Mover 962-RAIL (7245) |

QLINE - streetcar service

The Windsor Tunnel Bus (519) 944-4111 |

Metro Cars - private car service (800) 456-1701 |

Checker Cab (313) 961-8294


There are 2 ramps to assist guests getting to the upper levels of Comerica Park. The grade on both ramps conforms to ADA standards. The Montcalm Street ramp is located at section 125/325 and the Brush Street ramp is located at section 140/340. Two ramps are also located on the 100 level concourse to assist guests to lower bowl seating at sections 119 and 141.

Restrooms/Family Restrooms

Sensory Inclusion

Comerica Park has partnered with KultureCity to make all events hosted at the arena sensory inclusive. This new initiative promotes an accommodating and positive experience for all guests and fans with sensory needs. Sensory bags, equipped with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools and verbal cue cards are available to all guests who may feel overwhelmed by the environment. Guests wishing to check out a sensory bag may do so at the Guest Services Office located at Section 130. Guests must sign a waiver and leave a driver’s license or credit card, which will be returned upon receipt of the sensory bag in the same condition. Sensory bags are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and are provided free of charge. For those who may need a quieter and more secure environment, guests also have access to the Nursing Lounge (Located behind section 210).

Service Animals Policy

Stadium Seating Chart

For more detailed information, visit the Comerica Park Seating Map.


All private luxury suites and party suites are accessible by using the pedestrian bridge from the Tiger Garage and the elevators at that entrance or by entering the park at Comerica Entry, Rocket Entry, or Gallagher Entry and using the elevators near Section 132.

Ticket Information



The Detroit Tigers and Comerica Park are continually evaluating ways to improve the experience and accessibility of our ADA guests. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].